Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


3. Chapter 3

Eve's POV:

I wake up on a beautiful Friday morning to the fucking annoying buzzing of my phone. "What?" I snap, I'm already in a pissing mood. Who the hell is calling this early?

"Well hello to you too…" It's Grace.

"Grace. I love you, but I'm sleeping. I'll call you in an hour." I pout.

"Nooooo..." She wines, but I hang up before I have to give in, my eyes drift and I'm out like a light again.


When I awaken for the second time, I'm much more rested and I have 13 miscalls and 50 texts. All from Grace. She's just doing this to piss me off, thank god I put my phone on silent though, otherwise I'd be so mad right now.

I don't have vocals until tonight but I do have to walk Michelle to school this morning.

"SOMETIME TODAY FREAK!" Michelle the princess yells for me. She doesn't have to leave until 7, what the hell is wrong with her? I walk downstairs as slowly as possible and come to meet with a pissed off sister.

"Well good morning lovely." I greet her sarcastically, she rolls her eyes.

"Shut up, let's go." She hisses, oh my, someone got up on the wrong side of the coffin this morning.

On our way down the street Michelle stays silent. It's times like these where I wish mum was still here, she would know what to do.

"So how's school?" I ask.

"It's summer school, Eve… How do you think it is?" She spits.

"Sorry I didn't mean to-"

"Of course you didn't…" She huffs and walks three more feet ahead of me. I stay quiet.

Mum leaving took a tole on all of us, but I think it broke Michelle just a little bit more. Ever since mum stopped loving dad, stopped loving us… Michelle's personality took a turn for the worst. It effected her attitude, her grades, her thoughts towards me, her thoughts towards dad. I just hope mum is happy. Happy with whoever she left us for, happy with that man. Happy with his son. Happy with her new family. Because we will be fine without her, just fine.

"Good luck." I smile at Michelle, she flicks me off.

"Well okay then…" I huff as I watch her walk into the school, she doesn't stop to say hi to any people. She doesn't have many friends. I'm worried about her, despite all the shit she puts me through, I let it go. Because I know she's been through worse.


Its 12:00am and I'm suppose to be meeting Grace for lunch, as I step outside my phone buzzes and I pick it up. It's Grace.

"Ayo bitch," She answers, wow such nice language.

Grace is a few years older than me but we both look the same age. She's 16 and I'm 14. I guess I never really liked girls my age, they were always so immature and slutty.

"Hey Grace…" I'm arguing with myself in my mind whether I should tell her about Ashton or not… But what do I say?

'Oh I met this hot guy at a club that my stupid aunt took me too, illegally, and he had to drive me home because Britt got drunk. Oh, and he works at the same place as me and basically stuck his tongue down my throat...' 


"Hold on, I'm on my way to pick you up." She says, her voice more normal and less jokey. Grace is always trying to set me up with boys, everywhere we go she always points out cute guys and says. 'Oooh Eve look! He's cute, go get his number.' But I'm just way too shy to talk to them. I wish I was more like Grace, where I could just walk up to anyone and everyone and tell them my life story. Grace always gets the guys, sometimes I feel like the ugly friend.


*BEEP BEEP* Grace honks her horn obnoxiously.

"Yea Grace, I see you… Thanks." I whisper sarcastically to myself.

"Oooh! Eve you look good!" She yells from her car. Her car is old and rusty and big and awkward.

I love it.

"Really?" I ask, looking down at myself. I'm wearing my favorite 'Rolling Stones' T-Shirt with a pair of shorts and black fishnet stockings, my black fishing boots rise up a little bit past my ankles and my beanie covers the top of my head. My hair is down and messy, my blonde tips sprinting out of my reddish curls.

"Yea girl! Geez, did you finally get laid or something?" She asks as I climb into the passenger side.

"Seriously? Girl, I haven't even kissed a boy yet. How could I possibly get laid?" I say between fits of laughter. That's not true, you kissed Ashton. My mind wonders to the tall Australian boy with the green-brown eyes. Beautiful, green-brown eyes.


"Off to Forever 21!!!" Grace yells as she takes me by the arm and marches across the mall. About twelve heads turn but Eve could care less, me on the other hand, I try and hide my face underneath Grace's shoulder, shielding myself from the strange stares we are both getting.

"Can we go by Footlocker first? I wanna get my dad some new shoes." I ask Grace, she looks at me and smiles.

"Yea sure, I think it's just around the corner." Grace's tone is more serious, and less scream-y.

Grace and I past multiple stores in which she screams and shouts at the clothes, things like "I want that!" or "That's too cute!" and "Oh, this will piss my mother off!" I just laugh at her and her confidence as we step into footlocker.

I head towards the men's section and Grace disappears into the 5-inch stilettos.

I check out one pair, and then check out another. My dad has been needing new shoes since 1989, but he always says "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." So he's been putting it off.

