Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


41. Chapter 41

Eve's POV: The place is packed. There are more people here than there was at Ashton's birthday party. Oh yea… Ashton's birthday. Images of Ashton hands all over me and sweet kisses and love making flash in the back of my brain. Forget about him. She's trying! My subconscious and inner goddess are at it again. Jesus. Me and Grace squish past the half drunk partiers and make our way to Luke's tall figure by the couch. Luke stands talking to a pretty boy with silky, brown hair and a very tall fella with emeralds for eyes. Grace walks up to Luke and taps his shoulder, Luke turns around with hearts popping out of his eyes and smiles. "You look great," He says quietly, she whispers something back but I can't hear her. Then, he takes her in his arms and gives her a very long-lasting kiss. Wow. Is that what me and Ashton used to look like? All lovey dovey like that. I feel like they can't see me, like I'm invisible, I feel awkward… Everyone else around me looks awkward too. Did people feel awkward around me and Ash? Probably. But I didn't really notice, or care for that matter… God knows Ashton didn't care. "Is that Eve?" A british accent catches my attention. I lift my head and standing a few feet from Grace and Luke's "love fest" is a very tall, very attractive male with shining green eyes and bright, curly hair. Oh yes, It's that Harry boy. "Eve! You look fantastic," Harry says. "It's me, Harry. From the conference." I giggle. "I know, I remember you." I say with a smile. "How are you?" "Good, good." He replies. "What about you? How 'ya holding up?" Don't tell me he knows too… "I'm doing…" Horrible. "Fine… Kind of stressing about school coming up but, nothing I can't handle." I try and work up a smile. Harry realizes that he's hit a soft spot and tries to change the subject. "Oh, um," He tugs on the boy next to him's shirt. "Louis," He says. "Yea?" The pretty boy replies. "Louis, this is Eve." He says. "Um, Grace's friend." He wanted to introduce me as 'Ashton's girlfriend'. But I'm not that anymore… "Oh, hi!" Louis says with a smile, he's british too. He holds out his hand and I take it kindly. "Hi," "Eve, isn't it?" "Yes." I smile. "Beautiful name," He says. "So, did you hear about the tour?" "What tour?" "The take me home tour." Louis grins from ear to ear. "Oh, you guys are touring?" "Actually," He looks at Luke who's arm is thrown over Grace. "We all are." "What?" Grace asks. "Um, can you give us a minute?" Luke asks Harry and Louis, they nod and slowly back away into the crowd. Luke pulls me and Grace aside and keeps his voice low. I feel like the third wheel because they won't stop staring at each other. "Um…" He says. "Well first, Eve, I don't know if it's my place to tell you this, because I think Ashton was going to tell you but… 'Might as well…" He takes a deep breath and we hold ours. "We might be going on tour with Harry and them…" "For how long?" Grace asks. "Ten months. It's a worldwide tour." Grace's expression full of misery and mine is just numb. "When are you leaving?" She asks shakily, if I didn't know any better, I'd say she's holding back tears. Luke caresses her cheek just like Ashton used to do to me… "One month," He says quietly. I still feel numb. "But I'm not sure, baby." Luke is now just talking to her. "I'm still gonna see what I can do." Grace and Luke are just lost within each other so I remove myself from them and the situation. Ten months. In one month. He won't be back. He's not coming back. I don't think I can take this. And I can take a lot. But this… It's just too much. "You're too much." I told him. But he's not. He's not too much. It's just the situation, just that everything was crumbling down on me and I blamed Ash for that. I should've stayed. Worked it out. Talked it through. But I walked away, and now I don't know if I'll be seeing him for ten months… 11 if you're counting this month. Before I know it I'm reaching for the door to leave, but my arm is jerked away. "Eve?" The voice is familiar but makes me nervous. I turn around and see familiar, big, beautiful brown orbs. "Cal." I inhale in. "Hey," He smiles so casually. "I didn't know you were here." "Yea, well, I was actually leaving just now…" "Oh, who drove you?" "Grace." "Is she here?" "Yea, she's gonna stay…" "Oh," Please don't ask, please don't ask, please don't ask… "Do you need a ride home?" Fuck. "No, thanks though, I think I'll be fine. Remember, I walked here before." I say, referring to the time I came to his place pathetically crying my eyes out. He was so good, so sweet. He was there for me when I needed him. He's a good guy. As a friend. "Actually," I start. "You can drive me home… I-If you don't mind…" "No, of course. You know I'd do anything for my chica." He says and I laugh. *** Calum's POV: Her laugh is stunning. The ride to her place is kind of quiet but not awkward. "Um… Cal?" "Hm?" "Can I ask you something?" She asks from the passenger side. "Sure, anything." "Um… Were you ever gonna tell me about the tour?" I turn my vision towards her and take in her expression. She seems lost, confused, flustered. Kind of sad. "Well, yes… Eventually." "Are you really going?" She asks, and I don't know if she cares whether I go, or whether Ashton goes. "Well… Half of the band wants to go, and the other half doesn't." "Which half?" Damn she's really pushing it. "Ash and Luke wanna stay…" I say softly as I turn into her neighborhood. "Ashton wants to stay?" She asks with big blue eyes and a hoping expression. "Yea…" She rests her head on the cold, hard glass of the window and looses herself in her head. She does that a lot. Thinks too much. I wish she wouldn't think too much. I bet Ashton makes her think too much. I pull into her driveway and park the car. "Thanks for the ride." She says without making eye contact. "No problem." She climbs out of the car and walks to her doorstep, pulling out her keys as she unlocks the door. I hope she'll be okay… Eve's POV: Why though? Why does he wanna stay? Because of his family? Because of his job? Does he hate the band now? Does he hate flying? Why does he wanna stay? Because it couldn't be because of me… Could it? I wrestle with the argument as I open the door and find my dad sitting on the couch, watching a reply of yesterday's game. "Hey daddy," "Hey sweetie, how was the party?" I don't answer him. I'm too confused and upset. I kick off my shoes and make my way to my room, a few minutes later I hear the television turn off and my dad appears in by my door. "You okay?" He asks as he leans on the doorframe. "Do you want the truth? Or the answer I've been giving everybody?" "The truth if you don't mind…" He walks in and joins me on the bed. I sigh. "Dad, I'm not okay…" I admit softly. "What's wrong?" He asks. "Everything." "Start with the main issue, Evelyn." He says. A quiet tear crawls down my cheek as I let the stress get to me. "Ashton might be going on tour." I sniffle. "Tour?" "He's in a band. He might be going on tour for ten months… A worldwide tour…" "When is he leaving?" "One month." I catch another tear. "Well, don't you think you 'aughta talk to him about it?" "How," I try to hold back tears. "I'm sure he hates me by now…" It doesn't work, I'm crying now. "I doubt that…" My dad says. "But what if he does? What if he hates me and doesn't want me anymore? And this whole separation shit has made him realize he doesn't give a damn about me." I cry, my dad holds his finger at me. "Watch it," He says, referring to my cursing. "Sorry…" I sniffle. Dad sighs. "Then maybe you should find out." "What?" "Go see him. Find out what's going on between you two because lately you seem very confused about it all." "I am daddy." I cry. "Then go," He places his hand on my shoulder. "Go find him and go see what the hell is going on." "Y-You w-want me to go see him? S-s-ee Ashton?" "Yes. I know I overreacted and all but, if he makes you happy then…" He takes a breath. "So be it." My dad shuffles around in his pocket and pulls out his car keys. "Okay," He sighs. "Let's go…" "Go?" "Yes. Go to Ashton's. Now c'mon Evelyn before I change my mind." Holy shit. He's taking me to Ashton.
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