Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


37. Chapter 37

Eve's POV:

Day 3 in the absents of Ashton.

He hasn't called.

He hasn't texted.

The boys haven't seen or heard from him.

Not even Michael, and he lives right next to the guy.

I guess I've been absent too though…

The only contact I've had with the outside world is via text.

It's a Tuesday afternoon and I lay in bed typing up the summer assignment I haven't yet started.

My days have been waisted elsewhere…

My phone rings and I answer it too quickly.


It's not Ashton, dumbass.


I know, fucking prick.


My head is auguring with itself again.

Sometimes I think I should be in an insane asylum…

I know Grace would hook me up.

Her mom works at an insane asylum.

And Grace is in love with it…


I pick up the phone.



"Hey Eve, it's Cal. How ya holding up?" Cal and Grace have been the only two friends outside of my family to check up on me.

I really appreciate it.

"Good, thanks Cal…"

"You want me to come over again? I have soup." I can hear his smile through the phone so I work up a small one.

"Yea, actually. That'd be great. Thanks Calum."

"No problem, Chica."


I was surprised at how well my dad took Calum. Calum is so nice and sweet, so when they met, my dad liked him instantly.

But I guess it's also because Dad's trying to make up for all of this.

All of it is kind of his fault…


No it's not. You put this on yourself.


Leave the fucking bitch alone! Damn!


I sigh out loud.

But it also maybe because Calum is only 16.

And I'm 15.

So my dad's okay with it.

I don't know…


I stand up and go under my bed, pulling out my attire for the week.

All of Ashton's shirts.

Not a day went by where one wasn't clinging to me like a child to their parent.

I've worn them everyday.


"Hey Chica." Calum walks in and hugs me, by now I had just gotten out of the shower so I don't look too shitty.

But I am still in my pajama's.

"Hey. Thanks for coming over."

"Calum?" My dad peeps around the corner.

"Hey Mr. Pointer." Cal smiles.

"How are you doing, kid?" My dad walks up to Calum and shakes his hand.

"You know… The usual."

"That's good, oh Eve," My dad turns to me. "Britt took Michelle to some movie and she's spending the night at a friends. I have to cover Jacob's night shift so I won't be home, you sure you'll be fine alone?" He asks.

"Yes, daddy."

"Okay, and Calum's gotta be out of here by 10:00."

"Okay daddy."

"Bye sweetie." He kisses me.


"Bye Calum." They shake hands.

"Bye Mr. Pointer."


After my dad leaves me and Cal go to my room, Calum walks in behind me and shuts the door.

"I have a surprise for you." Calum smiles, he whips out a dvd from behind his back.

"It's The Breakfast Club!" He says stupidly excited. Calum pops the dvd in and sits on the floor beside me, by the foot of my bed.


15 minutes into the movie Calum starts to look at me, then back at the television, then back at me.



He pauses.

"Do you still talk to, uh… You know who."


"… Yea."

"His name isn't a curse word, Calum. You can say Ashton."


Even though every time I hear it I die a little inside.


"Well… I was just wondering if you've heard from him… Uh, Ashton. Because he hasn't been at band practice or anything…"

"No." I sigh. "I haven't."

Calum tilts his head to me apologetically, his big brown eyes looking straight into mine.

Not burning mine like Ashton's do.


Like Ashton's did.

But instead softening them, like a light to a dim room, or a led pencil to a soft piece of paper.

But nothing like Ashton.

There's no one like Ashton.

"You're gonna be okay, Eve." He whispers, softly, lightly. I can smell him. He smells like Ashton.

Sort of.

He smells like sweetness and cologne.

Ashton smells like body wash and drums.

Calum picks up his hand and tucks a fallen piece of my hair behind my ear.

I feel my eyes widen.

Calum is eyeing my lips but doesn't move. He doesn't lean in or push. He just sits, almost like he's admiring the view of a beach or a sunset.

The way he looks at me makes me feel special.

Like he's never seen something or someone so stunning, or magical.

He's lost within me, it makes me feel wanted and steady. Not broken and lost.

When I'm with Calum I feel normal. A normal girl, a normal life, with normal looks and normal feelings.


But is normal good?

Do I want normal?

Do I need normal?

After these past months, I guess a little normal couldn't hurt.


Calum lips are so full. One thick bottom lip with a smooth top one. He looks like he can kiss well, but not well enough where he's had too much practice.

I bring my fingertips up to his bottom lip and glide my finger over it carefully, feeling the surface.

Calum takes my hand in his and lowers it, he leans in to my lips and I refuse to move.

His lips are sweet, glossy and rehearsed. Like he planned for this to happen.

I don't give in but I don't pull away.

Until I want to stop.

"Calum," I whisper against his lips, he parts but doesn't separate himself very far, his hand is still on my cheek and his lips are inches away.

"You don't really like me, Cal." I say.

"Of course I do."

"No, you're kissing me because you can and because I'm confused."

Calum backs away offended. But not too far away.

"Eve, I would never."

"But you did."

Cal sighs and closes his eyes, facing the floor as he shakes his head.

His eyes reconnected with mine.

"Evelyn, don't make me pay for his mistake."


Don't call me Evelyn.


"Don't let him tear you apart." He adds.

"You don't really wanna be the 'rebound' guy, do you?" I ask.

"No. And I won't be." He says lightly.

"Let me be the 'hero' guy."


Damn he's smooth.

He's nice.

He's cute.

He's sweet.

He's a good kisser.

He's close with my father.

He's cool with my sister

He makes me feel special.

He's perfect…


But I don't want perfect.

I want Ashton.

I want stuttering and random laughing.

I want stupid jokes that hardly make sense.

I want eyes that contain 8 different colors.

I want a figure that's too tall for a doorway.

I want hair that is rough and messy.

I want arms that are running with scars.

I want insecurities that only I can cure.

I want kisses that only I can get.

I want dimples that only I can see.

I want dimples.



I don't want perfect.

I want imperfect.


I want Asthon Irwin.


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