"Yes, the men's shoes are right over here." A familiar Australian accent causes my head to whip around to the cashier of the store. It's Ashton. He's wearing a black and white stripped shirt that says 'Footlocker' on one side and 'Ashton' on the other. He's walking toward me, but doesn't see me. Shit.

I put the shoes back and walk behind the stack of shoes in the middle of the store, I spot Grace immediately and rush to her.

"We have to go." I whisper.

"Aw, but Eve, we were just getting to know each other," Grace smiles at the boy who holds three pairs of 5-inch heels. Poor guy.

"Not now Grace, we have to go." My voice is low, because even though Ashton is on the complete other side of the store, I feel like he's right next to me. Breathing on my neck with my back pressed against his front. Hm.

No, snap out of it Eve. Go, go now.

"Grace." I hiss.

"Fine! Fine!" She says, waving goodbye at the cute store clerk as I practically drag her out of the store.

A few more steps, almost out of the clear.


You gotta be fucking kidding me.

Almost all the eyes in the store are on us, including Ashton's bright green-brown orbs.

"M'am I'm sorry, let me check your bag please." That same cute guy asks Grace, Ashton locks eyes with me and he smirks, then calls over to the small, buff man at the front.

"Richie, I'm taking my break!" He says, his accent spilling from his lips in the most beautiful way possible.

The man doesn't find anything in Grace's bag, as usual. This crappy outlet mall has so many problems.

"G'day m'am." The man says as soon as I drag Grace out of the door.

"Ow, geez Eve, loosen your grip, damn." Grace says, I let her go but keep my head down and hope that Ashton didn't follow us.


"Hey Eve! Wait!"


I stop in my tracks and Grace does too, I turn my head and Ashton is already a few feet away from us. Now that he's here, I kind of feel bad for running away. I mean, I just didn't want to run into him with Grace here. God and I both know she'd embarrass the hell out of me, and probably him too.

"Oh my fuck." Grace whispers.

"Who's Mr. Godliness?" She asks right before Ashton gets to us, so I don't have time to answer.

"Hi." I smile at Ashton, he grins back at me and those god given dimples pop out. Oh my.

"Erm, uh, sorry. Grace, this is Ashton. Ashton, Grace." I wave my hands between them. Ashton smiles at Grace but it's not a true smile. More like a 'I'm-gonna-be-nice-just-because-I-have-to-be' smile. Grace bats her eyes and holds out her hand.

"You can call me Gracie," She says to Ashton. An unfamiliar emotion bundles up inside my and it feels like my face is on fire. I just hope I'm hiding it well on the outside.

"Gracie," He says.


"Oh, I hate it." She says quietly, this was a simple routine that Grace had picked up from me. Although the way I did it, I was honestly just speaking the truth. I hate my name. Eve, Evelyn, ew.

"Oh," Is all Ashton says, and I'm glad he was short with her. Ha, I think. He said my name was beautiful.

"Well um. Eve," He says my name like it's water flowing down a waterfall, just natural and perfect.

"I was wondering, if um…" Ashton glances over at Grace.

"I was wondering if I could take you out tonight…" My eyes go wide.

"Me?" I ask. Yes you, you idiot. My subconscious snarls.

"Yes." He laughs.

"Oh um, well I have vocals tonight at the studio but-"

"I can pick you up there." He says.

He's right, he can pick me up there. He goes there too, and he knows the location so, maybe this could work.

'And what would your dad say? You're only fourteen, Evelyn Isabelle. Shame on you, Eve, going out with a nineteen year old.'

Oh. Maybe this won't work.

"I don't know," I say,

"Oh C'mon Eve! Live a little, he's cute and hey," Grace looks at him and back at me.

"He's totally flirting with you!" She says loudly, too loudly. Maybe it's just me but now I feel like the whole fucking mall is watching us.

Ashton's cheeks don't heat but mine are on fire, he looks so calm and casual, even though Grace basically publicly humiliated him in front of the entire Madison Mall.

"Fine," I huff, Ashton smiles and it tugs at my heart. Just a little bit.

"You can pick me up around, uh…." Shit, when am I done.

"I'll just guess." He grins.

"You'll guess?"

"Yea. I'll guess what time you'll be done." This boy and his games.

"Well, uh, okay then…" I say.

"Bye Eve," He smiles.

"Bye Ashton." I say quietly. Me and Grace watch him walk away and Grace yell; "She says you look cute in your uniform!"

Oh god.

"Grace!" I hit her arm, Ashton looks back and laughs.

"Seriously?" I say but I can't keep a straight face.

"Oh c'mon, Eve. You know you love me." She says as she links her arm around mine, and she's right. I do.

"Plus, I think I just got you your first date. And you know what that means. SHOPPING SPREE!" She yells and I laugh, Grace will use any excuse to go on a 'shopping spree'. Birthdays, Baby showers, Funerals. Yes, funerals.

"Okay fine but, nothing too outrageous."

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