Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


1. Chapter 1

Eve's POV:

We've been here long enough, the night club is crowded and sweaty. My aunt Britt dragged me here. She's 21 and in my opinion a complete idiot, she goes to these parties and drinks bear, sleeps with strangers and claims she's 'cool' for it. Dumb ass. 

"My friends are here." Britt informs me. "Hay girl!" A group of unisex clubers greet her. I stand awkwardly around them and take a look at our surroundings.

The place is packed, I spot many sweaty figures grinding on one another on the dance floor, it's uncomfortable to look at.

"Guys, this is my niece, she's 14 turning 15 so, guys." Britt points her long index finger at the men of the group, her other hand wrapped around my shoulder. "Hands off." She says, my cheeks turn red and a feel the sudden urge to go home. Wait, no, not sudden. I've wanted to go home since the second I stepped into this place, I still can't believe she talked me into this. "It'll be great!" She said. "You'll have fun!" She said...

"Oh my god girl!" Britt's high pitch screech startles me. "This is my song, Eve! Come dance with us!" Britt tries to pull me but I resist. "I'm okay, I'll just stand by the bar." I say softly, but loud enough so she can hear me over the pounding music. She agrees too easily and runs to the dance floor.

Although holding the wall like this seems fun, I make the irrational decision to order myself a drink.

"A water please," I tell the bartender, she's gone within seconds. I hear a soft chuckle come from the barstool beside me, I turn my head.

I see a boy, a guy, his hair is light brown and his eyes are multiple colors, a mix between hazel brown and green. He smiles a beautiful smile and a pair of dimples appear out of nowhere. His orbs twinkle beneath the dim light of the bar lamp that swings over our heads.

"Can I help you?" I ask, realizing he's laughing at me.

"Oh, sorry its just, a water? Really?" He laughs harder, I frown at him.

"So, I'm just not feeling like a… a beer." I know I should tell him I'm only 14, but I feel like he'd tell on me or something and get me thrown out.

"No it's cool, I get it. It's just weird to hear a girl ask for just a water at a place like this." He says, he scoots over one barstool over so he's directly next to me. I can see his facial features much better now, he is just as beautiful in the lighter light than he is in the dim.

"Ashton," He holds out his hand, I stare at it for a moment. Britt told me not to talk to anyone.

"I won't bite." The guy, er, Ashton says.

"I know." I snarl, then take his hand in mine.

"And you are?" He asks.


"What?" He leans his ear into my lips.

"Eve," I say louder, he backs away and gives me a nod.

"Beautiful name."

"I hate it." I blurt out without thinking. He chuckles his god given chuckle again and it causes me to smile.

"Well you shouldn't." He says and I realize he's slowly closing the gap between us. I lean back and shift to get some more room.

"EVE!" I hear my name being yelled, I turn my head and find Britt, drunk off her ass and sweaty as hell. Well that was fast.

"Damn Britt, what did you do, run a marathon?" I ask, Ashton laughs.

"What the hell are you laughing at kid?" She says and I don't know why she called him kid, he's her age.

"Nice to see you again, Britt." Ashton says, I frown.

"Yeah yeah, why are you talking to my niece?" She spits.


Shit, I didn't want people to know my actual age. Dammit. I gotta shut her up.

"Niece?, Britt I'm your sister, now c'mon, you're drunk, I'll drive you home." I say, completely and utterly lying with every word that piles out of my mouth.

"It was nice meeting you, Eve." Ashton says, I smile weakly at him and drag drunk, aunt Britt to the car. I buckle her into the back seat and place her purse beside her. I grab the keys and stare at them. What the hell am I thinking? I can't drive. Damn. Okay, I need someone who can drive.

"Stay right here Britt, I'm gonna go get someone." I tell her and shut the door, she nods and waves a drunken finger at me.

When I arrive back in the club the place is still packed, if not more crowded than before. I surely don't want to ask for help from one of Britt's half-drunken friends, that just won't end well. Thanks to my luck, I find the mysterious stranger sitting by the bar, I walk over to him, making sure to dodge the still sweaty, now drunk, half naked, idiotic partiers.

