Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


44. Chapter 44

***Author's note***

Sorry guys! This chapter is shorter than usual because the next scene is long and I couldn't fit it all into one chapter, anyways, hope you all enjoy! xoxo



Eve's POV:

Waking up in his arms is like waking up as a child on Christmas morning.

You never get tired of it.

I yawn and stretch and then cover myself with the sheet.

I forgot that I still don't have any clothes on.

And that neither does he…

I look at him and smile as I brush the hair off of his forehead.

Ashton shifts but does wake up. He rolls over onto his side and grabs me by my hips, pulling me to him as he nestles his nose into my hair and squeezes me tightly.


"Hold me, Evelyn." He whispers, I don't know if he's awake or not but I wrap my arms around his torso and snuggle my head in his chest anyways.

I kiss his chest and close my eyes.

I fall back asleep.




The second time I'm awaken it's by the annoying buzzing sound of an alarm clock.

I frown and plug my ears as I blink open my eyes.

Ashton has a frown on his face as well but he doesn't seem too fazed by the alarm.

He takes his hand and bangs hard on the bedside table clock.

It quiets itself.

Thank god.

Ashton rolls over and throws his arm over me.


"Sorry, go back to sleep baby." He whispers as he closes his eyes.

I close my eyes again because him and the bed are just too warm.




Third time, I wake up voluntarily and as I flutter open my eyes, I see Ashton laying down with his arm open as he flips through channels.

My pillow fell onto the floor and has been replaced with Ashton's arm.

I yawn and cover my mouth.

Ashton turns to me when he sees that I'm up.

"Morning," He smiles.

"Morning." I rub my eyes.

"How'd you sleep?"

"Wonderfully." I admit without thinking.

"Wonderfully huh?" Playful Ashton is back. I love playful Ashton

"Yes," I lean up and kiss his lips softly. "Wonderfully."

"Well wonderful, let's go get breakfast before they close."


"Yea, I'm taking you out for breakfast this morning."






"This place has the best hot chocolate you'll ever taste." Ashton says as we both walk hand in hand into the little shop.


The Flying Biscuit


It says on the front. The inside is even cuter than the out, little wooden chairs, rusty old tables, pretty blue/green patterns on the wall, and plenty of smiling workers.

"Aye! Fletcher!" An unfamiliar, middle aged man with brown locks and giant bifocals greats Ashton with a hug.

It's funny, I always saw Ashton as big and strong, but now, standing to this very muscular, very fit man… He seems so much skinnier.

"Hey Jon," Ashton says with a smile.

"Is this the girl?" The man Ashton refereed to as Jon says quietly, as If I can't hear him.

"Yea." Ashton says with glossy eyes.

"Well hey pretty thing, I'm Jon. But you can call me Jonathan, Jonny, Jim, Jerry, Jacob, Jasmine, Julia. I'll pretty much answer to anything." He says, I laugh.

"He also answers to dumbass!" A beautiful 30-40 year old woman says from behind the counter.

They both have new jersey accents, and their relationship makes me smile.

"No, only she calls me dumbass." He says, I laugh.

"I'm Eve." I smile as I hold out my hand, he takes kindly and shakes it firmly.

"Eve," He repeats. "You treat this kid right, Eve. He's been making me money for years." Mr. Jon tells me as he points to Ashton.

"Yea, not anymore, Jon." Ashton says.

"Yea," Mr. Jon turns to me. "Stupid dickhead wanted play the tambouring instead."

"It's the drums."

"Yea, yea, yea." Mr. Jon walks away as Ashton and I follow him.

"Same table?" Mr. Jon asks.



Once me and Ash are seated Ms. Margie takes our drink orders. Ashton orders both of us a hot chocolate with whip cream and he gets a coffee.

While we wait Ashton talks about the new upcoming songs and albums they're working on, he tells me that it's been hard but worth it.

Which makes it hurt so much more.

The fact that he loves what he does.

You see, if he hated his job, then I wouldn't feel bad for asking him to stay.

But he loves it and I couldn't take that away from him.

"Two hot chocolates with whip cream, and a decaf coffee for the mister."

"Thank you, Margie."

"Anytime," She taps his head with a pen, I giggle.

"So, you used to work here?"

"Yea, for a while actually."

"When did you start?" I tilt my head.

"Well, this was my first job. So I was about, 15 maybe. Then, when the boys asked about this whole band thing I only worked here part time. And then the band got popular so I had to let this place go." He says as he stirs his coffee.

"Do you ever wish you would've stayed?"

"I don't know," He says softly. "I guess I never really thought about it. I think it's just that, playing music, it just felt right. Like this is what I was meant to do. Ya know?" He locks eyes with me.

"Yea. I do."


I already know what I wanna do with my life.

But I don't think I wanna share that with anyone.


"Do you ever feel like that?"


"Like, something's just… right."

"I feel that way with you." I say with a sweet smile, trying to stir away the conversation.

"That's sweet but I'm talking about like, career wise."

He knows I sing.

So why does he push it?

"I don't know," I look down in mug.

"I guess theres this one thing…"

When I look up his eyes are twinkling and he takes a sip of his coffee as he waits for me to answer.

"I like to sing." I say.

"I wish you'd let me listen to you sometime." He says with a tilted head.

"I never said you couldn't." I say, the corner of Ashton's mouth lifts to a smile and dimples appear as if from nowhere.

"What?" I whine as he smiles at me.

"Nothing," He laughs. Ash reaches forward and dips his finger in my whip cream, he places it on my nose and laughs.

"Really." I try and act annoyed but I can't help it, I start smiling and take it off with my finger and lick it. I take a sip of my hot chocolate.

"This is so good," I say.


"Told ya." He says with a wink.

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