Ivy has always had uncontrollable anger and she has no idea why until she is sent to a boarding school that is out in the middle of nowhere. Right away she makes friends with bad people or so she thinks. When she befriends a girl after being hospitalized she realizes that there is something bigger that is going on than just her. What will happen when she doesn't choose a side and her friends suddenly turn on each other?


6. Chapter 6

Ivy is walking across the courtyard on the way to the cemetery. It’s early so she figured that no one else was going to be up. She hears raised voices.

“We’re supposed to be telling her everything slowly! If she comes back too fast she could die! I don’t want her to die again!” A woman says. Who is she talking about?

“You think we want her to die? Kathryn she’s different in this life and I know you’ve sensed that too.” A males voice says. He almost sounds like he’s begging.

“Well, I couldn’t care one way or the other. I just want Elizabeth back. I also don’t like seeing you always sulking around. Also, I hate to admit it but Jasper’s right. There’s something different about her this time around. She doesn’t seem as vulnerable.” A second male voice cuts in. Jasper and Kathryn? Ivy didn’t think that they those two ever talked or even got along.

“You want to know what it is that’s different about her this time? It’s the fact that she’s more human than ever. That means it makes it easier to kill her or for her to die from some disease or something. If she dies in this life she will never come back again.” Kathryn says. What does she mean? Of course Ivy is human. She has been for all 17 years of her life. She remembers what Jasper said to her yesterday. Maybe she wasn’t actually human.

“That means it will be harder to get her back, right? Why did it have to end up like this? why does she always have to be so stubborn? She would be the one person that we need to be able to decide the direction of the war.” Jasper says sounding frustrated.

“We’ll get her back. Damon you need to stop telling her things about her past. Let me do that. I know it better seeing as how we did just about everything together.” Kathryn says sounding a little sad.

“Okay. I’ll try to control myself, but what are you going to do if you-know-who attacks her? Are you going to take that on yourself too?” Damon asks. He sounds serious as opposed to his usual sarcastic manner.

“I don’t know. I don’t know anything as of right now. I’m at a loss.” Kathryn says. She sounds kind of defeated.

“Well, I don’t know about him but I’ll be here when you figure something out. For now you should go and get some rest. We will try to help.” Jasper says. Kathryn nods and walks away. She looks extremely tired. Ivy runs after her to see what’s wrong but by the time she gets there Kathryn had disappeared almost like a ghost.

“What are you doing out here so early?” Damon asks. Ivy jumps because she hadn’t heard Damon walk up. “Were you admiring the graves? You know what this cemetery was for?” He says, smiling.

“No. I don’t know what this cemetery is for.Should I?” Ivy asks. He smiles again and leads her over to one of the headstones. This one has a giant angel statue over it and the angel looks like it’s crying. She reads the name. “Kathryn Pierce? 1864-1884? What does this mean? I don’t understand. This isn't the same Kathryn is it? I mean it’s not even the same name.”

“It is the same Kathryn. She comes back as a new person every time just like you do. For some reason they thought that she was attacking people because they thought she was a vampire. She was burned at the stake along with a lot of witches and she didn’t even try to fight the humans. She did it for you. She always does. She takes the blame for you and dies because of it. You never learn your lesson no matter how many times you cry over her dead body or her ashes. She is very brave and I will never forget what she said as she was dying. She said,’I hope God can forgive you for this.’. Then, the fire took the shape of a pheonix around her and she turned to ashes just like that.” He snaps his fingers for emphasis.” It’s amazing isn’t it? It’s also kind of depressing when you can still remember everything that happened to you in all of your other lives. Whenever Kathryn starts a new life she always has memories of old lives where she screwed up and no matter how hard she tries she always ends up making the same mistakes.” He says. He had once again gotten that very serious tone in his voice.

“That’s impossible. You can only live once. Shouldn’t she have gone back to you know where?” She asks.

“I did.” Kathryn says appearing out of thin air. “My sister will never know how many times I have made that journey to Hell and back for her. I do it to keep her alive but then she just ends up following me and then she forgets about everything I worked so hard for.” An expression of pain comes across her face.

“Why would you come back? This world doesn’t hold anything of importance to you. Don’t you belong someplace else?” She asks confused. She changes the subject. “Who is your sister? what was her name?”

“Elisabeth. She was insane but I think that even that might have changed.” Kathryn says looking intently at Ivy.

“What exactly do I have to do with it then? You guys make it sound like I’m two different people and that the whole balance of the world rests on my shoulders.” Ivy says. Kathryn and Damon look at each other and back at Ivy.

“You heard our conversation?” Ivy nods.”Did you hear all of it?” She shakes her head. “Good. Just try not to eavesdrop next time.” Kathryn says sounding relieved. She turns to the headstone and lays her hand on it. Ivy gasps.

“Who are you?” She asks. She was looking at a woman in an old time almost victorian blue dress with long unruly brown hair that ran in waves all the way down her back and ended in giant curls. The woman looks up at Ivy and she starts laughing and then crying. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Ivy asks putting her hand on the woman's arm. She’s freezing. Ivy quickly takes her hand back. Her skin was as cold as...as.

“Death? Is that the word that you were looking for?” The woman says with a very thick accent. “I’m Kathryn. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything for you. I think there’s one thing that you don’t understand about me being here on earth. I know Jasper already kind of told you but I haven’t even told him everything.” She says.

“Yeah. He did kind of tell me but he was saying that he was still confused about it himself. Don’t you belong in…?”

“No, I don’t and I never will.” Kathryn interrupts. “I’m different and nobody likes different. Especially not people who are so used to being controlled and having the same mindset. I led a war. I lost my mother, my brother, and my best friend. i got depressed and my dad threw me in jail even though I had already overthrown him. It’s just because of his overwhelming hatred for me. I’m a monster so I guess it’s understandable, right? Anyway, I was depressed and sitting in jail with nothing to do nobody came to talk to me and I didn’t get any food. I slowly went insane and I decided to end it with the last bit of sanity I had. I couldn’t go on.” She says. Ivy gasps again and starts crying.

“That’s terrible. You killed yourself. Wasn’t your father upset? I would have been.” She says.

“Oh yeah. He was upset. He was upset because he didn’t get to watch me go insane and then use me as a weapon. He was upset because I took the easy way out. That’s why he is still hunting me today.” Kathryn says. She had a smile on her face. “You know the knife I used it didn’t actually kill me. I never died. it was some kind of ritual knife or something but my body is still alive down there which is why I’m still alive here. My spirit was just moved into a different body.” She says.

“What happened to your sister?” Ivy asks. Again Kathryn gets that pained expression on her face.

“She died too. She wanted to start over and she got her wish. I just wish my father hadn’t done anything to her before she did so that she could have been a normal happy child. He drove her insane and I was the only person that she talked to until I was thrown in jail of course and once she  heard that I was dead she couldn’t take anymore.” She looks extremely upset. “I’m just really glad that she was able to start over.” Kathryn looks up at Ivy. Wait why was Kathryn looking at her? Who is this Elisabeth person and why does Kathryn keep looking at her everytime she says that name?

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