"Uhm." I tap on Ashton's shoulder. He turns around and locks eyes with me, he still looks just as stunning. If not, more so.

"Hi." He smiles.

"Yea, hi, um look I need someone to drive me and Britt home…" I say.

"Weren't you gonna drive her home?" He asks. Shit.

"Um, well yea, I was, but ya know… I'm just way too buzzed." I try to act as casual as possible.

"All that water, huh?" He jokes. I frown at him and he laughs. Oh god, his laugh.

"Sure, hold on, let me tell my friends I'm leaving." He says, and it's then when it occurs to me that I'm prying him away from his friends, his club, his night.

I walk Ashton to the car where he laughs and jokes about passed out Britt.

"How do you know Britt?" I ask as we pull out of the club parking lot.

"She dated my brother for a few months."

"Jack?! Jack is your brother?" I ask, Jack was the ass of the year. He cheated on Britt god knows how many times, I remember because I had to pick up the pieces he broke.

"Heh, yea…" He can tell in my tone that I don't like the guy.

"Oh no, I didn't mean it like that, I just-"

"No it's fine. I know he's a dick." He says bluntly. I don't disagree with him, so I just stay quiet.

"Is Jack your younger brother?" He laughs and those beautiful dimples of his appear again.

"No no, he's my older brother." He says, my lips make an 'O'. It's funny, Ashton looks like he's 23 or 24 at least.

"How old are you?" I ask.

"19." He says. Oh.

"Turning 20 next month."

"That's exciting." I smile weakly, hoping he won't ask for my age.

"So how old are you?" Fuck.

"Uhm… Same." Is all I can say.

"Oh c'mon, I know you're not 19. You look much younger than that."

"Gee, thanks." 

"No, I just mean't. You look more innocent, more pure. Ya know. Not all worn out and drained like, you-know-who." He nods his head towards Britt who's still out cold.

"Well I am… It's just tonight I didn't feel like drinking, that's all." I hope my squeaky voice sounds confident enough.

"Oh," He simply says. Please just drop it, drop it now. I beg

"At first you looked like you were still in middle school or something." He laughs, thinking it's funny. Well damn, that hurt.

"Yea thanks, can you just take me home now?" I curl my knees up to my chest and rest my head on the window. I'm tired and it's been a long night.

He stares me down for a moment and takes in my appearance.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. You do look your age, 19 right?." He asks as his eyes stay on the road. It didn't occur to me to give him directions, he seemed like he knew where he was going anyway. Besides, Britt lives with me and my dad, and Ashton knows Britt, so maybe he knows where she lives too. He probably was one of he many men that drove her home all those nights. God, I hope not. I shake the unwelcome thought out of my head and reply to his apology.

"Yea. 19." I breathe, I just want to get out of this car and go home, honestly.

I start to feel tired and close my eyes for a moment. But a moment becomes minutes, and sooner or later I'm out like a light.


"Eve," He hums my name beautifully.


"Eve. Eve, wake up." I'm startled awake by the stillness of the car motor. Ashton stands by my now open door as he waits for me to come out. I look behind me and see an empty seat.

"Where's Britt?" I ask, rubbing my eyes.

"She's inside, I didn't want to wake you 'til the last minute." He says.

"You should've carried me," I grumble sarcastically.

"Believe me, the thought crossed my mind." He says completely serious.




"Is anyone home?" I ask, trying to ignore his low, sexy tone. I stumble to my feet and cling to Ashton's arm for support, his muscle contract as he helps me stand.

"I don't know, I don't think so. There aren't any cars here." He says when I gain balance. That means my dad isn't home from work yet, good. I walk up to the door with Ashton not too far behind me.

"Thanks for- for um taking us home." I say softly.

"Yeah, it was no big deal." 

"I'll see you around…" I say softly, I don't honestly know if I will but I know I want to.

"Yea, I'll see you around…" And just like that he's gone. His tall figure disappears beneath the night sky as I wish I had more time to talk with him.

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