Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


29. Chapter 29

Ashton's POV:

No. No. I can't dance, not like she can. I know she can move, it's obvious just by the way she walks.

But I can't dance.


"Eve I-"

"Please?" She looks at me with her big blue eyes, peering at me through those long lashes of hers.

I can't say no.

"Evelyn, I can't dance."

"I know, I'll show you." She smiles, lifting herself from her seat and taking my hand, I stand as well and look down at her as she leads me to an open spot on the floor.

She turns towards me and wraps her arms around my neck.

"Now," She takes my hands. "Hold me here." She places my hands on her hips. She's clinging on to me around my neck but I keep a distance, focusing and making sure I don't mess up.

She laughs.

"You can hold me closer, Ash." She says softly, in that tone she uses with me, as if only I can hear her.

I hold her closer.

"Like this?" I ask.

"Yes, perfect. Now sway." She rocks back and forth and lays her head on my chest. I kiss her hair and hold her tighter.


I don't want this to end.


Eve's POV:

I don't want this to end.

When I'm with Ashton, in his arms, like so. I feel like nothing matters. Nothing else in the world matters to me.

Like we're infinite.


As one.


We rock back and forth and I keep the steps simple, swaying in a circle and inhaling his sent. We're so close, but I want to be closer. I can't be close enough to him.

The song comes to an end eventually and I pry myself away from him.

"One more song." He whispers, pulling me back to him as he sways, leading me instead of the other way around like before.


We dance for 4 more songs.


On the ride home Ashton's hand never left mine, once in a while he'd move it to my thigh and rub it up and down. I hated having that damn armrest thing between us, I just wanted to crawl into his lap and kiss his neck.

But then he'd crash.

So I didn't do that.

Ashton walks me to the door.

"You sure your dad's not home?"

"I'm sure, see…" I point to the driveway. "No car." I smile.

He doesn't.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know…" He starts. "I just, I hate having to do this every time."

"Do what?"

"Sneak you in, sneak you out. Hide you in my apartment and take you to places when your dad thinks you're at Grace's house."

"But Ash, it works out great. When mine and Grace's parents think we're with each other, we're really with you guys. And any time anyone asks, Grace says she's with me and I say I'm with Grace."

He sighs, not agreeing with me.

"You really think your dad won't like me?" He asks quietly, looking down at our hands locked together.

"I think he'll love you," I say. "If… You were my age."

He groans. "What does it matter my age? I mean goddammit if I wanna meet my girlfriend's dad then, well why the hell can't I?"

"Ash, it's not that simple…"

"Why can't it be that simple though?"

"You know why." I look up at him, he looks down at me and sighs. Big poppy dog eyes peering into mine.

"Ashton I love you. I love you so much and, I don't understand why that's not enough for you."

"It is enough for me. It will always be enough for me, Evelyn. But I wanna be apart of your life, your whole life. Your family, your friends… Your parents." He rubs his fingertips along my cheek and to my chin.

"I love you Evelyn. More than anything in this world, you know this. And when you're ready… If you're ready. I'd like to meet him." He says.

"My dad?"

"Well yea… Look, worst case scenario he gets mad and beats the shit out of me… And I take it."

"No. You fight back." I demand.

"Evelyn, I'm not going to fight your dad."

"Well then I will…" I say, he smiles.

"Just… Think about it." Ash leans into me and brushes his lips against mine, then kisses me softly.



"I promise."

"I love you, Evelyn."

"I love you more, Ashton."

"Doubt it princess."

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