Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


15. Chapter 15

Ashton's POV:

8:00am. 8:00am in the morning and I'm here tangled within Eve, molded into her as she clings to me, as if I'm going to leave before she wakes. I kiss her head.

She doesn't sleep like an angel, and it's so funny to me. She sleeps with her legs sloppily thrown over me and her mouth slightly open, her hair is in tangles, but curls. Her make-up is removed from her face and it glows. She could be a model, or a princess. I'll never understands why she applies so much of that damn liner.

She stirs in my arms, still half naked, with just panties and a bra, as she untangles herself from me and flips over, facing the other direction. I huff.

I should get up, make her breakfast in bed or something.

You don't even know where the bathroom is, idiot. How could you possibly make her a whole meal?

That guy in my head slurs, I sigh.

The bed is so warm so I decide not to leave, that and I wouldn't know where to go if I did. I reach my arm over and pull her to me, pressing my front against her back as I inhale her sent and close my eyes, hoping to fall back asleep…


Eve's POV:

He smells of drums and love. I flicker open my eyes to find Ashton's arm sprawled out over me, we must've shifted over night. My bed is so small I'm surprised it fit both of us. Ashton's feet hang over the foot of the bed. I check my phone on the bedside table. 9:00am. I have 3 miscalls, one from Grace, two from my mom.

I should get up.

Why? My inner goddess asks.

I don't know why… Just a force of habit I suppose. I twist myself around, still in Ashton's arms, and I admire his beautiful facial features. His hair is sloppily thrown upon his forehead, his lips are closed but so pink and full, his long eyelashes brush his cheeks, and his dimples are hidden under his skin. I brush my fingertips along his face, he groans and pulls me closer to him. I giggle and face the ceiling.

I really didn't think I'd be here.

If you told me, when I was five, that at 14 I'd fall in love with a 19 year old. I'd call you crazy pants. Growing up, I was the biggest, sweetest girly girl you'd ever seen. My hair was bleach blonde and always in two perfectly even pigtails, my attire was dresses, dresses and more dresses. And my eyes were way too big for my face. My mom said I looked like a precious moments doll. And sure enough she treated me like one too.

Everyday I remember her coming into my room saying; "It's time to look beautiful!." And that's all I knew, I knew that girls were suppose to be beautiful. They had to be perfect, they had to look perfect, they had to act perfect and talk perfect. But with Ashton, perfect isn't a priority. I don't have to be perfect for him, and I love that. And I love him.

"Ashton." I whisper and poke his nose, he grumbles and snuggles his nose into my hair.

"Ashton we should get up."

"No," He sighs.


"Pain in the ass." He says, I drop my jaw and pretend to be offended, he laughs against my shoulder and then lifts his head.

"Good morning." He leans in and kisses my lips, long and lovelily. When he separates from me he smiles.

"Good morning dimples." I poke his left one, he laughs.


"Yes," I rub my thumb along his cheek. "They're very distracting, you know."

"Are they now?"


"Well you're very distracting…" He brings his lips to mine.

"Yea?" I ask.

"Yea." He kisses me. Ashton takes me by surprise and flips on top of me, kissing my neck as I squeal and giggle like a little school girl. He chuckles against my skin.

"Stop! That tickles!" I screech as he tickles my sides.

"Ashton stop!" I can't stop laughing, I feel like I'm five.

"Ash! I can't breathe!" I giggle, he finally lets go of me as I catch my breath. He hovers over me smiling as I continue to pant. He leans in and softly presses his lips against mine.

"I love you, Eve." He whispers.

"I love you too, Ash."

"I have a question for you." He says, falling beside me as we both shift ourselves, now facing one another.

"Okay…" I say.

"What's your real name?" He asks.

"My real name?"

"Yea. I mean, Eve must be short for something… Right?"

"Oh yea, Eve is actually short for José, it's Jamaican…"

"Eve, I'm serious." He says, I sigh.

"It's short for Evelyn. I was named after my grandmother." I explain.

"Evelyn." He tests the word. "Pretty." He smiles.

"And what's your real name?"

"Ashton. Just Ashton."

"What's your middle name?"

"I don't have one."

"You don't have a middle name?" I ask in disbelief.

"Nope." He smiles.


"Okay, well then what's your middle name?"



"Nunya business." Ashton laughs at my poorly made joke.

"No, I'm serious." He wines.

"Fine…" I sigh. "It's Isabelle. My full name is Evelyn Isabelle Router. Happy?" I ask with an amused smile on my face.

"Yes." He smiles proudly.

"Okay your turn."

"Me? What? No."

"Yes… I told you my full name, now it's your turn." I poke his nose as we lye in bed together. I like lying in bed with him.

"Um. My full name is Ashton Irwin."

"And your middle name?"

"I don't have one."

"You're lying."

"I know." He smiles at me.

"Oh c'mon, it can't be that bad."

