Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


43. Chapter 43

Eve's POV:

He wraps his arm around me tighter and I flip onto my stomach, laying on him as I trace invisible shapes on his bare chest.

I catch up with my breath finally.

"Ashton?" I look into his big, beautiful eyes.

"Yes love?" He runs his fingers along my arm.

"Are you really going?" I ask softly.

"Going where?"

"On tour…"

Ashton takes a deep breath.

"… I um-" He frowns. "I don't know."

"Why can't you stay?"

"I wish I could but… There are a lot of factors going on, beyond my power."

"But I don't understand, if you are the one who's going then can't you decide whether you go or not?"

"It's not that simple, baby." He caresses my cheek. I sigh and drop it.

I pick up a subject I've been wondering about.

I reach for his arm and realize he took off the bracelets.

I don't know when.

When he was making tea, right when I walked in, throughout the love making.

I don't know.

But they're off now.



I flip his arm over and…



Not just old scars.

New scars.

New cuts.

New bleeds.

He cut,

He cut himself while I was away.

If not, then because of me.

I was such an idiot, a fool, a selfish little bitch if you will.

"Please forgive me." Ash begs.

"Ashton… I-" I lose my words.


"You promised me you wouldn't leave me."


He said. I can't believe I did, that's just not like me. To betray Ashton like that.


"Ashton I'm sorry." I say quietly.


"Yes. I-I'm sorry I left. I promised and I… I just left."


Ashton's POV:


She said she's sorry.

I cheat on her…

And she's sorry.

I don't call her…

And she's sorry.

I don't tell her that I might be leaving for a 10 month tour…

And she shows up at my apartment, looking fucking beautiful as ever, kisses me, touches me, tells me she loves me… And…



I'm speechless.


"Evelyn, do you think you're in the wrong here? I mean, I betray you, and you're sorry?"

"I uh-… Sorry."

"There you go again, apologizing." I tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"I can't help it," Her eyes are so glossy. "You make me weak, Ashton." She admits as if I don't already know.

"And you make me vulnerable, Eve. But together, we're stronger. You know this."

"We are?" She asks with a hopeful expression.

"Of course, baby," I kiss her lips. "I think we can get through anything."

"I kissed Calum."



"Well, you said we could get through anything so I just-"

"You kissed Cal? W-when?"

"When we were broken up."


"Hey you slept with another girl…" She warns, and even though she isn't serious, a pinch of hurt hides behind her eyes.


"I think we can call this one even." Eve says lightly.

"Eve, I didn't mean it like that I just… I was caught off guard."

She sighs and rests her head on my chest, almost like she's giving up.

"He kissed me. I didn't kiss him back, I told him I didn't like him that way."

"Does he like you in that way?"

"I guess so. I wish he didn't."

"Me too." I say, and I hear her chuckle under her breath and a small small appears on her lips.

"Jealous much." She snorts.

It's so good to see her happy.

"Jealous? Me? No…"

I say and she giggles again, she looks at me with big blue eyes and takes in my appearance, she bites down on her bottom lip and frowns.

"What're ya thinking about, sunshine?" I ask.

"Thinking about how I can fit so much of you into one month."

"C'mon, don't think like that."

"But it's true. I mean technically we only have a month together."

"That's not true."

"If you go, yes. It is."

She wants me to face reality with her,

but I just can't.

I wanna stay in this little bubble, I wanna try and re-bloom our old one.

I don't want to leave.

"I'll figure something out. I'm not leaving you again."

"I left you, Ashton. Remember?"

"No. I left the relationship first. And I'm not doing it again."

Eve swipes her fingertips over my forehead and brushes my hair out of my eyes.

"I just wanna sleep." She says exhaustedly.

"Okay baby." I kiss her head and she snuggles into my chest, wrapping her arm around my torso as she closes her eyes.


"I love you, Ashton." She whispers.

"I love you more, Evelyn."

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