Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


48. Chapter 48

Eve's POV:



"And they're both fine with it?"

"Well yea…" Me and Grace sit on the swing set at the playground by my house. Jane and I arranged a dinner tonight for us and Grace's family, I'm thankful that Luke agreed to join Grace because that means Ashton won't be the only "boyfriend" there.

"So who's all coming to this shindig?" Grace asks.

"Um me, Michelle, Britt, my dad and Jane will be there."

"Okay well my parents are coming and Jessica said she'll try and make it." Grace says referring to her 26 year old sister.

"And then Ashton and Luke, right?" I ask, Grace nods.


"Jesus" I pant. "Why do I think this is gonna go terribly wrong?"




My leg is shaking.

And it won't stop.

I sit at the long dinner table with the whole family as we wait for everyone's arrival.

My leg continues to shake.

*Ding dong*

"I'll get it."

I rush to the door not quick enough and swing it open. The kitchen table is far enough from the front door so the family can't hear me.

Ashton stands before me wearing a plain white t-shirt that adores his torso, blue jeans that hug his lower half and a small quiff to his hair that makes him look younger.


"Hi." I peep, Ashton's head lifts from the ground and his beautiful hazel eyes are glossed and polished.

"Hi." He says, he looks so beautiful, stunning, bewitching,


"I'm nervous." I admit.

"Yea, me to." Ashton walks in and I shut the door. We stand facing one another, too afraid to face the family.

Ashton's orbs scan me up and down, he smirks.


"Nothing," He lies. "I just really wanna kiss you right now." He admits softly.

"You can kiss me."

He thinks about it, then, he takes a step closer and hovers his lips over mine. The heat and electricity between us is too hot, I know that if I kiss him I won't be able to stop. The kiss will just increase and that won't be good.

"Yea, no, I can't kiss you." Ashton says.

"Yea, bad idea."

Ashton backs away.

"Here," I say, walking up to him and climbing onto my tippy toes, kissing him softly upon his cheek. He flushes.

"Ready?" I ask.


"C'mon." I take his hand and walk into the kitchen where the family doesn't even glance up at us.

"Guys," I peep, every single head turns.


"Um… This is Ashton." I introduce my boyfriend, even though almost everyone has met him already.

Britt already knew him.

Michelle met him at the beach.

Dad saw him at the apartment.

But Jane is oblivious to the whole situation.

And I'm thankful.

"Oh, this is the famous Ashton I've heard of," Jane says politely. "Please, have a seat, I'll grab you a plate."

Ashton and I sit down next to each other and I wait for Grace and them to arrive.

I see Ashton's leg bouncing so I place my hand under the table and on his thigh. I rub it. Ash takes my hand and lifts it off of his leg, he tangles his fingers within mine instead.

"So Ashton, what's your employment status at the moment? Evelyn says you're in the music business." My dad questions.


And so it begins.


"Well we're trying sir, we actual have the opportunity to attend a world wide tour with another band." Ashton says oh so politely as Jane places a plate in front of him. "Thank you." He murmurs to Jane.

"Well congratulations." Dad says, Ash's cheeks heat.

"T-Thank you."

I rub my thumb over the top of his hand and watch his chest rise and fall. He breathes.

"What instrument do you play?" Michelle asks eagerly.

"The tambourine." Ashton jokes as I take a drink, I choke on my water laughing and cover my mouth. I swallow.

"He plays the drums, Michelle." I say still chuckling.

"Really? Oh cool, what does that other guy do then?" 

"What other guy?" I ask.

"Grace's guy."

"Oh, Luke." I clarify.

"Luke sings and plays guitar, well, usually. But we all kind of fiddle around with all of the instruments," Ashton speaks casually with my sister and me.

"Yea." Michelle says.


*Ding dong*


"I'll get it." I attempt to walk towards the door but Ashton grabs my wrist, looking up at me with big beautiful eyes.

"I'll be right back." I kiss his cheek and his face turns bright red.

Risky move I know but, no one seemed to mind.

I walk towards the door and open it to reveal Grace, Jessica, Mr. and Mrs. Williams and Luke.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams walk in first, then Jessica, and then the two love birds.

"Eve! Hello darling, how are you?" Mrs. Williams, who is just as beautiful as Grace, hugs me tightly.

"Good, good, how about you?" 

"Doing magnificent, thank you!" She smiles warmly. "Is your father here?"

"In the dining room."

"Thanks dear."

Mr. Williams comes up to me. "Hey Evelyn, how's it hanging?" Mr. Williams asks cooly, I laugh.

"It's hanging good, what about you?"

"Eh, a little to the left." He jokes with me, I laugh again as he walks the bottle of wine he has into the dining room.

Grace looks stunning. I walk up to her and hug her.

"I'm so glad you're here." I say as we separate.

"Nervous?" She laughs.

"Uh, ya think?"

"Don't worry Eve, Ashton's really good at meeting parents." Luke says kindly.

"What? Wait, you mean he's met other parents? How many parents of his girlfriends has he met?" I bet they met his parents too…

"Eve, I'm talking about my parents. When they met, they liked him instantly."




"I knew that." I snort, they both laugh and walk hand in hand to the table, I follow behind him and take my seat next to Ashton. The families are mingling when Ashton takes his hand in mine, squeezing it and placing our knotted hands on my thigh.


"He doesn't like me."


He whispers, I turn to him as he stares at his empty plate that has yet to filled with food, he locks eyes with me.


