Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


42. Chapter 42

***Author's note***

Okay so this chapter was very difficult to write, it's a very emotional chapter so I wanted to catch everything that Eve and Ashton were going through, everything they thought, everything they felt. And I know some parts may seem just a little too dramatic, but that's kind of what I was going for.

So any feedback is really amazing, I just want to make sure I can bring you out of your world and into theirs.

Anyways, Enjoy!



Eve's POV:

I don't talk on the drive to Ashton's. I'm too flustered.

But my dad keeps looking over at me.



I plug my headphones and think about what to do.

Or what to say,

or where to start.

I love you, I miss you, I need you.

I have no idea.

The ride is too quick and my dad parks.

"I'm not gonna pick you up." He says.


"If you need a ride home, ask him. And if he doesn't drive you, then call me."


"Because you need to work this out with him, as an adult."

"Dad are you sure?" I've always asked him to treat me like an adult… I wonder what made him cave in.

"Yes. But Evelyn, I hope you know what you're doing."

"I do daddy…"

He turns towards me and kisses my forehead.

"Good luck baby girl."

"Thanks daddy."




Dad's truck drives away and I stand fearfully in front of Ashton's door.




It mocks me.

I knock on the door lightly.

Too lightly.

I knock again, harder this time.

Maybe he's not home.

Hopefully he's not home…


"One minute," He says through the door


His accent is so strong yet so soft, I can already hear him whispering beautiful things in my ear.


I hold my breath.


He swings the door open and his face draws a blank. He looks stunning, beautiful, just simply… Put together. His hair is brushed and thrown under a beanie, he's wearing those slim black jeans of his and some band T-shirt. Those bracelets are clinging to both of his wrists…


Please don't tell me he started cutting again.


Jesus, please don't.


"Hi." My voice squeaks.

"Hi." His voice doesn't. So smooth, so sly. Like he's been practicing this conversation.

"C-Can I c-come in?" I ask desperately. He nods and makes room for me to walk in.


I've never missed a smell so much. The apartment looks the same and everything's in it's place, that tiny picture of me when I was younger is no longer by the couch though… a pain rushes through my chest. But why did I think it was gonna just stay there? Deep down I knew he'd move it. Or give it back, or something.


"It's in the bedroom." I turn around and see Ashton, looking flawless as hell with his body leaning against the wall.

"What?" My voice is small and quiet.

"The picture. It's in the bedroom."

"Oh I wasn't-"

"Yea you were…" He half smirks, revealing his left dimple. I've never missed anything as much as I've missed those dimples. I wanna make him smile like that all of the time; both dimples popped out, shiny, white teeth glowing, squinted eyes and a laugh that could make your heart stop.

It made mine.


"I don't know what I'm doing here." I'm so lost. So lost without him.

"That's okay." His shoulders bounce up and down.

"It's not." I huff… Ashton doesn't say anything, probably scared he'd get too lovey dovey with me. But that's all I want. I want him to hold me and kiss me and use all those stupid clichés on me, saying I'm his world, his rock, the "love of his life."

"Can I look in the bedroom?"

"Of course."

I don't look at him and his beautiful eyes because it hurts too much.

He loved another girl.

Kissed another girl.

Fucked another girl.


I walk into the bedroom and start searching it, Ashton doesn't follow me and I'm glad. So glad.

The first place I check immediately is his drumsticks, I look on the right one;




I look on the left one;


Eve lyn


I smile because he changed it. From Eve to Evelyn. I've never loved my name so much.

I feel like I've been apart from Ashton for years, but it's only been a month… At the most.

'Feels like forever though.

"Eve?" I turn around and see him standing in the doorway, eyeing me, but not judging.

"Oh, sorry." I place the drumsticks back.

"It's fine, d-d-do you want something to…" He collects himself. "Um, do you want something to drink?"

"Yes, please."


"Yes, please."


He walks away. Even though we're not really talking, It's just so wonderful to hear his voice. When he leaves again, I run my fingers along his bed, pushing down as I hear the springs. I try to smile. That sound brings back memories.


Sweet, beautiful memories.


Ashton reappears quietly, not wanting to be noticed but realizing that I catch his every move.


I sniffle and wipe the tear falling down my cheek.


He didn't tell me he was leaving.

He didn't tell me he had the choice.

He wants to stay.

But he didn't call me.


"You're probably wondering why I'm here…" I force back tears.

"No," He walks into the room. "I am wondering why you're sad, though…"

He brushes his thumb and catches my tear, looking deep into my eyes with that look he gives me.

When he looks at me I can't help it.

I'm vulnerable,



and heartbroken.

It's like everything that is going on just hit me like a train. And I haven't had any true comfort with anyone but him.

And now I'm here, with him, in his apartment.

I feel like this is all a dream.

A nightmare.

That I'll wake up in Ashton's arms in our own little bubble that nobody knows about.

I start to cry harder, I look at the floor because I don't want him to see me cry, but I place my hands on his chest and by his neck.


"Baby," Ashton breathes out.


And that key word crashes me to bits.

I fall into his arms and cry as hard but as quietly as I can. He wraps his big, strong arms around me and buries his head into the crook of my neck, I squeeze him tighter.

"I've never missed someone so much." I cry, Ash squeezes me tighter.

"For the love of god kiss me, Evelyn." 

I separate myself from him and crash my lips against his.


Our lips reconnected like they haven't in ages and move in sync like a rehearsed play.


I cup his face and climb up on my tippy toes, but it's no use. He's too tall.

Ashton grabs the outside of my thighs and lifts me onto his waist, I straddle him and he carries me to the bed.

He lays me back and kisses me like he hasn't in years, my neck, my lips, my chest, my cheeks.

Every possible skin visible

I take the tips of his shirt and tug at it, Ashton stands to his knees and rips it off of himself.

His lips reconnect back with mine like they're going to run away.






"What?" I ask between kisses.


"My middle name," He pants but doesn't stop kissing me. "You asked me what my middle name was and I didn't tell you." Ashton explains.


"It's Fletcher."


I smile for the first time in ages.


"Ashton Fletcher Irwin." I whisper with a grin.


"Evelyn Isabelle Router." He does as well.


I reconnect the kiss and run my fingers through his hair, causing him to moan into my lips. Ashton's hips start to move and I bite down on my lip to help from being too loud.

Ashton and I slowly start undressing each other, admiring every time more skin is shown.

Eventually all of our clothes are thrown all over the room and the paste gets quicker, Ashton moves his hips and kisses my neck as I moan out. He slides himself into my slowly and I bite down hard on my lip.


"Sorry baby," He pants.


He continues to thrust until he moans and I bite my bottom lip down hard.


"Ashton," I whimper quietly.


I don't want to be loud.

I grab his hair and tug while I listen to him moan.




"Evelyn." He says, his accent spilling out from his lips.


When we're done our breathing decreases and Ashton falls beside me as I curl up under his arm, he kisses my head and whispers.


"I love you."


I haven't heard those words escape his lips for a month.

A whole fucking month.

Without him.

And now I'm in his bed lying with him as he tells me he loves me.


"I love you too Ashton…" I whisper as I tangle my small fingers within his large ones.






Next chapter will be up sooner than later! Maybe tonight because I already have written half of it <3

You see, it was either make this one really, REALLY long. Or separate it into two, even sized chapters xx

Hope you liked it!

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