Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


10. Chapter 10

Eve's POV:

"No." I protest.

"C'mon, please Eve?! Just one night, Ashton's gonna be there." Grace tries to convince me to go with her and Luke to this club. I already said no, three times, but I do miss Ashton. I haven't seen him in 4 days. He says he's been busy, but he has been texting me. We talk from the second he wakes up to the second I fall asleep.

"Ashton's not gonna be there, you're lying." I roll my eyes, he would've told me.

"Oh yes he is, he asked for you specifically. Luke said he practically begged." She's lying, I know she is.

"He asked for me?"

"Uh huh." Grace smiles as she applies more mascara. Her room is bigger than mine. She lives in a small apartment with her older sister, Jessica. Jessica's 26. Me and Grace actually met because Jessica and Britt wanted to go out but had to bring us, and we clicked instantly, talking about how stupid J and Britt were.

"Okay fine… But If I go you can't embarrass me." I demand.

"What? Embarrass you? Psshh… Please, I'm as cool as a cat." She says while applying lipstick. I roll my eyes.

"Fine. Let me grab my shoes."

"Oh yay! Whoo! Double date!" She screams, I stop before I leave her bedroom.

"If you call it that, I'm not going." I say.

"Okay okay," She throws her hands up.


Luke and Ashton are gonna pick us up at Grace's place. Grace's apartment buildings remind me of Ashton's, but Ashton's apartment is much smaller.

"They're taking us to a club." Grace smiles as we stand patiently outside the door, staring at the parking lot waiting like a bunch of idiots.

"Do we have to just stand out here?"

"Yes." She says, I roll my eyes and take a seat on the concrete step, crossing my legs and resting my palm on my cheek.

About a minute goes by and a black vehicle that looks like Ashton's pulls up. Same color, same shape, different brand. It's not a BMW. It's some other expensive company.

Grace smiles and rushes to Luke, her short floral dress swaying behind her as she tries to balance on her 4 1/2 inch heels. She walks up to Luke and kisses him, his height still stretching over her as she throws her hands over her shoulder. She's so feminine and beautiful. Meanwhile I'm sitting on the concrete floor looking like more of a man than Luke does.

I stand up.

"Luke your damn seat won't recline." I hear a familiar accent as Ashton's tall figure climbs out from the passenger side of Luke's cloud. My closed lips part as I take in his appearance.

He's wearing those tight black skinny jeans and his hair has fallen down upon his forehead. His dark red converse match his Rolling Stones shirt. His tall figure stands out as he walks toward me.

"Hi," He smiles. Hands in pockets, hair in eyes, dimples on cheeks.

"Hi," I reach up on my tippy toes and swipe my fingertips along his hair, moving it out of the way so I can see his face better.

He smiles.

"Ready?" He asks, it's then when I notice the grin on my face.



"And then he said, 'oh. I don't know, ask your mom!'" Grace finishes her third joke, Luke bursts out laughing for the third time.

Ashton and I sit in the front seat and Luke and Grace are in the back, Ashton's hand hasn't left my palm since we got in the car. He smells so good tonight, almost like he's working extra hard to be perfect, when he really doesn't have to try at all.

"Are we there yet?" Grace asks, when I look back Grace is curled up under Luke's arm and he kisses her head. Didn't they like just meet? I mean-

I look at Ashton.

Nevermind, I mean, who am I to judge.

"Yup, almost." Ashton says before he brings my hand up to his lips, kissing it.

"You look beautiful." He says, his voice low and wild. I smile.

"You too." I say, not realizing I'm saying it.

"I mean, no I just-" He starts laughing at me and dimples appear.

"It's fine, I knew what you meant." He says between laughs.


"C'mon Luke, dance with me!" Grace jumps up and down and Luke just smiles at her, he looks at her like she means everything to him.

"Okay, okay." He sets his drink down at the bar and me and Ashton are finally alone.

Ashton is leaning up against the bar and I stand in front of him, my back to his front, his arms wrapped around my waist as we slowly sway to the slower music.

"I missed you," He kisses my cheek, I flush.

"I missed you too."

"Grace is loud." He says, I laugh.

"Yea. Little bit. It's kind of odd though, Luke is so quiet and Grace is so… Not." I say, Ashton laughs and throws his head back.

"Yea," He chuckles. He takes his fingers and tucks some hair behind my ear. "Why is it that I feel I've known you my whole life?" He hums in my ear, surprisingly whispering over the music. I turn my face towards him, his lips so close to mine.

I lean in.

His lips are smooth, soft, warm, I raise my hand to his cheek and his slides to my waist. I open my mouth slightly and our tongues explore one another's mouths. He moves his other hand to the back of my neck to get a better angle, he closes his lips, ending the kiss, stopping himself. I'm glad he stopped cause I know I wouldn't have.

We separate and he looks deep into my eyes.

He smiles.

"I lo-"

He closes his lips.



"Want a drink, Eve?" Luke asks me as we all reunite in the back of the club.

"I'm alright." It's funny how we're all under age yet no one has asked to see any ID or anything.

"You want one, Grace?" He asks her.

"Um… No, I'm okay. Thank you though." She reaches up and kisses his cheek, he flushes and walks away.

"We're going to the bathroom." Grace demands, dragging me by the arm in the direction of the bathroom, leaving Ashton there alone.

On our way there I bump into a guy and spill some kind of red liquid all down his shirt.

"Oh gosh, I'm so sorry I-"

"Fuck, this is my new shirt." The boy lifts his head and a pair of sparkling gray eyes appear.


"Drake?" What the hell is he doing here? Drake. I hate Drake. My cousin dated him for like a week and every chance he got he'd try and make a move on me, one time his hand hiked up so high on my skirt that I nearly ran out of the room screaming.

"Well look at you," He leans back and looks me up and down. "You look like a million bucks, Evelyn." He smirks.

Damn these tight jeans.

I shift uncomfortably and take a half a step back.

"You here with anyone?" He asks.

"No." Yes.

"I mean yes."

"Oh, did you come with the girls?"

No. "Yes."

Someone calls Drake's name. "I gotta go, love. But you take care." He takes one good, nasty look before walking back to his group of friends. I don't know why he has a drink in his hand, he's only 17. God.

I breathe for the first time in thirty seconds and make my way back towards Ashton.


He is light.

He is air.

He is love.

"Hi," He smiles. "Hi." I don't.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing… I just ran into this ass I used to know… I just- I needed to get away."

"Are you okay?"

"Yea. I'm fine."

"You wanna get out of here?"



Ashton and Luke dropped Grace off first at her apartment, then me. Ashton walks me to the door and we stop at the steps.

"So…." I say awkwardly. He just smiles down at me.

"What?" I half laugh.

"You're waiting for me to kiss you, aren't you?" He asks. I flush.


"Yes," He leans forwards, his lips inches away from mine.

"N-N-No." I stutter.

He kisses me anyways, my lips immediately respond and my hands tangle in his hair. He keeps the kiss sweet and clean, probably because he's smart enough to know that anybody can burst through my front door, even though nobody's home.

"Goodnight Eve." He says.

"Goodnight Ashton."

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