Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


12. Chapter 12

Eve's POV:

Pissed off and sad I start walking in the direction of Ashton's house. I should've asked him if he could pick me up, but I didn't want to bother him anymore than I already am. Plus, the walk really isn't that far.

I stand by his front door just staring at it, waiting for my hand to reach up and knock on the door, but it doesn't. What if everything Grace said was right? About him just using me, him just wanting to; "fuck me and toss me aside." If it is, if she's right, I should just go home. I mean, he wouldn't want to hear me weeping and crying on his doorstep like a child. You are a child. My subconscious growls but I kick it aside. I don't need to hear from her right now.


"He does love me… I know he does."


Fuck. Did I really say that? Ashton never said he loved me, and I never said I loved him. But deep down, actually, not-so-deep-down, right on the surface, I do. I do love him. More than I could imagine, more than I thought was possible. I never thought you could fall so hard, so fast, so deep within the month we've known each other. Only one month, four weeks, 30 days. That's nothing. But at the same time, it's everything. He's everything. My everything.

I reach up for the door and knock.

He answers immediately.

"Baby," He breathes out, rushing towards me and wrapping his long arms around me, I cry into his shirt and squeeze him.

"What's wrong? What happen?" Ashton asks, I don't answer. I just inhale his beautiful, amazing, familiar sent as he wraps his arm around me and takes me inside.

"You're freezing." He says, I ignore him. He walks me into a room I had yet to be in as he sits me down on the bed, I presume it's his bedroom.

"Stay here, I'll go make something to drink." Ashton's tall figure waltzes out of the room, just barely fitting out of the doorframe. It's just now accruing to me that he didn't have a shirt on, just pajama pants and no shoes.

I look around his bedroom, it's small, like mine. A few band posters on the wall, a huge stack of CD's in the corner, next to a stereo, and a small television to the left, balancing on a couple of collage books.

But something in particular catches my eye, a pair of drumsticks leaning against the wall, next the the CD's. I naively walk towards them and pick them up, running my hands along the smooth wood. His name is carved on the side of the left drumstick, I check the other one to find mine carved in on the right one. Ash and Eve. It says, I smile for the first time in ages.

I hear Ashton coming so I place the drumsticks back and get back on the bed, he walks into the room and hands me a mug of tea.

"Thanks." My voice is scratchy and cold.

"No problem." His; warm and soft.

Ashton sets his mug down on the bedside table where I'm sitting, then walks around to the other side and sits down on the bed, getting comfortable, he stretches out his long body and rests his head on the bed frame. I stay frozen, legs crossed, hands hidden and head down.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" You can tell how eager his voice is, he wants to know if I'm okay, he wants to just blurt out: What happen? Who made you cry? Did you walk here? Are you okay? Did someone touch you? Do I need to beat someone's ass?

But he stays sane, if not for him, then for me.

I clench down on my jaw and shake my head. He stays quiet for a moment.

"C'mere." Ash says, when I look at him, his arm is up, waiting for me to snuggle into his chest. I do just that.

"I thought you were gonna spent the night at Grace's house?"

"We fought." I sniffle.

"What about?"


"Well whatever happens between us is between me and you. Not Grace."

"But what if she's right?" I squeeze his torso, not wanting to unravel myself from him.

"Right about what?" He brushes my damp hair with his fingertips.

"Right about you."

"What did she say about me?" He sounds offended.

"She said you were just using me."

Ashton doesn't say anything.

"Don't tell me you believe her." He finally says.

"I-I don't know." 

"Eve." He calls my name.

"Eve look at me." I turn my head to him and wipe the tear forming my eye. Ashton's eyes are glowing under the dim light and his hair is messy and unbrushed, it falls upon his forehead.

"Ever since I met you, everything I do is for you. When I smile, it's for you, when I laugh, it's for you, when I breathe, it's for you. I-" He pauses.

"I think I'm in love with you, Eve. And I know it's crazy, and I know this might not work, and I know there are more than enough factors with this but, I can't help it. You drive me… You drive me crazy, Eve. And If I hadn't have met you, If we hadn't have happened… I don't think I'd ever know that you could love someone as much as I love you."

I'm breathless. Not knowing what to do, or say, or think… I do the one thing that I can't stop thinking about. I swipe my fingertips over his forehead, brushing the hair out of his eyes as I reveal his god-given face.

"Say something." His face is worried, eager, almost lost.

"I need you more than air, Ashton." His chest rises and falls. He breathes. My hand is still on his bare chest as I feel his heartbeat slow down.

"Kiss me." He says.

"Kiss me so I know you love me."

I reach up for his cheek, my hand pressed softly against it, as I lean forward and kiss him. I start the kiss and his lips move with mine, I'm in control. He's so vulnerable, so fragile, I back away from him and look into his eyes.



"I. Love. You."


Ashton's POV:

And three little words never meant so much.

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