Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


40. Chapter 40

***Author's note***

Again, boring chapter, my apologies… <3 Next chapter will be exciting I promise x

Ashton's POV:

"Well Cal and Michael are stubborn…" Luke says through the speaker of the phone.

I managed to start cleaning the apartment, it was a huge mess. I also fixed myself up a little. You know, fixed my hair, did some laundry…

That kind of stuff.

"Yea, I just don't understand why they won't even consider not going."

"I know man." Luke answers.

"Dude… Maybe we should just go." I sigh.

"What? No. What do you mean?"

"I mean we've been working so hard… And this is a once in a life time opportunity, Luke."

"But what about the girls?"

"What girls?"

"Grace and Evelyn."

"Luke, right now, I don't know what's going on between me and Eve…"

"But…" He loses his words. "Ash you and Eve just go together… You're bound to get through this soon."

I sigh and squint my eyes as if in pain.


"I don't think we will."

"Ashton, if you think like that, then of course you won't. You have to be positive," He says comfortingly. "Look man, I gotta go but I really want you to think about it, okay?"

"Yea man, alright…"

"Okay bye."




Eve's POV:

The day after mine and Grace's shopping spree I think I feel better.

I guess I'm beginning to realize there's a life outside of Ashton, there's a world out there to explore and I'm so young. I wanna explore it.


You wanna explore it with Ashton.


My inner goddess says, she's been putting ideas in my head all day long.

It's exhausting.

By the time 5:00 roles around I begin to consider Grace's invitation to this party Luke's throwing.


"It'll be fun, Ashton won't be there, we'll play some games, have ourselves some virgin margarita's, you'll have a blast."


She said with a smile.

I guess.

But don't Luke and Cal share a place?

I don't know if I'm ready to face Cal again… I don't know, I mean, I really shouldn't let this thing get weird.


"Don't make me pay for his mistake."


What did he mean by that? I wasn't shutting him out or anything…

Was I?

Maybe I was… But it wasn't because of Ashton.

Was it?


I should make it up to him tonight, I'll be his friend and maybe we can just hang out tonight.

I don't want things to get weird…


I text Grace later that night when I'm ready and she pulls up in her big ass truck.

"C'mon girly!" She yells from the window. "Let's party!!"


Grace's POV:

It's kind of weird to see Eve smiling now.

I mean with everything going on and all.

I'm just glad I can make her happy…

Eve hops in the car and I turn the radio off.

I was listening to Luke, their band.

I don't think Eve wants to hear that.

"Ready?" I ask, she nods.

I text Luke that we're on our way and he says he's waiting for me, I blush at the text.

I glance over at Eve who now has her headphones in as she watches the passing lights through the window.

I call Luke.

"Hey sweetie," He answers.

"Hey baby, I'm on my way. Sorry I'm running late, I had to pick up Eve."

"It's okay, how's she doing?"

"Alright I guess," I start. "She's been hot and cold, but I think she's lightening up a bit."

"Well that's good."

"How's Ash?"

"Probably not as well as Eve, we just got him out of the apartment yesterday."

"No kidding,"

"Yea. Poor guy's lost without her."

I sigh into the speaker.

"It just makes me wonder, ya know?" Luke starts. "I just couldn't imagine losing you like that. I seriously don't know what I'd do…"

I don't know either, Luke.

"I mean the shit Ashton's going through is insane. I just, I don't want that to happen to us… Ya know?" He adds.

"Baby it won't…" I glance over at Eve. "We know better." I whisper quietly.

"Yea. I guess you're right."

"Okay, well I'm turning in."

"Okay, love you."

"Love you too."

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