Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


34. Chapter 34

Eve's POV:

When I get to Calum's apartment it looks the same as before, but cleaner, and with less people.

"Chica, c'mere." He opens the door and I cry into his arms, squeezing his shirt so tightly that it'd probably rip in two right in front of me.

I sniffle into his shirt.

"C'mon, you're freezing." He pulls me inside and shuts the door, leading me to the couch where he wraps me in a blanket and starts a pot of tea.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" He asks, handing my a cup and joining me on the couch.

I shake my head as I hope the last tear of the night falls.

"Then lets just watch TV…" He says, lying back on the couch and leaving his arm open for me to snuggle up under.

Just like Ashton does.



I don't even know.

"You wanna watch Back to the Future?" He asks.

"Ash said you love 80's movies." He adds.

I miss Ashton.

I nod into Calums shoulder and he starts the movie.

30 minutes into it he gets a phone call, so he removes himself from me and the room and stands in the kitchen, but I can still hear him.

"Hey man… Yea… Yea I got her she's fine… Um, I don't think that's a good idea… She's upset… Ash don't make this harder for her… She's fine here, I'll call you later."

The rest is fuzzy. Cal returns moments later and sinks back into the couch with me.

I feel my eyes getting heavy and my heart started to give up. So I stop fighting and fall asleep in Calum's arms.


I wake up to muffled arguing, I squint my eyes and shake my head. Not knowing if I'm dreaming or not…

"Why the hell wouldn't you tell me she was here?"

"I did!"

"Then why did you tell me not to come?"

"Because she's stressed, nervous, embarrassed-"


"Ash she just got told by her daddy that she couldn't see her boyfriend anymore. So yea, embarrassed."


"Ashton she doesn't need you right now, she needs a friend. You're just too much for her."

"Don't you tell me whats too much for her."

"Look I think you should just go."

"I'm not going Cal."

A moment of silence hushes the scene.

"Calum," He starts. "Calum, please."

I hear a sigh and Cal speaks.

"Fine…" He starts. I can't hear the rest of to what he is saying so I remove myself from the couch and peak around the corner, standing fearfully in the doorway.

"I'm not the bad guy here, Cal."

"I know, I know… But you need to give her space. You're always together and you fog her brain."

"Since when do you know everything about her?"

"Since she came to me crying instead of calling you." Calum spits.

They both stand in silence until Calum's big brown eyes peer over at me, widening as his lips part.

"Eve," He says in shock. Ashton whips his head around and locks his beautiful brown, green orbs with my sleepy ones.

"Baby," He breathes out as he walks to me, wrapping his arms around me and inhales my sent.

"Are you okay?" He asks, I wrap my tired arms around him and squeeze his torso.

"I'm fine." I'm not. 

We separate and Ash looks into my eyes, his hands not leaving my shoulders.

"I'm fine. Really, Ash." I'm falling apart, help me.

"Why didn't you call me?"

"I… I don't know…"

He frowns at me in a sympathetic way.

"You're not okay." He says, I look up and hold back tears. I swallow.

"No," I half laugh. "No, I'm not." I sniffle.

Ashton wraps his arms around me, tighter this time, as I burry my head into his chest, he kisses my hair.

"Evelyn, let me take you home."

"I don't want to go home."

"Home to my place."

"… But-"



If my dad knows that I snuck out, and went to Ashton's… He'd have my head.


I look over at Calum and he nods. He mouths 'go, he needs you.'




Ashton's place smells like home. Ashton smells like home. When we get inside Ashton walks straight into his bedroom and I wonder in the living room. I look on the small coffee table in the corner and see that picture of me when I was younger.


'Evelyn, age 5'


Is written on the front in his handwriting. It still warms my heart that he cared enough to put it in a frame.

When Ashton re-returns from the bedroom, a small, box shaped gift is in his hand. It's silver with a small, light blue bow taped on the top of it. He sits down with me on the couch and hands it to me.


"Happy birthday."


"You didn't have to get me anything, Ash."

"I wanted to."


"Just open it." He says, I can't help the smile smeared onto my lips as I take the present in my two hands and start to unravel the bow.

