Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


13. Chapter 13

Eve's POV:

"Yes daddy."

"Make sure that you feed Lacy." He refers to our dog.

"Yes daddy."

"Oh and don't forget that the cold meat is in the freezer, set it to 350, not 450 because it'll get too hot and it'll burn you. Oh, and my work number, office number, hotel number and cell are all on the posted by the fridge, call me if you need-"

"Daddy! I know… Okay?"

"I'm sorry sweetie, it's just, it's your first weekend alone and, I don't want anything to happen, okay?"

"I know, I love you daddy." I kiss his cheek.

"Oh, one more thing Evelyn, just, have fun…" Him and Michelle start to walk out of the door.

"But not too much fun!" He says.

"Okay daddy, I know, I love you! Have fun Michelle." I wave at them, Michelle waves back as she walks off in her new shoes, the ones she stole from me.

I shut the door and breath. This is my first weekend alone, but I'm sure it won't be different than any other weekend. I'll get some schoolwork done, maybe watch a couple movies, have Grace come over…



I want to call her, even though she was such a complete ass, such a stupid bitch. I still want to call her. If she heard that someone said those things to me, she'd say; "Who's ass needs to be whooped by Grace DeLuca?! Huh?! I got that italian spice, they better watch out!" Even though she's all white, blonde hair, pale skin, tall lanky limbs. The only italian she has in her is her last name.

I reach for my phone and check my messages, plopping myself on the couch next to Lacy, a diet coke and a pack of gum. I pop a piece of gum into my mouth.


Unknown number:

*Call me*



*I'm sorry Eve. About everything. Please call me, I wanna work this out. Okay?*



*Is Grace there?*



*I love you*


I smile at that last one, making myself giddy and girly as I squeeze my knees to my chest. Every once in a while he texts me that, those three words. I always reply back with the same text, and I can almost hear him smile.

I'm not sure who the unknown number is, it honestly couldn't be anyone I don't know, I never just "give" my phone number out to strangers. Should I call the number? I mean, it's probably just Grace trying to reach me through someone else's phone or something…


*Beep…….. Beep……… Bee-*


"Hello?" It's a man

"Hi, who is this?"

"Doll, you called me…" Doll?

"I'm sorry, didn't you text me?"

"Is this Eve?"


"Oh! Evelyn! Hey, it's Drake." Oh god.

"Oh… Hi."

"Hi lovely, I'm so glad I finally can talk to you now. I've been-"

"How'd you get my number?"


"My number. How'd you get it?" He pauses for a moment. 

"Grace gave it to me."

"Did she now?"

"Yes, but only because she tried to call you on my phone but you didn't answer, so she texted you. And then you called and now we're here."

Fuck I shouldn't have called.

"Oh. Well I should go-"

"Wait, before you leave, are you doing anything this weekend?"

"Um…" Yes. Yes. Say yes. Say you have plans. Now, go.

"No." Fuck Eve!

"Well I was wondering If I could take you out for dinner or something, hm? My brother owns this great place uptown and I'd love to take you. It's an italian place, I know you love italian." I do.

"Um, maybe another time. I was just going to call Grace to make some plans with her…"

"I thought you two were fighting?"

"No, we're fine now."

"Oh, well alright, I won't keep you from your girl time." He says, I can't help but giggle.

"You know damn well I don't do 'girl time'." I half laugh.

"Wait… You're telling me, the badass, hardcore, Evelyn Router doesn't do girl time?! Well this is news to me…" I laugh again.

"Okay well I should go."

"Yea, nice talking to you…"

"Yea you too…"

"Oh and Eve?"

"Yes." Theres a long pause on the line and I think I hear him inhale.


"I've changed." His voice is low and shaky. I sigh into the phone.


"I know."


*ding dong* The doorbell rings about an hour after my phone call with "the new Drake." It's funny, he really did seem different. I mean, years back, he felt like he had to fit in everywhere. But now, he seems more care-free. Less perverted. Maybe that's because he was such an ass all the time, because he hung out with ass-like people. I don't know, why am I even bothering myself with him? He's just an old friend.

*ding dong* It rings again.

"Coming!" I yell at the door, I've thrown on a black tank top and a pair of my favorite sweatpants, my hair is thrown into a bun.

I open the door and a 12 year old boy, pretty tall, very muscular, looks and acts like he's 24, is standing on my doorstep. He's about my height, but that's strange for a 12 year old.

"Is Michelle home?" He asks with an attitude. Go figure... Of course he's looking for Michelle, she also acts 10 years ahead of her age. Their perfect for each other…

"No. Who the hell are you?"

"I'm her boyfriend." He says, I laugh.

"Like hell you are. She's only 12." I say. Well basically 12, she's turning 12 this week.

"So?" The white trashy boy says, I roll my eyes and gladly slam the door in his face. Oops, sorry M.


After I finish eating dinner and finish watching Dirty Dancing, I start to text Ash;


*Hey you.*

*Who is this? (:*


*I'm just kidding babe, hi love.* My heart melts a bit.


*I can see your blush, Eve.*


* (; *

I start laughing and dial his number.

"Hi." He answers.

"Hi." I half-laugh.

"Luke says hi."

"You're with Luke now?"

"No, I saw him about an hour ago and said I wanted to get home early to call you, and he said to tell you he says hi."

I smile.

"Oh. Well I'm bored," I sit down on the couch with the phone to my ear.

"Is that so?"


"And what am I suppose to do about that?"

"I don't know… You could come over…" I say shakily.

"Aren't your parents home?"

"No, I have the house to myself for the weekend. I was gonna ask Grace if she wanted to come over but, we're still not on speaking terms…"

"On my way." He says, I laugh before telling him bye and hanging up.

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