I Won't Let You Go

I was at meet and greet and his blue eyes met mine. He stared straight at me and my heart just melted.


3. Hanging Out

Ashley's Prov

   So today i was going to spend the day with Niall and I was so happy.  Niall came to pick me up and when we got to his flat we watched My Sister's Keeper when the movie was over the both of us were in tears he cuddled me close and asked if we should order some pizza. When the pizza got here we had a few slices and watched Insidious and man was that a scary movie. When that movie was finished we turned of the tv and he plugged his I-phone into his I-Home and we danced to the music. Around 5:15 he took me home so i could get my bathing suit on because we were going to the beach when we got back to his house we packed a picnic and he changed. When we got to the beach we went swimming for about an hour then we ate the food we packed.


Niall's Prov


    When we were done eating we packed up and put the blanket around us and up the rest of the stuff in my car. After that we went on a little walk our hands were practically stuck together we didn't let go until we got to the car so then I could drive her back to her house so she could get some close to change in.


Ashley's Prov


  When we left the beach he drove me to my house I could get some clean close for bed and to change into tomorrow because we both decided I was going to stay at his house tonight. We stayed up basically all night.  When I was changing into my nighttime clothes he changed also and he layed on the bed waiting for me.  When i got done he was still laying there on the bed I crawled up on the bed and layed my head on his bare chest.


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