I Won't Let You Go

I was at meet and greet and his blue eyes met mine. He stared straight at me and my heart just melted.


7. What to do

            Niall's prov.

As i was sleeping I to pull Ashley closer to me but she wasn't there. I rubbed my eyes to adjust them to the sun lit room. I heard a sound as if water was running. I got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom and yelled "Ashley you in there?" "No I'm down here," a soft voice called. I walked down stair and into the kitchen. I could smell the coffee and bacon being made. "Good morning Love," "good morning."  she said with a peck on the cheek.I wrapped my arms around her waist and put my head in the crook of her neck. When she turned the stove off and we sat down to eat. "Where are your parents?" "They're at work" "Then who's in the shower?" "Oh that's my older brother Jack he came home last night." "What do you want to do today then?" Maybe go to the mall." she said. We got ready and left for the mall. We were walking around when I saw her going through her purse I think to find money "Don't worry about it if you find something you like I'll get it." "No it's fine." "Please babe" "Fine if you want." "Hey Louis is having a house party you want to go?" "Sure" we walked into Forever 21 so she could  get an outfit for the party.

             Ashley"s Prov.

Since we were going to a party I got a black pair of leggings and a hot pink knitted sweater in a size bigger so it would slide down past my shoulders. I did my usual make-up foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and a tad bit of eye shadow.


___________________at the party__________________________________

Ashley's pov.

 We arrived nial said he was going to go get me some water and it's been over ten minutes so I started roaming around until I bumped into something. I stood up and dusted myself off I saw I didn't bump into something it was someone. "Mike?" "Ashley?" "Oh, hi can you help me look for Niall please he said he was going to get me some water and it's been over ten minutes?" "Yeah come on." We were walking through all the sweaty people until we reached the middle of the living room and I saw Niall sitting with another blonde sitting on his lap. "Is that him?" mike yelled making Niall turn his attention to us. "Yeah but lets leave him so he can be a cheater." I said pulling Mike's hand out of the house and to his car. "Where do you want to go?" I don't care as long as I'm away from Niall i'm fine."

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