Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


23. Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Eve's POV:

Ashton and I basically did nothing the whole day, we sat around, in each others arms, watching old movies. I'm a sucker for a good 80's movie.

Ashton says we're gonna leave in like a half an hour so I walk into the bathroom and straighten myself up a bit.

Once I'm dressed I take some of the make up I brought and dump it onto the counter in the bathroom, Ashton watches me from the doorframe apply my liner.

"You wear too much of that." He judges, I look at him and role my eyes.

"Do I now?"


"Well I don't think I do." I say stubbornly.

"Well I think you do." Ashton walks around me and stands behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on my shoulder. He kisses it.

"I love you," He hums. I flush.

"I love you too." I kiss him before I apply my lipstick.


On the car ride there, Ashton plays his song and his music. He prepares me for the two other boys…

"Okay now, Calum is a little crazy. Like he's a little bit on the wild side, he's just carefree."

"Calum, crazy and carefree. Got it."

"And you know Luke."

"Yea, Luke is really shy, right?"

"Yes, very."

Me and Luke have never really had a conversation before. Everything I know about him I learned from Grace, maybe this party will be an opportunity to get to know him better.

"And then theres Michael, he's got insane hair and he's a little out there. But not as much as Cal. You'll like them, they already like you."

"They haven't even met me." I laugh.

"Yea, but I talk about you so… They practically know you."

"You talk about me?" The question escapes my lips before I can stop myself. Ashton takes his eyes off the road and looks at me, then back to the road.

"Of course." He says. "Don't you talk about me?" He asks.

"Well… Yea, but only to Grace. Who already knows you." I say.

"You don't have any other girl friends?"

"Have you met me Ash?" Ashton laughs. "I don't like 'girls'."

"You like Grace."

"Grace is hardly human, let alone a girl." I laugh.

A few nice, song filled moments go by, with no talking, until Ashton parts his lips.

"I like that dress." He speaks softly, I look down at what I'm wearing.

It's just a simple black dress. Black lace on the tips, goes down to about my lower thighs. Although I am wearing my favorite boots, high heel boots. Those go up to my knees. My hair is just down, curly and down, my red lipstick brings out my blue eyes and my auburn hair blends into my skin.

I don't look that great.

"Really? Thanks."


I honestly have no idea where we are. All I know is that a bunch of people are gonna be here for Ashton's party.

I just hope not too many.

Ashton takes my hand and walks into the building, it's like an apartment building. But it's nicer than Ashton's. Ashton knocks on the door lightly and I stand behind him holding his hand. I don't like to stand in front of people.

The door opens and everyone jumps up yelling "Happy birthday drummer boy!!"

I can't help the smile on my lips as Ashton and I walk into the place. There are band posters all over the wall, a huge living room area, a beautiful kitchen, and I'm sure like seven hundred bedrooms around the corner.

Ashton walks behind me and places his hands on my shoulders.

"Everyone this is Eve!" He informs the group, they all yell "Hi Eve!". Almost like a third grade class greeting the new student. I smile and wave.

"Great group of people, aren't they?" Ashton whispers in my ear, I nod and smile.

About a hundred different people within the first five minutes walk up to Ashton, he introduces me as his girlfriend to every single one of them. And I never get tired of hearing it.

"Hey Ash!" A boy with black locks and beautiful lips starts to walk up to us.

"Which ones this?" I ask.

"Calum." He whispers in my ear.

Calum. Crazy. Carefree.

"Hey man!" They both hug. "Happy birthday grandpa!" The boy Ashton calls Calum jokes.

"Oh shut up, I'm only two years older." He says.

So Calum is 16?


"And you must be Eve." Calum says, referring to me. I just nod.

"Ash talks about you all of the time." He says, I just smile politely.

"Does she talk?" Calum asks Ashton, forcing a giggle to spill my lips.

"Hey! I made her laugh, yay!" Calum says, throwing his fists up as if he's achieved something. I laugh again.

"Sorry." I apologize.

"Hey, no problem, why don't you go grab yourself a drink." He says.

"We got virgin martinis." He winks and nudges my arm as we walks away. Oh that's right, he can't drink yet either.

"He's funny." I tell Ashton.

