Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


2. Chapter 2

Eve's POV:

The sunrise hits me like a recking ball and I'm jolted awake by the annoying buzzing of my alarm clock. We got in at 4:00am last night. I knew I shouldn't have gone with Britt. I should've just stayed home. Yeah, but then you wouldn't have met Ashton. My subconscious says, and I shove her to the back of my mind and drag myself out of bed.

Once I'm showered, dressed and have eaten I still have five minutes before I have to goto work. I decide to join Dad in the living room. He's watching some football rerun from last night and I laugh as he shouts and screams at the television.

"How did It go last night, Eve?" My dad asks.


"Last night. At Grace's house. Britt said you spent the night." He says, confused by my startled expression.

"Oh, yea, it was fun. We stayed up pretty late though."

"Hm… Well Britt didn't even get in until 4! Can you believe that? I mean, c'mon." He says, I just nod and smile and hope my dad doesn't realize his little sister took me to a club, and got drunk, in which I had to ask a stranger to drive us home.

"Did Michelle goto school already?" I ask, referring to my 11 year old little sister.

"Yea, she left around seven." I check my watch and realize it's 8:00am. Okay, I have to go to class now.

My little sister is honestly a brat at times, she's not a great kid, her grades suck, and she gets whatever she wants whenever she wants. So now that it's the summer, she, of course, has to attend summer school. I on the other hand have vocal classes throughout the summer, uptown, at some performing arts studio. I specifically asked if the classes would be private, I don't like singing in front of people, but I love to sing.

Once me and my dad get on the road I check my phone for the first time this morning and have 3 miss calls, one from Grace, and two from mom.

"Mom called again…" I murmur to dad, he doesn't say anything, he just keeps his eyes on the road and stays deep in thought. I shove my headphones in my ear and turn my playlist to 'Here's Your Freaking Song' by Bowling For Soup. One of my favorites.


The day goes by quickly and I feel confident in the classes, my teacher, Mr. Rink, says I'm really good. He's quite attractive but at least 24-25 years old, so I doubt he sees me as anything other than a child…

As I stand outside, waiting for my dad in the cold, a car I don't recognize pulls up and a tall figure steps out of the convertible. The figure is taller than 6ft and somewhat muscular, his hair is brown and his eyes are recognizable. Is that? No.

Suddenly, three more guys walk out of the car. One of them is wearing a white shirt with a blue hoodie, his black locks fall off his forehead as his shorter height is noticeable. The next one is tall and looks like the driver, he wears a simple pair of jeans and a white lined shirt, his backpack says 'Luke' on it. And the third one looks different, his bleach blonde hair is styled downward and his shirt is ripped in some places. I then frown as the driver gets closer. Shit. It is Ashton.

I'm still wearing the clothes I threw on this morning, and they aren't much. I feel over exposed and suddenly shy, I walk to the street light and hide underneath it, hoping none of those boys, including Ashton, see's me. All of the guys walk into the building except for Ashton, he tells the boys to go on without him as he makes his way towards me. Fuck.

"Eve?" His voice is so attractive. A mixture of his strong accent with that low husky tone. Hmm.

"Is that you?" He asks, I turn my head and pull hair away from my face.

"No." I say as my cheeks heat, he smiles.

"What're you doing here?" He asks, his smile just doesn't seem to fade. I shift and face him, leaning my back against the cold metal of the streetlight.

"I had vocal classes."

"You sing?"

"N-No.." I lie.

"Then what are you doing at a preforming arts studio?"

"Well, I… Um…" I can't think of an excuse.

"I like your hair like this..." He changes the subject, running his finger through a curl, twisting it within his finger as he closes the gap between us.


"You smell good," He says softly, taking a step closer, closing the gap between us. And I'm forced not to move, due to the cold streetlight freezing my bare back. I wish this shirt didn't have so many slits. I'm cold.

"Heh, okay. That's not- no..." I place my palms on his chest and push him away from me, his chest is so warm. He smiles down at me when I don't move my hands. His grin causes me to pull my palms away and shove them by my sides. I force myself to meet my eyes with his and his smile has faded, he takes my hands in his and places them back on his chest. He steps closer, closing the gap between us as my skin hits that cold surface again, he cups my face with his hands and brings my lips to his.

Oh my.

His lips move in sync with mine and his tongue presses against my lips, my natural instinct is to open my mouth and our tongues wrestle with one another's. I've never been kissed like this before. I actually have never been kissed period. Well, except with Gabe Jackler, my 1st grade boyfriend. But Ashton's no 1st grade boyfriend… His hands are all over me and I'm too scared to move mine away from his chest. He smiles against my lips at my shyness.

"Baby," He hums, oh god.

A feeling I've never felt before rushes through me, he takes my hands in his and moves them around his neck, I climb onto my tippy toes to get some height.




Our perfect moment is shattered when Ashton pulls away from me, looking back at the blonde friend who shouts his name obnoxiously at him and then laughs. Ashton curses under his breath.

"What?!" He yells back, the blonde one says that it's time for rehearsals and Ashton asks him to give us a minute. Ashton refers to the blonde boy as Michael.

Ashton rolls his eyes as I stand there staring at the floor.

"What now?" I ask, sounding more stupid than I wanted to. He laughs at me, as I expected. Then, he leans into me and places his lips passionately onto mine again, in which I didn't expect.

"Now, I have to go. But I'll call you." His smile could end world hunger I swear to god.

"O-Okay." I stutter, my knees are getting weaker by the second.

"Bye Eve." He grins.

"Bye" I peep.


Wait… How the fuck can he call me if he doesn't have my number?

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