Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


18. Chapter 18

I look like such a bum, sitting on the side of the road with my knees hugged to my chest as I wait for Ashton. I check my phone and it's already 11:00pm. Damn.

That black, familiar BMW pulls up and Ashton walks out, his tall figure simply stretching over me. He looks so much more taller when I'm sitting down on the floor.

"Hey stranger." He says, reaching his arm out to me. I don't say anything or even smile at his joke as he pulls me up.

"What's wrong?" He asks.

"Just take me home." 


"No, I uh… I meant your place. Not home. I- I'm sorry I just…" Why did I say home?

"It's fine, Eve." Ashton smiles at me, flashing out those beautiful dimples of his.

"I know what you meant." He takes me by the hand and brings me into his car.


His apartment smells the same. It's familiar and homey, I plop myself on his couch and he makes some drinks.


"I feel like I always come here to cry." I whisper, not thinking Ashton was listening.


Ashton walks back into the room and sets two tea cups down.

"That's okay though." He says.

"What's okay?"

"That you come here to cry."

"What do you mean?"

"I just mean I get it… When I was little, I used to run away to that field that I took you to. Because it was familiar to me." He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and tilts his head.

"Maybe I'm just familiar to you." He leans in and softly kisses my cheek, I close my eyes and feel his lips on my skin. I feel better already.

Maybe he's right, maybe all I need is a little bit of him to make me feel better. I mean, I did call this place home… That was a mistake though, I didn't mean it.

Maybe I did.

I don't know.

All I know is I need him. Right now, and all the time. But mostly right now.

"Ashton…" I whisper, he sets his tea down and looks at me.

"Um…" I don't know how to ask, so I just kiss him, leaning him back onto the couch. He laughs against my lips.

"Eve, baby," He presses himself away from me. "Slow down, what's wrong?" I straddle his waist and sigh.

"Just kiss me." I sound more winey than I wanted to, he props himself up on his elbows.

"What's gotten into you?" He asks, I climb up off of him and we both resituate ourselves. Ashton leans himself back on the couch and leaves his arm open for me, I curl up under it.

"It's just… Theres just so much crap going on at home and with my sister, and Grace and everything… And I just feel like every things falling apart. Like… Like sooner or later you'll start to slip away also."

"Hey," He places his fingertips under my chin and turns my head towards him.

"I'm not going, anywhere." He says, I try and fashion a smile but it's no use. I just need him to kiss me. Take me in his arms and ask if I want to go back to his bedroom, and then he'll touch me, and love me, and make me feel wonderful and giddy deep down.


"Yes baby?"

"Can we um… Can we go into your bedroom?" I ask, my voice small and embarrassed.

"Is that what you wanna do?" He asks.


"Alright then," He stands to his feet and holds out his hand to me.


I take his hand gladly and he walks me into his bedroom. It looks the same as before, I resist the urge to look for those drumsticks of his as he leads me into the room. He lets me roam for a moment and I look at the pictures on his nightstand.

Pictures of a wide eyed, brown haired little boy fill the frames. His dimples were just as cute then as they are now. As my eyes scan the pictures the lights start to dim, I look over at Ashton in the soft light and he walks towards me.

Ashton takes my hands in his and presses one up to his cheek, and the other he slides under his shirt and I rum my hand along his stomach. He kisses my lips as his hands cup my face, Ashton, in one quick motion, slips his shirt off and looks down at me. His eyes full of lust and mine full of stupidity. At least that's what I think…

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