Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


38. Chapter 38

Author's note:

Lol, uh, okay, this is awkward… So I was so into the story that I accidentally changed Eve's dad (Mr. Router) to Mr. Pointer… I changed them all back on Wattpad and Movellas, but on gifboom I can't change it so just a quick apology for my mistake…


"and as she strips her clothes off

and climbs into bed,

she hears his words

running through her head.

saying he'll stay,

saying he'll try.

but she knows he left,

she knows he lied."


Eve's POV:

Calum left before 10:00.

I asked him if we can just pretend this night never happened.

I don't want our friendship ruined.

He said he couldn't agree more and he apologized for the millionth time.

I really shouldn't be home alone.

I might do something stupid.

And desperate.

…And I do…


His phone number is in my favorites.

It's just a click away.

One click and I could hear his voice again.

Feel his words again.

Listen to that god given accent of his again.


I click the button.


It rings once.

It rings twice.

It's ringing.

It's still ringing.


'Hey! It's Ashton, sorry I didn't answer, 'call ya back when I can!'




I start to cry.

Not only did I have high hopes for that phone call, but I also wasn't emotionally ready to hear his voice again.

His accent.

His soft, light tone.

And his laugh… Oh what'd I give to hear him laugh again.

I curl up in my bed, with Ashton's shirt draped around me, and plug my earbuds into my phone.


'Hey! It's Ashton, sorry I didn't answer, 'call ya back when I can!'


I play it once.


'Hey! It's Ashton, sorry I didn't answer, 'call ya back when I can!'


I play it twice.


By the third time my watery eyes are closed and I am slowly, sadly dosing off to the sound of my love's voice.




Ashton's POV:

Day 4 in the absents of Evelyn.

I don't think I've moved from this couch.

I've ordered all of my food in.

Missed over a billion phone calls.

Practically shattered everything around me.

Except for that picture of Evelyn.

That's the only one out of like 8 that I've framed.

I should frame the rest.

But I can't move.

I don't think I've moved from this couch.


My eyes are heavy and my hair probably looks like shit. I probably look like shit. My head hurts and I ran out of Tylenol. Eve took a part of me when she left. A big part of me. A huge part of me… I just wish I had even the slightest part of her…

How did I get here? I used to be just a simple guy. No problems. No issues. And my main priority was my music…


"You boys are gonna go far." He said.


That was my only worry in the world. My music.

I wasn't worried about what to wear or how to act, or whether Eve was gonna like my hair today.

I wasn't worried about what to do or what to say, or if I should change shirts because I wore this one last week.

I wasn't insane.

I didn't care if girls looked at me.

I didn't care if they held my hand.

I never felt anything when they kissed me.

And I've always put my music first…

What happened?


She. She happened. She walked into that bar, looking flawless as ever, and ran into my life. Although what really caught my attention was her attire.

She didn't belong there.

But Evelyn doesn't belong anywhere.

Except with me.

In my arms.

Kissing me.

Holding me.

Loving me.


My mother used to say that a man's heartbreak isn't half as bad as a woman's…

Well then Eve must be going through hell because this is complete shit.

None of this would've happened if it wasn't for her.

Her and her eyes.

And her hair.

And her lips.

And the way she kissed me.

And the way she looked up at me.

Big, blue eyed and all…


You need to get up.


My subconscious groans.



I do.

But I can't move.

I don't think I've moved from this couch.


Eve's POV:

I wake up with a headache and figure standing over me.

"Sit the fuck up." Grace growls.

"What?" I ask sleepily.

"Okay, look. We did the whole, you're heartbroken and you need time or whatever. But Eve! C'mon! You have to move on and I'm gonna help you." I can see her glossy, big brown eyes and her perfectly blonde, perfectly curled hair. Her tiny center is covered with a floral dress and her make up is applied lightly, but naturally.

"Your dad just gave me your birthday money cause he couldn't give it to you on your birthday, you know, since it was ruined and stuff cause your single dad found out you were dating a 20 year old guy that you; 1. slept with and 2. kept a secret from him."


"Thanks Grace." I say sarcastically as I get out of bed.

"Hey, I'm just being honest." I can't help but lightly giggle.

"There's a smile!!" She shouts louder than she needed to be.

"Hey! Mr. Router! I made her smile!" She screams from down the hall.

"Keep it up Grace!" My dad shouts back. I roll my eyes but smile at their attempt to make me happy.


"Alright, get your ass dressed. We got 700$ and the whole day to ourselves, we're gonna have a blast."

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