Lullaby Of The Elves

After thousands of years trapped in an icy prison, Two Elves Lufilla and Katleana Return to the Forests of their home to find it Destroyed and swarmed by humans and their allies, the dark demons. Lufilla and Katleana are the only survivors of the legendary race of elves who are now thought to be all extinct. Lufilla and Katleana must try to regrow the forest and force back the dark demons but will they have the strength to take on the whole demon and human armies combined? Or will it take some new magics to take down the deadly demonic army's?


1. Dawning Of A New Age

Fire ...


A dark purple fire danced through the forest, quickly making light work of the great oaks and little saplings caught up in its path. Screams could be heard from a variety of different animals and the ashes of those too slow to avoid the fire were swept away by the wind. All Lufilla could do was look in disgust and summon water from the charcoal roots to dampen the fire when suddenly a familiar cry was heard amongst  those of the unfortunate. "Katleana!" Lufilla cried, Putting out the last of the Raging Demonic fire in this area, She quickly traversed through the towering sequoias and found katleana face to face with three hideous demons. Katleana spotted her hiding behind a sapling and quickly dispatched two of the towering monstrosity's with a flick of her emerald sword, but not before the injured third sent katleana flying with a swish of its tail. "Katleana!" Lufilla screamed, attracting the attention of the injured demon but she quickly summoned two stone golems to deal with it. "Katleana! Where are you?" Lufilla cried, Searching the Surroundings, She found more of the Monsters dismembered bodies littering the floor, There must be more. Lufilla found herself slamming into what must have been a scouting party, judging by the little daggers which looked almost comical by their humungous size. Lufilla cast them aside like a child bored of a toy with a gust of wind and ran over to where katleana lay.

"Katleana! Please oh Gods please don't die yet." She Rested her head on the Tattered and Burnt remains of Katleana's Clothes when suddenly a loud groan from katleana.

"Gods Lu lose some weight your crushing me" She grimaced and hosted herself up.

"Anyway we need to go to the clearing quickly Lu, some demons might have pasted me." Katleana got to her feet and equipping her sword which had fallen somewhere amongst the ferns, rushed into the dense forest. Lufilla sighed then kneeling upwards stood up but then just managed to dodge a dark jet of violet flame as an unfortunate oak spontaneously combusted in its path. She rolled into a large hollow log and  lifted her knees up to her face. Lufilla hated strange things, THESE strange demon monsters but as she peeped out of a little rotted crevice, she saw elves wearing strange armor and carrying weapons not designed for the small stature. She crawled out of the log and started to speak frantically but as one of the elves turned around, she saw not elves, but in fact something else. These creatures spoke in loud tones, screeching messages to each other. The little party of these beings all turned around and spoke in some strange language. Two of them, males, drew weapons and flung them at Lufilla. She rolled again into a bush, casting a spell to make the elf looking creatures sink into the ground when suddenly she was grabbed by the neck and lifted up out of the bush and into the face of a demon.

Its blazing but hollow eyes portrayed a calm, killing rage that burned into the very core of this demon, its humungous size and strength making her mind race and panic. In this panic she recited every spell to find her magic had gone. The demon laughed, a deep sound that made the ground rumble, "Puny Weaklings" He snorted, the thick accent was all she could make out as the rest of the words blurred into somewhere between elvish and demon. She almost cried out in defeat when she saw katleana stalking behind a tree, the feline grace that had made katleana an excellent warrior. Lufilla watched as Katleana knocked a arrow into a carved wooden bow and shot the demon in the head. The demon roared in pain and flung Lufilla into a tree, floating on the edge of unconsciousness before seeing katleana depose of the demon. The elf looking creatures suddenly got on their knees and cried in their strange screeching language, you didn't have to understand to see they were begging. Katleana just spat at them and kicked them away where they fled into the coverage of the trees. "Lu Thank Gods your alive! I Saw the Demon and .." Katleana collapsed in a heap on the floor, and Lufilla looked just in time to see a legion of demons stood, one dressed in icy hues pointing at Lufilla before she felt something freezing inside her. she tried to scream but she felt her mouth frost over and her hands glue themselves onto the trees. She lost consciousness but not before hearing the demons cackle and say in elvish "Lucky to be helping causes." She had no idea what it meant but she held onto the sentence like a lifeline in all the dark, cold years to pass . . .

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