Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


30. Chapter 30

Eve's POV:

I walk into the house after the conference all giddy and flushed.

"Well hey," I hear Britt appear out of nowhere. I guess she sobered up since earlier this evening, I just hope she doesn't remember our conversation from before.

"Hi." I reply, kicking off my boots by the front door.

"Those are mine." She frowns and looks at the shoes.

"Oh yea, sorry I had to borrow them. They went with the dress." I admit, she just nods.

"A girl has gotta have matching accessories." She walks into the kitchen, her slippers scuffing the floor with every step.

"Hey Britt."


"I gotta question…"

"Is this about Ashton?" She asks bluntly.

"Yes." I take a seat on the high chair by the island, Britt stands over the sink, filling up a glass of water for herself.

"Okay good, because I have a question for you also." She says.

Oh god.

"Okay, but me first…" I gulp.

"Would it-" I stop myself and stutter. "W-Would it be so bad… If I told dad about Ashton?"

She laughs. "Worst. Idea. Ever."

"Oh c'mon, it's not that bad."

"Eve. You're turning 15 in two days and this guy is how old? 19?"

"20." I murmur.

"I rest my case."

"But it's not like that… I love him, Britt." I mumble softly, she looks into my eyes sympathetically.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. With all my heart." I say with all seriousness.

"Well then maybe it's not that crazy."


"Yea, I mean you obviously have a thing for this guy. And him for you. So maybe. But don't do anything outrageous tonight, just sleep on it."

"Okay, thanks Britt." I say and stand to my feet to walk to my room.

"Evelyn." She stops me.


"Um…" Britt starts. "You guys haven't… You know… Slept together, right?" She asks.

I gulp.

What do I say? Yes? No? I guess?

I have no idea.

"What would happen if I said we did?" I gulp.

"I'd tell you to be safe. And to make sure he's using protection."



"I'm just saying, coming home pregnant isn't exactly the best way to introduce your 20 year old boyfriend to your dad. I mean, growing up he was so protective of me, and we're only half siblings. You're his own flesh and blood, Eve."

She's right.

"I'm just saying be careful, now go take a shower, you smell like man." She says, I laugh nervously and get into the shower.


It's 12:00pm and I'm assuming everyones asleep. I walk into my room and quickly change into my pajama's. I go under my bed and grab one of Ashton's old shirts. I slip it over my shoulders.

"Hey Eve." Michelle's shorter figure standing by my doorframe makes me jump.

"Jeez!" I sigh. "You scared me, M."

"Sorry. I need to borrow some clothes for tomorrow."

"Um… Why?"

"None of your damn business." She growls.

"Why are you so grumpy?"

"Why are you so bitchy?"

"Is this still about mom?"

"Maybe… So what if it was? I have every right to be pissed at you, and guess what? You still can't do anything about it… Now excuse me." She pushes past me and head to my closet, pulling out a dress and placing it over her body, seeing if it would fit.

"Michelle." She ignores me.

"Michelle." I snap again, snatching the dress from her.

"What the fuck?"

"Michelle you can't keep doing this."

"Oh, I beg to differ."

"And why is that?"

"Because if you don't give me what I want. I'll tell daddy about pretty boy." She glares at me.

"You wouldn't."

"Oh yea?"

A few breathless moments pass.

"Michelle, why would you do that? What would that do for you?"

"Well, if dad hates you, then I'll be the favorite child. Not you."

"Dad wouldn't hate me."

"Well guess what, if you don't give me that dress… Maybe you'll find out." She smirks, snatching the dress from me and attempting to walk out. I grab her arm before she leaves and tear the dress from her fingertips.

"I won't let you blackmail me." I stand my ground.

"Fine," She says. "Have it your way…"

And just like that… She's gone.

Dad's sleeping so she wouldn't go and wake him tonight. No, no.

But what happens when the sun rises?

In the daylight?

Maybe she would've cooled down by then.


But what if she doesn't…


I don't know.


I'm tired, so I decide to sleep on it.

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