Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


45. Chapter 45

Eve's POV: After our amazing breakfast, Ash informs me that he has to go to the studio, but he shouldn't be long. Apparently we're going to see a movie later as well. And he said he doesn't wanna miss any more time with me. Ashton said I should come inside and say hello to everyone but to be honest I'm afraid of the reactions. I'm afraid I'll get confusing stares and comments like; "Didn't y'all break up and shit?" Because believe me, It's happened before. But when we walk into the studio, I get nothing but smiles. "Eve!!" Michael and Luke shout when they spot me, they both walk up to me and hugs me tightly, Calum gets up too. "I'm so glad you're back," Michael says while hugging me. "Yea!" Luke agrees. "I'm glad to be back." I say with a smile and a blush. "Hey chica." Cal smiles as he walks up to me, I hug him lightly and he hugs my tightly. He doesn't act as if anything's different. "Hey." I smile. "Alright boys, c'mon, sit down. We have some decisions to make." Mr. Jamison commands, all of the boys take a seat and Ashton pulls me onto his lap. "Um, Mr. Jamison, would you like me to go?" I ask. "Oh no, no, no. Eve, you know you're welcome anytime." He grins. "We're just gonna be talking about boring band stuff, I hope you don't mind." "No, I'm fine, thank you. Talk away." It's funny how comfortable he is with me, even though we've only met one other time. "Alright boys, have you all made a decision yet?" All of the guys look down and refuse to make eye contact with Mr. Jamison. "Seriously guys?! C'mon, I ask you to do one thing. That's all." Luke bows his head down in shame. I honestly have no idea what they're talking about. "What did you guys have to decide?" I whisper to Ashton, but apparently too loudly. Mr. Jamison answers instead. "Well Eve, Friday, I told them that we're going on a ten month tour in one month." Oh yea. "And none of the boys could decide whether to go or not, so I asked them to decide over the weekend and none of them did." He rolls his eyes for what seems like the fifth time since he started this conversation. "Well, why don't you talk to someone who's been there before?" I ask softly. "What do you mean?" "Like you guys should ask Niall and Harry what they think, I mean, they've been on tour before, they've left their girlfriends, friends, and families. I don't know, I think it's worth a shot." I keep my voice quiet because I feel like I'm intruding somehow. They all frown and think about my proposal. "That's actually a really good idea." Calum says. "Yea, why didn't anyone think of that before?" Michael agrees, Ashton kisses my cheek and rubs my thigh softly. Kind of like an 'aghta girl' moment. "You're a smart cookie, Eve." Mr. Jamison says, I smile politely at him and his cliché's. "Kind of wishing that you were in the band right now," Mr. Jamison jokes. I laugh. "She does like to sing." What did he just say? I turn to Ashton with a frown. He knows I'm too shy about it, why the hell would he say anything? "Do you?" "Well can we hear ya?" "Are you any good?" "I bet she's not better than me…" The group full of boys go on about me and I shift uncomfortably. "Oh c'mon Eve, one song, please?" Michael begs. "Yea, please!" "Yea, Eve!" The boys beg. I look at Ashton and glare. "Yea, Eve." Ashton nudges me obnoxiously. "I hate you so much right now." I whisper, he smiles a dimple blessed smile. Stupid cute dumbass. "Fine! Fine, fine." "Yay!" I stand to my feet and look at everybody. "Right here?" I ask. "No, no. You can do it in there." Mr. Jamison points to the studio booth. "Ash, will you help her get it ready?" "Sure." Ashton and I walk into the recording booth and he shuts the door. The place is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Literally. Ash grabs a pair of headphones off of the drum seat and places them around my neck. "You put these on when you start to sing." He informs me. Ashton waltzes across the room and grabs a microphone stand from the corner, he places it in front of me. The mic is literally over my head. Ashton laughs and adjusts the stand to my height. "There." He smiles. "Can they hear us?" I ask. "Yes," He chuckles at me. "Oh." "Hi Eve!!!" I hear someone yell through the headphones, I frown and then realize that it was Michael. I laugh at myself and wave. "Okay, we're all set." Ashton starts to walk away, I grab his arm before he leaves. "Wait," I say. "W-What do I sing?" Ashton's shoulders bounce up and down. "Anything you'd like." He walks out of the room and I'm left with headphones, a mic, and 5 pairs of eyes glued on me. "Whenever you're ready, sweetie." I hear Ashton's voice through the headphones. I look over and they all are watching and listening from behind the glass, Mr. Jamison and Ashton sit in the two big leather chairs while the rest of them sand patiently behind. Well here goes nothing… Ashton's POV: She takes a deep breath and starts… Wow. She's phenomenal. Beautiful. Wonderful. Simply and utterly breathtaking. She hits every note dead on and has such a unique touch to her voice. It's so light, but so strong. "Wow," Cal gasps. "She's amazing." The way Calum looks at her is like she's a goddess. And she is. But she's my goddess. Eve sings with her eyes closed most of the time and never glances at us. She's too shy. I guess I kind of feel bad for putting her on the spot. But I knew that she wouldn't let me listen to her any other way. Mr. Jamison turns to me with a surprised look. "Did you know she could sing like this?" "No," I say. "She never let me listen to her before." "Well she's got some voice." "I know." Evelyn stops after the first second verse and looks warily at us. "D-Do you want me to keep going?" She asks. She's so fucking cute. "No love, that's alright. You can come out." Mr. Jamison says. "Ash, will you go put the stuff away." "Yea," Eve's POV: Ashton walks in and takes the headphones off, he sets them back by his drums. "You were amazing," He says with a smile. "Really?" "Yea, I mean, you were really, really outstanding, Evelyn." I hate that he calls me Evelyn in public. But I guess I've gotten used to it. We both walk out of the booth and back with the guys. Everyone is quiet. "What?" I ask. "That was fucking awesome Eve!!!" Calum shouts. "Eve you were so good, oh my god!!!" Michael agrees. "Really?" "Hell yea!" Michael screams. "Eve, you really have some talent there. Have you ever thought about taking it to the next level?" Mr. Jamison asks. "What do you mean?" "Well, getting a manager would be ideal. Then maybe taking vocal lessons and start writing songs…" He suggests. "Actually, Ashton has written a few songs." What? "What?" "Yea, I feel bad because we didn't get to put any of them on the record but… They're really good." I look over at Ash who rubs the back of his neck with his palm. "Can I listen to them?" I ask Mr. Jamison. "No." Ashton protests. "Yea, sure! I'll send you home with a CD." Mr. Jamison starts typing up on his computer. Oh god. I'm gonna listen to songs that Ashton wrote. "They're not good at all, Evelyn. You really don't wanna listen." "Course I do." I smile. "Hey, I sang for you, this is the least you can do for me." I smile, he glares me down. "Ugh," He moans. "Fine."
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