Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


46. Chapter 46

Sorry for the short chapter :(

Ashton's POV:

After I took her to the movie she seemed exhausted, I told her that I'm gonna drop her off at her house and she sighs.

"Can't we just go to your place?" She asks as we cruse down 77.

"Evelyn you haven't been home since last night, don't you think your family is worried?"

"I guess." She rests her head on the cold glass of the passenger window. I lift my hand off the wheel and place it on her thigh, she immediately calms with my touch and closes her eyes.

"What's wrong, baby?"

"I don't wanna go home."

"Why not?"

"Because you're not coming with me…" 

"I could."

"You can't."


"Ashton, you can't."

"Eve you told me you'd think about it."

"What? Introducing you to my dad?" She snaps and I back my hand off of her leg. She's getting upset.

"Why is this such a big step for you? I'm ready, I'm sure your dad is ready. But somehow you're not."

"I want to keep you guys separate." She speaks softly.

"That's silly,"

"It's logical. I like having two different lives, Ash. And I don't want to mix them. Because-" She chokes, then sighs.

"Because with you…" She looks at her knotted hands in her lap.

"With you I'm not fifteen, I'm… I'm not a kid and I'm not stupid and I can't make mistakes… With them… I'm stupid and naive and foolish and… young."


I start to pull over on the side of the road.


"What're you doing?"

I make sure I'm definitely off the road and park. I unbuckle myself.



"C'mere Evelyn."

She looks at me confused but takes off her seatbelt and stands to her knees, I grab her hips and she straddles my waist. Evelyn sits on my lap, looking gorgeous and all, as she looks down at me with her big blue eyes. Her hair is down and curly, her skin is light and smooth, her eyes; absolutely stunning. And her fingertips are as soft as cotton.

"Kiss me." I whisper

"You're making no sense, Ashton."

"Kiss me."


"Eve please. Kiss me. I wanna show you that you're not naive, foolish and stupid. I wanna show you how beautiful you are, and how smart you are, and how sexy you are."

"Sexy?" She asks with a blush. "You think I'm sexy?

"Sexy as hell." I whisper. Evelyn smirks at me and places her lips against mine, she grasps the back of my head and whimpers into my mouth.

I grab the tips of my shirt and slide it off my head, Eve looks down at me startled, but I bring her lips back to me anyways. I slide my tongue into her mouth and hers tangles with mine, she surprises me by dragging to her lips to the nape of my neck and sucking, causing me to moan out. Eve kisses my skin lightly and places her hand on the back of my neck. Keeping me in place as she kisses a line from the bottom of my ear to the tip of my shoulder blade. I bite down on my lip and slide my hand up her shirt, she quickly takes the bottom of her shirt and pulls it off her torso, hitting her head on the celling by accident.

"Ow, fuck." She holds her head, I help her take off her shirt and she continues to hold her head.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

"Yea," She says, I lean forward and kiss her head.


"Yes." She smiles.

Evelyn meets her lips with mine again and whispers something against my lips, but I can't hear her.

"What?" I ask.

"Recline the chair." She repeats in a whisper. I smirk against her lips and do so.


What's gotten into her?

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