I Won't Let You Go

I was at meet and greet and his blue eyes met mine. He stared straight at me and my heart just melted.


5. Another Day At The Beach

 Ashley's Prov.


    I was at the mall with Sophia, Eleanor, and Perrie. We stopped at a restaruant to grab a quick bite when Niall text-ed me.

Niall: Hey babe having fun with the girls?

Me: Hey Yeah a blast.

Niall: That's good.

Me:So what are you and the boys up to?

Niall: Nothing just playing video games.

Me: Cool hey we were thinking of going to the beach and having a BBQ wanna join?

Niall: Sure.

Me: kk if you wouldn't mind bringing the boys because the girls are coming to.

Niall: Okay we'll see you there at about 6:30 love you babe.

Me: okay see you then love you to.

  While we were at the mall we tried on some new swimsuits. Perrie tried on a hot pink one with teal swirls on it. We all tried some on and we all got new bikinis. When Eleanor looked at her phone she said"Crap we got to go it's 6:00" "yeah" we replied "I'll text my dad" I said.

Me: Is everything set up.

Dad: yeah the boys just arrived.

Me: Okay could you tell we will be on our way?

Dad: Sure thing kiddo.

  Me and the girls just finished getting ready when we noticed the time.


  Sophia's Prov.

I'm so happy we finally met Ashley. She's perfect for Niall they both love food, he;s everything she looks for in a guy, and she's everything he looks for in a girl. When we arrived at the beach the boys where already in the water except for Zayn and Liam. they were sitting in the sand talking until the noticed us.


Perrie's Prov

  I saw Zayn slip something into his pocket and he got up and walked over towards me.The girls were already getting into the water" come on guys" they called" "we'll be there in a few" Zayn called back. Zayn got down on one knee and said "Perrie I love u with all my heart and I want to take the next step in our relationship so Perrie Edwards will you marry me?" "Aw Zayn yes yes" I said i could feel tears fill my eyes. As Zayn was about to put the ring on my finger I said "No" "No what" he asked "no i don't want the ring to get messed up by the water or have it get lost." I said "Oh" was all he said as he put the ring away. and we raced into the water. As we were getting into the water "She said yes" Zayn shouted. "Congratulations" they all cheered. 


 Niall's Prov

 I was so happy that the girl of my bro's dreams is going to marry him. While we were in the water I said "Hey lets play chicken" "sure" everybody replied. Ashley got up on my shoulders as Perrie got up on Zayn's. The girls tried pushing each other down as Perrie and Zayn pushed me and Ashley into the water. Sophia was getting up on Liam's shoulders as Eleanor was doing the same to Louis.Sophia and Eleanor looked as if they were having a cat fight.




Authors note

Sorry to leave you guys hope u like it and enjoy if u guys like comment down elow and if u have any tips do the same but please no hurtful ones or they shall be deleted

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