Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


31. Chapter 31

Eve's POV:

I wake up the next morning for once in my old bed. I feel like I'm sleeping in a hotel or something, having spent so many nights at Ashton's place.

I tumble out of bed and change my shirt, I don't want any questions on my new pajama attire.

When I walk out of the room, Michelle, Britt, my dad and some woman all sit at the kitchen table.

"She's my little trouble maker." My dad introduces Michelle to the woman, they shake hands.

"Oh, and this is Evelyn," He gestures to me. "My eldest."

The woman walks up to me and shakes my hand, she's really beautiful, she looks about 30 but her demeanor tells me she's 40. She looks good for her age. Her rich, dark brown hair is cut at her shoulders and her piercing, light brown eyes scream love. She looks like she's a mother, or a mother figure of some sort.

"Hello Evelyn, I'm Jane." She says.

"You can call me Eve."

"Eve… Well it's nice to meet you."


Well look at that… Dad's finally brought a girl home.


I make my breakfast and join my family and Jane at the table.

"So, Eve, I heard your birthday's tomorrow, how old are you turning?" She asks.


"I remember when I was 15." Britt says beside me.

"Me too." My dad glares at her, I just laugh because I know Britt probably got into enough trouble.

My dad looks good for his age, long, strong jaw. Tall, masculine figure, and soft loving eyes.

Kind of like Ashton.

Maybe they'll get along…

"So what grade are you ladies in?" She asks.

"Michelle is 12 but she's in 8th grade, she skipped a grade when she was younger." Michelle just flashes an extremely fake smile.

"And Eve is turning 15 but she's a rising junior. She skipped a grade as well."

"Wow, you girls are smart. Well, I work at a school and I've seen enough failing students for my lifetime, It just makes me happy to see some people are trying."

Oh, she's a teacher. That explains the mother appeal.

We all stay quiet because we know that Michelle used to be a good student, but her grades have fallen greatly since mom left.

"I can't wait 'til my birthday." I smile, changing the subject for everyone. They all go on and on about birthday stories, good ones and bad ones.

I'm actually kind of excited for my birthday this year.

I don't know why.

Maybe because I can spend it with Ashton.


I should call him.


I excuse myself from the table and scurry to my bedroom.


When I dial his number he answers with a cough.

Oh no.


"Hey Evelyn." His voice is so horse and scratchy.

"Ashton are you sick?"

"I think so…" He coughs. "I woke up feeling shitty."

"Awh, baby I'm sorry… I can come over if you want."

"No, no, no… I'm fin-" He starts to cough. "I'll be fine." He says congested.

"Ashton I'm coming over okay. I'll ask Grace to give me a ride, I'll be there in ten."


"Hey dad,"


"Grace wants to take me to the bowling alley. She's coming to pick me up now, can I go?" I ask, Michelle shoots me a glare.

"Yea, sure sweety. But um," He stops. "You have to take your sister with you."

"What? Why?!"

"Because, me and miss Jane would like an hour alone if that's not too much to ask."

Britt stands to her feet. "I can take Michelle somewhere." She says, My dad and Britt share some facial expressions back and forth.

"C'mon Scott, let the girl have some fun. She doesn't wanna drag her sister around all of the time, you of all people should understand that."

I do remember dad telling stories of how annoying it was to bring Britt to places with him.

My dad sighs. "Fine, but be home before dinner, we're all going someplace nice."

"Okay, thanks daddy!" I walk up and kiss him and then I'm out the door.


"So do you think she'll tell?" Grace asks as we turn on Monroe St.

"Well, she probably wouldn't tell today because my dad just brought home a girl."

"No kidding?" She screeches. "Well go Mr. Router, hell yea. Getting the ladies."

I laugh.

"Well if she does do it, I hope she doesn't do it today or tomorrow." I say,

"Yea, oh and I can spend the night tonight, right?"

"Yea, sure, my dad is taking us all out for this fancy dinner so I'll just ask if you can tag along. He'll probably say yes."

"Mr. Router loves me." She flips her hair and I laugh.

"What time should I pick you up?" Grace parks the car.

"Um, 5-ish? I need to be back in time for dinner."

"Alright, tell Ash I say hi."

"Okay, thanks Grace."

"No problem."


I knock on Ashton's door and it takes him longer to answer.

He answers the door with a pale face and messy hair, his sweatpants falling off of his hips and no shirt on.

"Baby," I whisper, walking in and placing my palm on his forehead.

"You're burning up, Ash."

"I'm fine." He sniffles.

"No you're not, go lay down." I command, he sighs and walks to the bedroom, I shut the door on my way in.

I start looking through all of Ashton's cabinets in the kitchen to find some medicine.

I find some.

In the cabinet is Vix Vaper Chest Rub, Tylonal, Tums and a couple of band-aids.

I grab the Vix and Tylonal and head back to the bedroom.

Ashton lays in bed, sickly as ever, with the covers kicked off of him.

"Okay, sit up." I command, he does just that.

I take out the Vix Vaper Rub and place some on my palm, I put some on his chest and rub it in with both of my hands. Ashton watches me intently.

"This will get rid of your congestion." I explain.

"You really didn't have to come over…"

"Yes I did. You're sick," I sit on the bed and wipe my hands on my jeans. "Trust me, it was no problem." I say, leaning into his lips and expecting him to kiss me.

He turns away. "I'm gonna get you sick." He says.

"I don't care." I say, he looks at me sympathetically but lightly kisses me.

"Now go wash your face, Eve." He says, I laugh.

"I'm serious, I don't want you getting this."

"Ashton, just lay down okay. I'm gonna go make some soup."


Ashton finishes his soup and we finish our tea. The movie is only half way over when I start picking up dishes and throwing them into the sink.

I walk back into the room and Ashton's frowning into his tissue box.

"What's wrong?"

"I ran out of tissues." He says.

"Oh, well I can run out and get some."

"Evelyn, you can't drive."

"I know, I'll walk."

"You are not walking alone. I'll drive us." He gets out of bed.

I choose not to argue with him because I know it's not worth the battle, he walks into the bathroom to change.

When he reappears moments later he doesn't look sick at all.

Not at all.

He looks like he does every other day, beautiful, sexy, admiring… The list goes on and on.

"You look better already." I say.

"I think that soup helped a lot," He says. "But I still feel shitty."

"I'm sorry Ash," I say, walking up to him and brushing his hair out of his eyes. "I hate that you're sick."

"It's okay," He rubs my arms with his hands. "It's not your fault, love."

I lean up to him and attempt to kiss him.

"Evelyn…" He wines.

"Just kiss me Ash, I won't get sick."

He rolls his eyes but kisses me anyways, and when he tries to separate from me, I just deepen the kiss.

"Eve." He sighs, we separate and he looks into my eyes with his magnificent ones.

"I'd kiss you all day if I could, you know that… But I really, really, really don't want you to get sick."

I run my thumb along his jawline. "I know." I say.

"C'mon, lets go before the store closes…"


While Ashton grabs his coat I grab a water bottle in the fridge before we leave.


Suddenly, a bang on the door makes my heart jump into my throat.



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