"It is." Well this isn't getting me anywhere. I sigh and decide to drop it.

"We should get up." I say, he grabs my waist and clings me to him.




"You too." I say, and I've never been more right. We're both stubborn, selfish, pain in the asses. After a few more minutes of auguring, Ashton lets me get up. I slither out of bed and trip as my feet touch the floor, Ashton laughs at me. I look down and see a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a beanie. My clothes. They're all spread out on the floor. Geez, it's like a tornado went through this place. I bend down and take the shirt and throw it over my shoulders, it's way too big.

"That's mine." Ashton says as he lyes in bed, watching me with an amused smile spread upon his lips. His hands are thrown behind his head, showing off his biceps. Goddammit.

"Well I'm gonna wear it." I tell him, it smells like him and it's so soft.

"It'll go with my collection." I joke, Ashton frowns.

"Collection of my shirts?"

"Yes." I say, sounding more insecure.

"I want a collection." He pouts. I laugh.

"Of what?"

"I don't know… something of yours." He looks around the room.

"I'll let you know when I find something." He says, testing me. Great, another one of his games.

You love his games. My inner goddess smiles.

I start walking around the room, collecting all the clothes, and throwing them on the bed. I grab my shorts from the drawer and slip them on. I straighten up for like half a second and then get bored so I stop.

"I'm hungry." I wine, I hear Ashton laugh. He laughs a lot. I just smile at him and wait for him to collect himself.

Me and Ashton walk to the kitchen and I start to make breakfast, it's now almost 10 and we have nothing to do. Nowhere to go. No one to please.

Throughout breakfast, me and Ashton just sit on the couch, talking about whatever comes to mind. I learn that he has two siblings, one girl one boy. Both younger. And he learned that I only have one sibling, Michelle, but I practically grew up with Grace so I always count her as a sister.

"Are you going to call her?" Ash asks. We both sit on the couch next to a coffee table full of dishes, my back is pressed against the armrest and my legs are thrown over his, he rubs my thigh once in a while.

"Who?" I ask.

"Grace. Are you gonna call her?"

"I wasn't planning on it… Why?"

"I don't know, I just thought because… Well you guys are so close and, I know you miss her… I also think it's silly that you guys are fighting cause-"

"Silly?" I ask.

"Well… Yes, I mean-"

"Silly. You think it's silly? Did you not hear what she said to me? I…" I can't even begin to express my anger.

"Eve, no, I didn't mean what she did wasn't wrong. I simply meant that… Well I know you miss her. That's all." He says rubbing my thigh, trying to redeem himself.

"Evelyn." He uses my full name and my heart melts through my chest.

"I just want you to be happy. Without Grace, you're not yourself." He explains, he's right. I'm not. Grace is my other half, besides Ashton of course… But I'm myself with Ashton. I know I am. He makes me feel alive and free, as does Grace. They're probably the most important people in my life right now.

"Should I call her?" I ask, lifting my head to find a concerned Ashton.

"Only if you want to." His voice is soft and light, and it's good, because mine is shaky and nervous.

I sigh. "Later." I rest my head on the couch. "I'll call her later." I tell him, he rubs his thumb along my cheek and kisses my lips softly.

"Okay love."



Me and Ash take the "party", as Ashton called it, back to my room, where he starts to look for something to "collect".

"Posters! I collect posters." I sit on the now made bed cross legged as I watch him search the room.

"You are not taking my posters." I say, he sighs.


"I don't have very many."

"What about…" Ashton stops himself as something in the corner of my desk catches his eye. He smiles. He walks towards it and picks it up, he chuckles at it.

"This," He says. "I want this." He smiles as he turns it toward me. It's a picture, a picture of me at age 5 or something. I always hated that picture. I'm decked out from head to toe in ballet wear, I have my little pink shoes, little white tights, little blue leotard. My mother did my hair so of course it looked perfect.

"You can have that." I say, he smiles at it once more before setting it in his shoes. He walks over to me and joins me on the bed.

"Can I be blunt?" He asks, he's so close to me, I want to touch him. I resist the urge.


"You see, I really wanna kiss you right now…"

"So kiss me." I laugh.

"Well, I was gonna do something cheesy like…" He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. "Or like…" He rubs his thumb along my cheek.

"But I think those are getting old." He says.

"No they're not. I love your cliché's." He smiles at me.



"Well in that case…" Ashton looks into my eyes and repeats the same actions as before, then he leans in and kisses me. Our tounges collide at the same moment as my hand rubs his cheek.

Hey, I'm getting the hang of this kissing thing.

After only a few seconds me and Ash are separated by the doorbell. Ashton looks at me wide eyed.

"Don't worry, it couldn't possibly be them." I reassure them that it's not Michelle and my dad, he nods and we both get up.


"Coming!" I say as I walk to the door, wearing only Ashton's big T-shirt and a pair of shorts.


Nothing could prepare me for what was behind that door.





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