Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


14. Chapter 14

Eve's POV:

*ding dong*

I rush to my feet and head towards the door, stopping and slowing down my heartbeat before I open it. It's 11:00pm and I have the house to myself.

Oh, what could go wrong? My subconscious says sarcastically.

I fix my hair and check my teeth before I open the door. Ashton stands there with his head down, his hair pushed back into that beanie of his, and his black attire clinging to his body like a monkey on a tree.

"Hi." I say, his head jerks up and he makes eye contact with me, his eyes are so glossy. Little green rims circling the brown shade that glows around his lashes.

"Hi." He replies, the corner of my mouth lifts into a smile.

"Is anyone home?" Ashton asks.


"Good." He smiles, walking towards me and crashing his lips into mine, he clumsily stumbles inside, still kissing me, as he kicks the door closed with his foot.

"I've missed you so much." He says between kisses.

"It's been two days, Ash." I laugh against his lips.

"Two days is long enough when it comes to you." He separates from me and catches his breath, we stand fearlessly in the living room. His shining orbs are eyeing my lips, and then my eyes, then my lips again. I keep my sight on his eyes, they're so beautiful, so full of life, full of adrenaline. Full of lust.

"C'mere." He looks down at me, holding out his hand. I take it nervously and he leads me down a hallway.

"Is this your room?" He asks.


"I can tell." He smiles, his hand still in mine. He pulls me into my own room and shuts the door behind me. Ashton drags me to the center of the room with him and starts to fiddle his fingers in my palm. He leans forward and kisses one cheek, and then the other, and then my nose, in which I cringe my face and giggle. He laughs at me.

"I love you." He says, my heart jumps.

"I love you too, Ash."

"Kiss me, Eve."

I lean up on my tippy toes and take his face in my hands, kissing him as our tongues collide. He kisses like the first time we kissed, like every time is the first time. He reaches his hands down to my waist and then on my back, pulling me to him as his hands glide underneath my shirt, his fingertips running along my bare back. His lips move to my neck as he leaves small love bites, I press my hands against his chest and tell myself it's too fast. I tell myself it's too much.

But my body says otherwise.

Ashton takes me by surprise and grabs the outside of my thighs, lifting me up as I kiss his lips. He carries me to the bed eagerly and then lightly sets me down, he leans over me as we both lay back on the bed. I scoot up and he starts to take his shirt off. I admire the view for a moment. A smirk appears on Ashton's lips and then they reconnect with mine, he starts tugging at the hem of my jeans and I grab his hand.

"Ash…" I beg, trying so hard to pry my lips away from his, but it's so difficult.

"Ash stop, please." Ashton obliges immediately and separates himself from me, we're both breathing heavily as he hovers over me. Ashton runs his hand along my cheek bone.

"What's wrong, babe?" He pants, I sit myself up on my lower knees and Ash sits in front of me with one leg bent and the other straight.

"Sorry." I say with my head down.

"Don't apologize." Ashton runs his hand up my thigh and I calm myself.

"You alright?" He asks.

"No." I say, Ashton's face falls.

"You can't just do that." I huff.

"Do what?"

"You can't just walk into my house, looking flawless, and touch me like that… You- You do things to me, Ash. Things I'm not familiar with…" I can't bring myself to look at him, so I keep my vision on my fiddling hands that lye in my lap.

"That's it?" He asks, I lift my head. His face is so close to mine I could kiss him, but I don't.

"What do you mean. 'that's it'?" I ask frowning.

Ashton half laughs. "You're just scared, Eve. It's fine."

"Am not." I cross my arms.

"Oh?" He stretches onto his knees. "… So you wouldn't mind if I…" He runs his hands under my shirt, up my belly, and towards my bra. "… Did this?"

I remove his hand from me.

"Ashton, stop."

"It's okay to be scared sometimes, Eve." He places his hand on my cheek and lets his forehead rest against mine. "You just have to trust me."

"I do… But, what if… What if my dad finds out or what if Michelle knows, that'd be it for you, for us. And I don't wanna risk it."

He sighs in understanding.

"Alright," He says.

"But let me teach you the basics." He gets on his knees again.

"What're you doing?" I ask shakily.

"Lye back."


"Eve…" He says, I sigh and lye myself down, he climbs on top of me and starts to kiss me, my lips. 

His hands first stay on my face, but eventually linger down to my stomach, and then under my shirt. I whimper into his lips softly, quietly. Knowing no one's home but acting as if there was.

Ashton's lips crawl to my neck and he kisses and sucks, my hands run through his hair and he hums into the crook of my neck. His hands grab the hem of my shirt and he tugs it off of me. His lips reconnect with mine and I play with the buttons on his jeans, he smiles against my lips and undoes his pants, taking them off and throwing them aside as they fall to the floor.

"Ashton." I moan, he takes his fingers and unbuttons my jeans, sliding them down my legs with his fingertips oh so sexily.

Ashton stares down at me and into my eyes, his glossy orbs trail my body before slowly leaning down and kissing me lightly.

"You're so beautiful, Eve." He hums, I kiss his lips and then he kisses down my neck, and towards my breasts. I lightly moan and cling to the covers that are now sloppily thrown over us. Our own little tent, our own little world. All alone, just the two of us.

Ashton's lips trail down my belly and then around the inside of my thighs.

"Open your legs love," 

I obligue shakily and Ashton kisses his way back up to my lips. His lips are now inches away from mine. "You're so sexy…" He hums.




He smiles at my poorly made joke and kisses back down to my lower belly, he takes my panties and tugs at them with his teeth, then, in one motion, he grabs them with his hands and practically tears them off. Jesus.

It's hard to remember everything else that had happen, it was all so magical, so blurry, I don't even remember if I did anything for him. Probably not… All I know was it was the best night of my life.

Once I'm done, Ashton joins me in the bed as he lays on his back, I curl up under his arm and feel a sudden sleepiness run through me.

"You alright?" He asks, I nod into his bare chest, still trying to catch my breath.

You should work out more… My subconscious whispers.

That's what Ashton's for, dummy. My inner goddess snaps back.

"See, it's not that bad." Ashton's voice is so soft and light, I giggle.

"It wasn't bad at all, Ashton."

"It wasn't?"

"No," I laugh. "It was amazing."

"Amazing huh?" His voice is now cocky, I laugh.

"Hm… Well then." Ashton says.

"So…" I start. "What now?" I ask sounding as stupid as I thought I would've.

Ashton chuckles at me. "Now we sleep." He says. "I'm exhausted…"

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