Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


16. Chapter 16

"Hi love." Her voice is the same as I remember, she smells the same, sounds the same, but she looks like she just walked out of a million dollar mansion.

She probably did, idiot. My subconscious snarls. I agree with her for once and invite her into this scene, hoping she'll give me the confidence to stick up to this woman. Whoever this woman is.

She's wearing a beautiful floral dress that accents her long curves amazingly, her make-up is lightly applied and her hair is straight with a yellow pin holding her bangs away from her big blue eyes. I look like shit compared to her, with my hair a mess, my eye liner sloppily thrown on and my giant shirt making me look flat as a board.

"What do you want?" I cross my arms, the fabric of Ashton's shirt rubbing against my skin.

"I-" She stutters as her mouth is left open. "I thought you'd be happy to see me."

"Well you thought wrong…"

"Evelyn, let me explain-"


"But dear I-"

"Don't call me dear. You lost the right to ever call me "dear" again… Now, what do you want?"

She stares blankly at me and I hear footsteps coming from beside me, I glance over with only my eyes and see shirtless Ashton stand there, leaning against the wall with his arms folded within each other. I hold my palm up to him behind the door, telling him to give me a minute with my mother.

"Is Michelle home?" She asks, I step back laughing.

"Even if she was here, there's no way in hell I'd ever let you talk to her, not even look at her."

"She's my daughter, you can't tell me what to do."

"Not anymore. She's not your daughter anymore…" I see her heart crush under her dress, but I could care less.

"You both will always be apart of my life, I know it's too late for me to talk to you, but Michelle, she's so young. And I wanted to give her a present, for her birthday you know."

"Where were you on my fucking birthday?" I hiss.


"No. You can't just choose the baby of the family over me because it's easier… But I guess you've always taken the easy route now, huh?" I watch from the corner of my eye as Ashton takes one step closer, making sure I don't do anything stupid. I hold my hand up.

"Eve. Please don't do this, not now. Let me see Michelle."

"No. You know, I could forgive you for leaving dad, I could even forgive you for leaving me. But Michelle? No. Hell no. I can't forgive for that, ever. You broke her into so many tiny pieces, you ruined her. She was only 9. Fucking nine years old and you ruined her. Do you know that she came home from school asking for you? She wanted to show you something she made in art class, and me and dad had to sit her down and tell her you left. Tell her that her fucking mother, just left! How do you think that makes her feel?! It's been three years of fucking depression and you've been living it up in money bags' place!"

"Don't call him that."

"Fuck off, Melanie."

"Eve," Ashton says, grabbing my arm and turning my vision towards him, he thinks I don't know what I'm saying, he's afraid I'll regret it. But I'm complete sane and aware of what I'm doing.

"And who's this?" My mother sits on her hip with her arms crossed.

"None of your fucking business! That's who!" I step towards her and Ashton pulls me back.

"I think we should go." Ashton says.

"Oh so I guess you two were very busy before I arrived, I'll leave you two alone then…" She says obnoxiously with her hands thrown up.

"Really?! Are you serious right now!" I yell, scaring the bird sitting on our window sill as it flies away.

"You don't get to judge me, Evelyn! You don't get to say I took the easy route, or that I'm a slut. Because I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." She looks Ashton up and down.

"What is he, 20? That's a pedophile if you ask me. Evelyn, what happen to you? You used to be such a saint, you were so amazing and-"

"You happened! You fucking happened! You left and I breathed for the first time in 11 years! I got a life! I grew a personality! Don't be mad cause I'm no longer your robot."

"Personality?! You call this," She gestures at Ashton. "A personality?!"

"You're not my mother!"

"Say all you want sweety, but I have the paper work… I'll be back Monday to see your father." She takes a breath. "Look… I know you hate me, but no matter what you do, I want to make this work with Michelle…" She acts as if she's the warmest person on the planet. "I'll see you monday…"

A silent tear creeps down my face as she walks off, I slam the door and the tears just start falling.

"Shh, shh, shh…" Ashton whispers as I ball into his bare chest.

Even though she left us, even though I hate her… It still hurts. It still hurts that she thinks I'm a slut. It's still hurts that she'd pick Michelle over me. It still hurts that she left us for the better life. But god knows I hate her. I hate that woman. So fucking much…

"Ash…" I whisper.

"Yes baby?"

"Don't ever leave me…" I sniffle against his chest.

"Never… Never, ever, Evelyn. I promise." He kisses my head and I breathe.

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