I lift the top of the box open and know it's a necklace.

A beautiful golden necklace with a small charm. The charm is a pair of drumsticks, Evelyn engraved into one stick, and Ashton engraved into the other.

I can't believe he did this.

I hold it up to my neck and attempt to put it on.

"Here," Ashton helps me hook it in the back.

"Ashton. This is… I just love it so much." I say, I can't stop looking at it.

He can't stop looking at me.

"I'm glad you like it." He says.

"Whatever gave you the impression that I wanted drumsticks around my neck?" I joke, he laughs.


"Because I know how much you love mine…"

"No you don't, for all you know I could hate them."

"You don't hate them," He laughs. "If you hated them you wouldn't stare at your name on it all of the time."

I feel my lips part.

"You knew?" I asked. "Damn, and here I am thinking I'm being slick about it." 

Ashton laughs harder and I bring my finger to his cheek and poke his dimple, he watches me intently with a half smirk.

"I like those." I say, referring to his dimples. He smiles.

"I've missed you…" He says.

"It's only been like a day or so."

"Doesn't matter…"


Okay… Now's the best time to ask.




"Why'd you call my dad?" I ask, he sighs.

"Bad idea?"

"Um… You think?"

"I'm sorry… I just, I knew you weren't gonna say anything and, honestly Eve. It was eating me alive."

"But we had it good, it was fine. And now…"

"Living a lie is never 'fine' Eve. Did you ever even plan on telling your dad?"

"…No but-"

"Exactly. I can't do what you do, I can't lie constantly and feel it's 'okay'."

"I didn't lie constantly," I stand to my feet and look down at him.

"You bended the truth, Evelyn." He stands to his feet and towers over me.

Why is he getting so upset with me? What the hell did I do?

"Okay, excuse me for trying and savor this. Okay? I didn't tell my dad because I was aware of the outcome, unlike you."

"I was aware of the outcome! But I wasn't scared of it. I told him thinking he'd get upset with me and say shit to me…. Not you."

"And how did that work out?"


"No. Because now I'm suffering from your mistake."

"You don't think being apart is suffering for me too?! Goddammit Eve, I called you constantly and I got nothing, nothing! You could've been dead for all I know! And you wanna talk about suffering?!"

"Don't raise your voice at me! I'm not in the wrong here!"

"You are though! Evelyn, from the first time we met you started that lie, and then just dug deeper and deeper, burying you and myself further and further into the whole!"

"I wouldn't have to if you weren't some freak 20 year old who liked 15 year old girls!!" I shout loudly. Ashton's face draws a blank, a shocked blank. He looses his words and he doesn't know what to say. He just looks into my eyes, waiting for me to apologize or take it back or something.

I don't.

And I think I regret it.



"Go Evelyn! Go! Live your life, go date and start fucking guys your age! Go! You won't have to worry about me being such a burden on you anymore, so please… Do us both a favor and just fucking leave."



I didn't mean it.

I don't want to leave.

Please Ashton.

Let me stay.

Tell me you love me.


"Fine!" I yell as a tear falls down my cheek. "I'll go but don't you dare start crying for me to kiss those scars of yours tonight because guess what?!" The tears are coming faster. "I won't fucking be there, Ashton!!"


I storm out and slam the door.

I can't go home.

I can't go to Cal's.

I can't go to Grace's.

I'm basically homeless.

I'm homeless.

I walk until I can't anymore and feel the tears falling harder.

I stop at a light post and slide my lifeless body down it.

I wrap my hand around the charm on my necklace.

It's as cold as I am.

I can't feel anything.

I'm numb.





Uncared for.





And I ruin everything.

I knew it was just a matter of time. Nothing that good lasts forever.

And foolish, stupid, naive me thought it could've.


I really, really thought it could've




Hey guys!! Thank you so much for reader and everything! You have no idea how much I love you guys, but I need your help! I kind of have writers block at the moment, so please, comment and let me know where you think Evelyn should go and who she should run to… Because I'm clueless. So comment some ideas and keep reading! I love you all so much! -Adrianna

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