Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


28. Chapter 28

Eve's POV:

Ashton said he's gonna pick me up for the conference, I asked him what I should wear and he said anything would look great on me.

And I blushed.

And then he said he'd be fine seeing me in nothing but underwear.

And I blushed.

I sit there on my doorstep, in my dark red dress and knee high boots, waiting to be picked up. I'm thankful that nobody's home, but upset that they didn't tell me where they went. Just then, a pair of headlights shine and I cover my eyes with my hands.

"Thanks Marlin! You're a real sweetheart."

It's Britt.

Having yet another man drive her drunk ass home.

"Hey Eve." She slurs as the van drives off.

"Did you just come back from fucking that 20 year old?" She drunkly asks. I frown at her.


"Well you look guilty." She says, taking the seat next to me on the steps.

"What does that mean?"

"You look like you got laid." 

"Britt," I gasp.

"What? I can sense these things, I have a gift."

"Well you're wrong." I lie.

"Am I?" She asks.

And right when I'm about to protest again, I see Ashton's headlights pull up on the street.

"Well I have to go," I tell her. "You have a key?" I ask, she nods and waves her keys around.

"Okay, I'll see you later." I say.

"Bye Evelyn!! I love you!!" She screams, I laugh nervously at drunk Britt and hope she remembers nothing of this night.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Ashton asks stepping out of the car.

"Nothing, can we go now?"

"Of course baby, yea."


When we get there I feel my jaw drop, the people are so classy, so famous, the setting is so beautiful, and I can't spot one girl with the same skull ear cuff as me.

I feel uncomfortable.

The room is huge, you could have a wedding in here. There are multiple tables and chairs, plenty of food, and a ton of artwork on the walls. Me and Ashton decide we'll look at the artwork, like most of the guests, and then get some food.

"Ashton!" I hear someone call Ash, I look around and see a tall boy with oddly curled hair and piercing green eyes that you can see from a mile away. He smiles.

His dimples catch my eye. They look just like Ashton's.

"Harry!" Ashton squeezes my hand and lets me go as he greets his friend.

"Hey lad!" The boy Ashton called 'Harry' says. He's british.


British, Irish, Australian.

Where have the american men gone?

The two very tall, very attractive, dimple blessed boys have a brief conversation as Ashton's hand doesn't leave mine. I stand awkwardly beside them, their height towering over me.

"Is this Eve?" The boy asks, gesturing to me. Hearing my name causes my head to lift.

"Yes." Ashton smiles proudly. "Eve, this is Harry."

"Eve, I've heard so much about you." He takes his giant hand in mine and shakes it kindly, not breaking eye contact. He's so polite.

"You have?" My voice is so small. I wondered if Ashton happened to mention my age to all of these boys.

Probably not.

They wouldn't be this nice to me then.

"Hell yea! This guy talks about you all of the time." My eyes wonder to Ashton who flushes and refuses to make eye contact with me.

"That's sweet." I say, honestly referring to both of the boys.

"Well I got to go, I'll talk to you later lad, nice meeting you Eve." He waves to me and walks off.

"He was nice." I smile.

"Yea. He always is." Ashton says, not taking his eyes off of the painting.

"What do you mean?"

"He gets the girls easily." He huffs, jealousy of Harry's charm piercing through his tone.

"What? You afraid I'll dump you and go after him?" I kid, nudging his elbow.

"If you got to know him you probably would." There's no 'kid' in his voice.

"If I got to know fucking Channing Tatum, I still wouldn't leave you for him. I wouldn't leave you for anyone, Ashton."

Ashton smiles at the painting and then looks at me, leaning in and softly kissing my lips.

"I like your dress." He whispers, I frown and tilt my head confused.

"I just forgot to tell you before." He whispers, I smile and kiss him one more time.




"Ashton is that you?"


Ashton and I break and turn our attention to the man calling Ash.

The boy looks beautiful. His hair is black, silk almost, like if you touch it, it'd just melt into your hand. His jawline is astounding, it's so strong and muscular. His eyes are blue. Bright blue. Big, blue and beautiful, and it's rare when you find a boy with blue eyes and black hair. He's tall, not as tall as Ashton, but tall. He has broad shoulders and a long torso. He seems younger, lighter, like a child inside, but mature. He's wearing a light blue shirt and some dress pants, though everyone else is wearing a suit.

Ashton looks amazing in his suit.

"Hey Adam." Ashton says annoyed.

"Hey man! What're you doing here? I thought you weren't coming?" The boy waltzes up to us. Now that I get a better look, he doesn't seem much older than me. 16 maybe, possible 17.

"Well I'm here, aren't I?" Ashton snaps, I take in the facial expressions on the two.

Man, Ash must really not like this guy if he's gonna be so cold to him. I mean, Ashton's nice to everyone.

"And who's this?" The boy, Adam, gestures to me. I can't help the redness on my cheeks.

"This is Eve." Ashton says, moving his hand from my waist to my shoulder, it hangs over it carefully.

"My girlfriend."

"It's nice to meet you, Eve." He holds out his hand and I take it kindly.

"Now tell me, is Eve short for anything? Like Ever? Or Genevieve?"

"No, nothing special. Just Eve." I can feel Ashton's gaze on me as the lies poor out my mouth. I turn my vision towards him and we lock eyes. His eyes are so glossy, so full of life. He smiles.


I smile back and turn my attention back towards Adam.

"How do you know Ashton?" I ask.

"Oh we used to work together. My dad owns the Foot Locker at the Madison Mall, Richie is his name." I remember Ashton complaining about his boss Richie, but I haven't heard anything about his son.

"Yea." Is all Ashton says, which basically tells me he'll fill me in on the details later.

"Alright well we have to go but, it was nice meeting you." I smile and cut the conversation short with the beautiful man because I know Ashton's getting upset.

Ashton takes my hand in his and walks to a table, there sits Calum, my main man, Michael and Luke.

"Hey chica." Calum stands up to greet me, he wraps his arms around me and I hug him.

"Hey guys." I say as the other two hug me as well.

They really like hugging.

There are two seats already open for me and Ashton, at the table sits Luke, Calum, Michael, me and Ash. There are three extra seats.

"Who's coming?" I whisper to Calum, I sit between him and Ashton.

"Um, Grace, Niall and Louis."


"Oh, Lou is great, you'll love him."

Geez how many boys are there?

We all turn our heads when we hear someone clinking a glass, the well dressed man sits on a podium with his wine in his left hand and a mic in the other.

He speaks.

"Hello everyone, um, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Alexander Wilkon, and I'd just like to thank everyone for coming to this lovely event with me."

Everyone claps.

"Now, donations are excepted at any time, any time at all. To donate simply take a sheet of paper on the table to your left and fill out the given information."

Everyone looks at the table.

"Throughout the evening we will have multiple, local singers who in my opinion, she be discovered today. So please, give a round of applause to our first act of the night. Isabella Craw!"

Everyone politely claps as the room fills with the beautiful sound of the younger woman's voice.

We all sit and admire the music and couples start to get up, they are all on the dance floor.

I look over at Ashton.

I take a deep breath.


"Dance with me." I whisper.

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