i want you back

it has been some months that i'm writing poem stuff. I found it a really good way to express my self. I hope you enjoy this one. and if you like my style in writing and you wanted to gift someone a poem about anything you desire, tell me in the comment box and i'll try to write one for you. i'll reply to you in the comment to tell you when it's done and i'll publish it in a new movella. I hope you enjoy I want you back :)


1. i want you back

you really thought I was gone?

no i'm still here

only because I am not done

even if I still have some fear

yes, a fear of loosing you

or loosing my self too

I never thought it would be that hard

even my angel fell apart

but being strong is a part

that will never leave my soul

although I didn't reach my goal

that's why i'm still here

I wanna face my fear

and apologize to you baby

because you and me

share a love that could be

just like a love story

please believe me !

I tried a lot

but I guess there isn't any empty spot

for me in your heart

so let's go back to the start

maybe you'll fall again

and get me rid of all the pain

this ain't over yet

our love is way bigger

wanna bet?

take a look back to the header

of our story that we have set

set with the memories

set with the moments

set with the love and the hate

that nobody can ever rate

see why i'm still here?

I think I just faced my fear.

and stood for my love

now it's your turn

I hope you won't let me burn...

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