"He does. Trust me."


I try and seem put together and confident as I lean into him and kiss his lips softly, calming him enough to get through this dinner thing. No one seems to notice or care about our public show of affection anyways.


"Oh! I'll get you guys plates…" Jane gets up and leaves everyone sitting down, waiting to be served. My dad told us not to eat until everybody was here.

Jessica keeps eyeing Ashton from across the table and I know what she's thinking but I try and not let it bother me.

But it's really, really hard.

She's looking at him like he's some hot, sexy athlete or something as Ash talks sports with my dad.

He's my sexy athlete.


"Do you see my sister, oh my gosh." Grace whispers from beside me, as if it's funny.


"Yea." I say.


"Oh, Evelyn… Don't let her get to you like that, she's not worth your time." Grace says, I just nod and let it be. Jane comes back with plates and whispers something to my dad, my dad smiles at her as they take seats next to one another.


"Alright, before we eat guys, let's say grace."


"Grace!" Grace shouts, I laugh at how stupid she is and Luke laughs like she's a professional comedian.


Everyone else kind of just chuckles.


"Okay," My dad says, locking hands around the table. I connect hands with Grace and bring mine and Ashton's tangled fingers onto the table.


"Thank you Lord for this lovely food we're about to receive, Lord thank you for holding a roof over our heads and getting us through the tough times this family has had, and please Lord, watch over our loved ones and let Grandma and Grandpa May rest in peace. Amen."


"Amen." The table follows.


"Alright, who's hungry?" Jane asks, holding a pot in each hand. Multiple people say 'me' or 'I am' as she passes the food around.




Half way through the meal Jessica excuses herself from the table and walks around it, but she stops by me. No, not by me, by Ashton. She leans into his ear while he's drinking and whispers something, he chokes on his drink and covers his mouth, he coughs. Jessica walks to the bathroom with a smirk.


You gotta be fucking kidding me.


Ashton looks at me wide eyed and I'm thankful that we're practically invisible to all of the highly opinionated adults.


"But he should've been out at first base! That's ridiculous!"

"Bullshit! I'm calling bullshit!"


The big, gutter mouthed men have been shouted random stuff like that all evening, but then laughing as if they were just having fun.


"What the hell…" Ashton murmurs quietly to me. "Who was that?" He adds.

"That's Grace's older sister… What'd she say?" I keep my voice as quiet as his.

"N-Nothing. Um. Is she good friends with you?"

"No, not really. Hold on, I'll be right back." I tell him as he watches me walk away.


*Knock knock*


I knock on the bathroom door. Jessica opens it looking beautiful with her long, black, straight locks shimmering down her back and her earrings hanging low.

I always found it strange how Jessica ended up with black hair and Grace ended up with blonde.

But their eyes are identical, you couldn't miss it.

"Sorry I was just fixing my hair." She says.

"It's okay, um, can I come in?"

"Sure thing," She opens the door and I walk into the semi-large bathroom. I take a seat on the closed toilet as she tweaks with her hair.

"Um, you know Ashton?"


"That boy sitting next to me."

"Oh, your cousin?"

"Cousin? What? No, he's my boyfriend…" Jessica turns her head with a surprised look applied to her stunning features.

"Boyfriend?" She asks with a gasp. "Eve, he's like 20." She judges me.

"Hi is 20."


"I didn't come in here for a lecture, I was just wondering if you'd please be a little respectable and stop gawking at my boyfriend." I reach for the door and open it. "Thank you."

I walk down the hallway with my arms crossed and my head down.


Of all the things that could go wrong tonight, that was definitely not what I had in mind.


I sit down next to Ashton and decide not to finish my meal, I'll heat up the leftovers later.

Ashton doesn't say anything, he just puts his hand on my thigh and rubs it back and forth. I calm myself.


"Eve, are you okay?" Jane asks.

"Hm?" I lift my head.

"Are you alright?" She repeats kindly.

"Oh, yes. Thank you." I lie but I think she can see through me.




"This was absolutely lovely, Jane, thank you." Grace's mom says to Jane. "It's been lovely meeting you."

"Aw, It's been lovely meeting you as well, Margie. Please, take the leftovers, we don't need them."

"Are you sure?"


The Williams family leaves with my dinner and Luke says Ashton is gonna drive him back, so he stays with us. Britt says she wants to take a shower and Michelle has homework, in which Jane goes along to help her with. My dad gets a phone call and walks outside, leaving me, Luke and Ashton laying on the couch watching old 80's movies together.

"That went well…" Luke says.

"Better than I thought, that's for sure." Ash agrees.

"Oh c'mon, he liked you a lot, Ashton."

"I swear he tried to kick me from under the table…" He says and I laugh.

"Yea! I saw that." Luke agrees.

"He did not." I glare at them two.

"Well, he could've…"

Luke gets up and asks where the bathroom is, I tell him it's the second door to the right and he disappears into the hallway.

Ashton kisses my head when the room is silent.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For everything. For letting me meet your dad and your family, and for being so amazing all of the time."

He kisses my blush.

"I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too." I kiss Ashton lightly on the lips, but when I look behind Ashton's head I see my dad standing there, listening intently to us.


"Dad…" I say awkwardly, Ash turns his head and we lock eyes with him.

"Sorry, I was just coming in to get a jacket." He says as he holds his iPhone to his chest. We watch him as he takes his coat off the hook and walks back outside, glancing back at us once before walking out.

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