Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


47. Chapter 47

Eve's POV:

I kiss Ashton's neck and bare chest, a deep moan escapes from the back of his throat, so huskily and sexily. I take his ear between my teeth and he grabs my hips with his large hands, squeezing them due to the sensation. He hums my name in my ear and I start undoing his pants.


"Here? Now?" He asks nervously. We're both breathing heavily.

"Not if you don't want to." I pant.

"I do." He whispers. "Yea, I do."


"Okay." I say before kissing him lightly upon the lips.




Ashton's POV:

Eve lays tangled within me in the back seat as a thin blanket is thrown over us, I had one in the back because Evelyn gets cold easily, she's always turning the heat up.


"Okay," She whispers.


"Okay… I'll introduce you guys."

"You- You what?"

"If it means that much to you, then I'll do it. And you guys can be buddy-buddy and he can tell you all my childhood stories about how mannish I was."

I smile a wide grin and kiss her head.

"Thank you."

She sighs. "You're welcome." Eve lays her head back on my chest but picks it up again. "Wait," She says.

Oh God.

"When am I going to meet your family?"



"Do you think they'll like me?" She asks with insecurely.

"I know they'll love you, baby." She smiles weakly at me. We lay there for about five more minutes until Eve gets up and puts her shirt on, we both start dressing and then I tell her I'm dropping her off at home.


"Okay but I'm not introducing you guys now. I'll do it this weekend. Over dinner or something." She says as she fiddles with her shirt in the passenger seat, she puts her seatbelt on. I do the same and start the car.


"I love you, Evelyn." I take her hand in mine.


She flushes and smiles at our knotted hands.


"I love you too."



Eve's POV:

After Ashton dropped me off I walk inside immediately, because Ashton won't leave until I'm "safe inside".

The house is quiet. It's 10:00pm but our household usual stays up later, so why is it so quiet?

"Hello?" I call out for my dad. "Dad? Anyone home?"

I walk down the hall and Jane creeps around the corner, making me jump with fright.

"Oh, sorry Eve. I didn't mean to scare you. We're all watching a movie." I peak around the corner and everyone is sitting in my dad's room, on the floor with blankets and pillows scattered around them, Britt is even there as well. Jane gestures for me to come sit with them as she snuggles up with my dad.

"Hey Eve!" Michelle smiles up at me, I smile back. Even though I'm a little startled by her kindness.

"Oh, Evelyn." My dad stands to his feet and walks to me, placing his hand by my forearm as we walks me out of the room.

"How'd it go? You didn't call."

"Sorry…" I whisper. "It's fine. Are you guys okay?" I smile at his concern for mine and Ashton's relationship.

"Yes… Actually better than ever. He um…" I breath. "He actually wants to meet you guys. I mean he's been wanting to meet you, but now it's official."

"Meet me?"

"Mainly, yea."

My dad looks to the side with his eyes only, and thinks. And thinks. And thinks.

"That could be arranged." He says, my heart warms. "Really?" I ask.

"Yea." He says, I wrap my arms around him and hug him.

"Thank you so much daddy, Ashton's going to be so happy." My dad laughs and hugs me back. We separate and he attempts to walk back into the room, I grab his arm.

"Wait," I say. "Um… What's all of this?" I ask, referring to this "family fun time" they've been having.

This family isn't really into "family fun time".

Though I wish they were.

"Isn't it great." My dad smiles widely.

"It's amazing, I mean, Michelle's happy, Britt's here, and no one is fighting." I say.

"It's Jane."


"Yea, ever since she came, I don't know… The house has just been different, you know?"

"Yea…" Hm… I like this woman. She's brought my family together, probably convinced my dad to go easy on me with this whole Ashton thing… I bet she even told him to take me to Ashton's apartment that night.

I hope she stays forever.

"Do you think she'll like Ashton?" I ask.

"Yeah, I do actually. Besides the whole "being 20" situation. He's a nice kid, Eve."

"Yea. He is."

"Aright, c'mon we're missing the movie." He dismisses the subject.

I curl up in a blanket and grab a bowl of popcorn, I glance over at my family and take in their appearance.

Jane looks beautiful; nice, fitted jeans with a Hollister tank top, her short, black locks are down and straightened.

My dad looks comfortable; a pair of pajama shorts with some sports t-shirt. His hair is messy

Britt looks happy; short shorts with my dad's big sweater on, a little bit of mascara but a smile that says she's enjoying this.

And Michelle looks young; her hair thrown up in a messy bun, and a black shirt clings to her torso. Big, baggy sweatpants cover her lower half and her face is make-up free.


It's perfect.


The only thing that's missing is Ashton.

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