"Yea," Ashton smiles. "Alright, one out of two, lets find the other one." He says, taking my hand and walking towards the couches.

I see a boy with bright blue hair sitting next to Luke. You couldn't miss him.

When the two guys spot Ashton they smile and stand to their feet. Ash hugs them both and then says.

"This is Michael." He points to the one with the blue hair, he smiles at me.

Michael, the one with the crazy hair.

"Hi." I peep.

Michael holds out his hand to me and says…

"So you're this mystery girl Ashton's been talking about. I swear we all thought you were imaginary." He says, I laugh.

"I still do." Ashton says, wrapping his right arm around my waist. I hate that he's making me bush in front of his friends.

God, this boy.

"I like your dress." Luke says, I look down at myself.

"Oh, thanks. I think it's a hammy down from my aunt."

"Hammy downs are great, free clothes, fit almost perfectly." Luke says, I laugh.

"Hell yea, although I don't think Grace has ever owned one hammy down in her life."

"Yea," Luke looks down and smiles, then lifts his head back up. "Grace is one of a kind."

I smile at his love for Grace and say "I know, is she here?" I look around.

"Yea she's," Luke gets closer to me and points in the direction of the kitchen. "She's over there, getting drinks." 

"Okay thanks," I look up at Ashton. "Can I go?"

"Yea, sure, go ahead. Run free wild kingdom." He says, I laugh and scurry off, pushing past all of the people to get to Grace.

"Eve!" Grace screams when she sees me.

"Grace!" I don't care about the people looking as I run up to Grace and hug her. It's honestly only been a week since we've seen each other, but even when we were fighting, it wasn't that long.

"Isn't this place amazing?" Grace says, taking her drink and leading me down a hall.

"Yea, the first thing I thought was 'Damn Ashton looks good in those jeans but, what a beautiful apartment." I say and we both laugh, Grace stops at a room, a big room, and walks in. I stand awkwardly by the doorframe.

"It's Luke's room," She says. "Him and Cal share this place." She informs me as she sits on the bed. The room is bigger than mine and Ashton's rooms. It's got a nice TV in the corner, that's bigger than a toaster, and a queen size bed with a standing lamp in the corner. I walk in and sit with her, she says just leave the door open when I try to shut it, she wants to know if Luke is gonna come looking for her.

"So I just met Calum and Michael." I say.

"You haven't met them yet?"

"Well… No I just-"

"Me and Mikey are like," She crosses her fingers. "That. He's a great dude, and Cal is hilarious, the four of us hang out all of the time."

"Four of you?"

"Me, Luke, Mikey and Cal."

"All of the time?"

"Yea. I sit in on band practices."

"You've seen them play?"

"Yes, of course. Haven't you?"

My cheeks heat.

"No. I mean, I've heard their songs but… I haven't seem them live. I really want to though."

"… Oh. Well you know it's not that great, I just go to spend time with Luke, you know? And you're with Ash all of the time so, really it's pointless. Plus Ashton isn't always at band practice, they say he's usually with you." Grace tries and makes me feel better, I plaster a fake smile and nod.

Why wouldn't Ashton bring me to his band practices? To meet his friends? To hear him play? Maybe he's really bad and doesn't wanna show me, or maybe he's just embarrassed by me because I'm basically like ten years old… I mean that could be it, Grace, Calum, Michael and Luke are all in the same age group. And then there's me and Ash.

We make absolutely no sense to be honest, it's such a stupid thing. Maybe just a figment of my imagination.

I don't know.

Maybe the fact that he didn't introduce me to his friends is a good thing. Because when we step out of that apartment, everything is real.

Our ages are real, my family is real, the stares we get are real.

I just like having him as my own little fantasy. An imaginary prince, a secret lover. Someone just for me and no one else.

But I'd be lying if I said it still doesn't hurt…


Speak of the devil.

Ashton stands in the doorway, his height looking oh so tall as I sit down, I stand to my feet and his height still stretches over me.

"I didn't know where you went, you scared me." He says, that accent spilling from his lips so carefully and so beautifully.

"Sorry," I say. "Grace wanted to talk."

"Hi Ashton." Grace smiles at Ash, he smiles and waves back.





"C'mon, I want you to meet Niall…"

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