Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


5. Chapter 5

Eve's POV:

I have the day off and I resist the urge to check the footlocker store in the mall for Ashton, I haven't heard from him since two days ago, when I left him on my front porch arguing with my aunt. Who at the time, he thought was my sister. "So he thought you were 19?" Grace asks as we both lay on my bed, I lay on my back with my red hair spiraled out to the blonde tips, and she lays on her front, flipping through magazines. "Yea…" I say softly, staring at the ceiling,

"And now he knows that you aren't…" She tries to understand.


"And you think he's avoiding you?"


"Well, has he called you?"

"He doesn't have my number, Grace."

"Well then how could he be avoiding you?"

"I don't know…" I say. "I guess it's just because, before, he would show up around every corner. He felt so close all of the time, like an angel, or God. You know they're there when you need them, even if you can't see them… But now, I don't know. I just feel like he's so distant, like, even if I tried, I won't be able to reach him." I ramble on.

"Well have you ever tried?"

"Tried what?"

"To reach him… I mean, you said Britt knows him, and his brother, so maybe she has his number or something, and you could call him." She says, I start laughing.

"I can't just 'call' him!" I say.

"And why not?"

"Cause…." Oh, I don't know why not.

"Look Eve, you're hot."

"Thanks," I roll my eyes sarcastically.

"You know what I mean, It's just, if I were him, I wouldn't' pass up the opportunity. Like, If he feels even the slightest bit for you as you do for him, then you have no problem. I mean, you said you guys hit it off, right? And he wanted you to stay the night with him, on the first date. Maybe it's just me but, Eve, you ain't got nothing to lose…" She says, I think about it.

Maybe Grace is right, maybe It's just as simple as to call him. But what am I going to say?

"Bitch if you don't call that Australian hunk, I will." Grace says, I burst out laughing and she does too.

God, I love Grace.


Ashton's POV:

14. She's 14… Fuck.

When I walk into the studio, Calum and Luke are sitting on the black, leather couch located outside of the recording box.

"Heyyyy stud," Calum smiles.

"Stud?" I laugh.

"Yea, Michael said you were making out with that new red head across the hall." Calum smirks.

"Ya know, she's got a really good voice. I heard her singing the other day, it's really beautiful." Luke says quietly, Calum agrees.

"You guys heard her singing?" I ask. When? Where? Today? Is she still here?

"Yea, Michael and I went on a field trip. She's really pretty," Luke says sweetly. 

Michael walks into the room holding four coffee cups and hands one to each of us, we thank him.

"Hey, Michael, didn't you say you saw Ashton and that new girl a couple of nights ago outside?" Calum asks.

"Yea, it was cute. They were all lovey dovey and stuff," Michael nudges my arm and mocks me.

She's 14, she's only 14.

"Yea, well, it's not gonna work out anyways," I take a sip of my coffee.

"Why not?" Michael asks, more serious now.

"It's complicated."

"How complicated? Like, she's moving away complicated? Or she's secretly a daytime stripper at a club uptown, complicated." Calum asks, Luke chuckles.

"Like, she's actually not as old as you think." What's the harm in telling them? They'll probably help me out.

"Well how old is she?" Michael sits on the armrest of the couch Calum and Luke are sitting on.


Michael chokes on his coffee.

"I don't think we're talking about the same girl then…" He says.

"I know, that's what I thought. But guys-" I readjust myself and scoot forward in the chair, resting my elbows on my knees. "-she's really great, and nice, and sweet. And she's so beautiful and her eyes are perfect and she was so cute when I took her out a few nights ago, I just… I wish I could see her again." I stare at my hands, gripping the paper cup.

"Why the hell can't you?" Calum asks.

"Because, Britt told me not to. She's says she'll 'fucking murder me' if I get anywhere near her again."

"Britt? That bitch your brother dated?" Michael asks.

"Yea, plus she probably doesn't even wanna see me now. I was a complete idiot," The night comes back to me and I rub my eyes with my forefinger and thumb. "I asked her to stay the night." I breathe.

"That's not so bad, I ask girls to stay the night all the time," Luke says and they all laugh at him.

"Shut up, you know what I mean."

"Yea, but, it was different. I wasn't thinking…" I say.

"Well I say fuck Britt, if you really like her, and you say she likes you. Then you have nothing to lose." Michael says.

"Well what do I do?" I ask.

"Call her,"

"I can't just call her…"

"Yea you can! Just call and be like-" Calum does his best stud impression. "'Baby, looky here. You. Me. Tonight, let's make it happen'." We all laugh as Roger walks in, saying "I hope you boys are warmed up cause we got some songs to record,"

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