Ivy has always had uncontrollable anger and she has no idea why until she is sent to a boarding school that is out in the middle of nowhere. Right away she makes friends with bad people or so she thinks. When she befriends a girl after being hospitalized she realizes that there is something bigger that is going on than just her. What will happen when she doesn't choose a side and her friends suddenly turn on each other?


8. Chapter 8

“She’s supposed to be going to class!She has no place in this fight.!” An enraged voice says. Then she calms down. “Ivy? Are you awake?” Kathryn says. Ivy opens her eyes to see a woman standing over her. She has silver hair and red eyes. She is wearing a Catholic School girl uniform with high top boots. Demon.

“Kathryn?” Ivy asks confused. Kathryn smiles and offers Ivy a hand. Once Ivy is up it takes her eyes a while to adjust but when they do she realizes that she is in the middle of a huge fight.

“You know technically you are all skipping class. You’ll all get detentions and more chances for me to attack you.” Ivy recognized that voice. It was the man who attacked her earlier. She whirls around to yell at him but makes the mistake of looking him in the eyes. she suddenly gets all of these random confusing images in her mind and her head starts pounding. She hears herself give an awful moan.

“Ivy? Ivy?! Don’t pay attention to any of it. It doesn’t mean anything.” Kathryn says from somewhere behind her. Then something blocks her vision. “It’s not time for her to wake up yet! Why can’t you get that in your head?! Ivy? Can you hear me?” Kathryn says. Ivy could only see her mouth moving. She shakes her head no and then Kathryn does something amazing. She snaps her fingers next to her ears and then snaps them next to Ivy’s ears and suddenly Ivy could hear again.

“Giving up your hearing? Was that really necessary?” The man asks.

“Are you serious?” Ivy asks.

“Yeah. I don’t need it anyway . It would just be another thing to slow me down.” Kathryn says. “I  don’t need it to fight a bunch of weaklings like you.” She looks around at an invisible circle. Suddenly a huge mass of bloodthirsty demons shows itself.

“What’s going on?” Ivy asks. She’s looking around the circle as it slowly closes in.

“A battle. Kathryn against all of them. Let’s get out of here so we can watch. It’s pretty awesome.” Jasper says from behind her. Then, she is lifted off the ground and carried a safe distance away. When they land it is really dusty so it is rather difficult to see but Ivy’s eyes adjust rather quickly and she can see Damon, Petra and some other guy sitting on the ground near them. Damon is injured.

“Ow! Dammit! That hurts! Be careful!” Damon yells.

“Shut up! Who would’ve ever thought that you would be such a baby? It’s only a broken bone it will heal in a couple of hours.” Petra says. Ivy walks up and they both stare at her.

“What are you doing here? Did Jasper bring you from the school?” Damon asks sitting up. He winces but keeps moving.

“No. That guy with the huge army brought me to Kathryn. Now they are having a huge battle.” Ivy says recapping the day's events.

“The man with the… Hahaha. That’s funny and did he say anything like ‘I will beat you this time.’ That’s his favorite line you know. He knows that he will never be able to beat an angry Kathryn.” Petra says smiling. She has even more scars on her now and her shock collar has been smashed to smithereens. “Do you really not know who that guy is?” Ivy shakes her head. “He’s the big man of Hell himself. You want to know what’s worse? He’s Kathryn’s father. She hates having to fight him but he won’t stop provoking her and he hates her guts. It’s really sad.” Petra says. She looks at Ivy who is getting a little bit scared.

“So that’s what the meaning of all of those visions were. He was trying to show me what Kathryn’s life was like.” Ivy says. She thinks she’s got it all figured out but she really has no idea.

“Not for Kathryn.” Petra says. “For you. He’s trying to bring you back early but you need to take it slow.”

“What does bring me back mean? I”m not dead or at least not to the fact that I know.” Ivy says. “I don’t even know what it’s like to be dead. Do you?” Ivy asks. Petra shakes her head.

“You could ask Kathryn if you’re really so curious to know what it feels like.” Damon says. His voice is dripping with sarcasm as usual.

“Please don’t do that. She doesn’t like to talk about it. She’ll get depressed and you probably won’t hear from her again. That’s why she stopped talking before. She even stopped going to class. Teachers stopped trying to look for her and now they just don’t expect her to be in class and if she is they try not to act to surprised.” Petra says sounding kind of sad.

“You can do it Kathryn. Come on get up. Fight through it you’ve got this!” Jasper cheers. Ivy walks up to him and follows his eyes. She sees a huge mass of black with a tiny red ball of light in the middle.

“Does that reddish tint mean she’s injured? Or is she just a different color from all of the rest?” Ivy asks.

“She’s definitely injured. She was already injured before they even started fighting. She has so many broken bones right now and she’s losing a lot of blood. It’s funny the huge black mass is all her father. I would think that even if she’s injured she would be able to way overpower his shadow. She took his army out a while ago.” Jasper says. He’s sounds like an expert on the Kathryn fighting style. Has he really seen her fight so many times that he knows everything about it? She watches as two more red lights appear and start overpowering the black mass. “I think it’s safe to approach. You want to see her actually beat him, right?” Jasper asks. They move forward until they can see the actual people. Kathryn looks like crap. She is barely able to breathe and she looks like she is about to die. There are two older people standing on either side of her who look like they are helping her. Kathryn whips out a cross shaped knife and points it toward her father.

“What’s wrong with her? Why isn’t she just dealing the final blow?” Ivy asks. She is getting antsy sitting here watching this drag out.

“She can’t see. Hasn’t been able to see for a while.” Ivy gasps. “Pretty amazing isn’t she? Can’t hear or see yet she managed to take out a whole army of demons. It blows me away every time I see it.” Jasper says.

“So how exactly is she going to beat him? She can’t see him or hear him. It’s not like she has super feeling. Or does she?” Ivy asks.

“Just watch. You’ll see how she does it. It’s quite amazing.” Jasper says. She watches and all in a matter of seconds the two figures that were standing on either side of Kathryn start moving into a blur. They are moving in a circle around him. Diversion? Kathryn starts moving with them but slower. What is she doing? His back is turned to her and she jumps out of the circle and plunges the knife through his chest. Ivy gasps.

“Fear. That’s what she can feel, right? She uses it against people. She was just waiting until he got scared. Ivy says in disbelief. She can’t believe what she just witnessed. Kathryn is such a nice person she wouldn’t actually kill a person would she?

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