I Won't Let You Go

I was at meet and greet and his blue eyes met mine. He stared straight at me and my heart just melted.


2. Breakfast And A Movie

Nialls Prov.

    I was so happy to finally meet a girl that didn't fan girl in front of me. So it was now 8:50 so i had just enough time to shower, get dressed, and go to Starbucks.

Ashley's Prov.

     I just woke up and it was 8:50 barely enough time to shower, get dressed, and do my makeup. By the time i finished my makeup it was 9:20. So i grabbed my purse and left the house my mom left for work so i told my dad i was leaving.


Niall's Prov

   I saw Ashley walk through the door and my heart sunk she was so beautiful. I waved for her to come sit.Her dark brown hair flowed past her shoulders. Her beautiful green eyes.


Ashley's Prov

   I saw Niall wave at me so I went and sat across from him. His blonde hair and his bright blue eyes kept staring at me.




After we were done at Starbucks we went to his flat and watched a movie. We watched Bridesmaids and we just laughed the whole time every time I would look at him he would look back at me. About half way through the movie he scooted closer to me and put his arm around me and pulled me closer.



                                                                         *that night*

Niall's Prov

  After a couple of movies I drove Ashley back to her house when we arrived i leaned in for a kiss. She let me walk her up to her door and when she went inside i just stood there standing staring into space. When i got back to my car i texted her asking if she wanted to come over and hang for the day and she said sure.



Ashley's Prov


 That night i couldn't stop thinking about Niall and how amazing he looked. The next morning i woke up pretty early and got ready Niall arrived at about 10:30. we got back to his flat and we watched about three movies and he turned the tv and asked me to be his girlfriend and of course i said yes.

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