I Won't Let You Go

I was at meet and greet and his blue eyes met mine. He stared straight at me and my heart just melted.


4. That Night

Ashley's Prov

   While I was lying there on Niall's bare chest I could here his heart beat.  Before we fell asleep we started talking about random things then suddenly he asked me" When is your birthday." so I told him.  After so long of talking I stared to drift into a sort sleep to the sound of his heartbeat.I felt Niall squirm around so I got off him and as I did I felt a blanket come over us as that happened i felt him scoot me closer to him until my back was up against his chest. So I turned around so our chests were touching I could feel his heartbeat.  I could tell he wasn't asleep because i heard him chuckle. I looked up at him and he looked down placing a kiss on me forehead. I could feel his leg rubbing mine as his hands was rubbing up and down m back.


   Niall's Prov

  I could feel her drawing circles on my chest . I woke up before she did so I text-ed Zayn  to see if he could pick us up some Starbucks while he was out and about he said he would. While Zayn was gone I quickly made us some breakfast.  When Zayn got back breakfast was ready i asked him if he wanted to stay but he said he was taking Perrie out.  When Zayn left I went to go wake Ashley up.  While we were eating we talked about what we were going to do today.

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