Ivy has always had uncontrollable anger and she has no idea why until she is sent to a boarding school that is out in the middle of nowhere. Right away she makes friends with bad people or so she thinks. When she befriends a girl after being hospitalized she realizes that there is something bigger that is going on than just her. What will happen when she doesn't choose a side and her friends suddenly turn on each other?


16. Chapter 16

“Ivy?” Someone says from the other side of the door. “Ivy? It’s me Kathryn. I need to come in.” Ivy realizes that the person is also frantically knocking and rattling the door and she is about to open it when someone else says something.

“Ivy! Don’t open the door!” Kathryn’s voice comes from somewhere further down the hall.

“Open the door! Hurry up!” Kathryn said from behind the door. Ivy was struggling with which Kathryn to believe. She knew that Kathryn wouldn’t run away from a battle. She also knew that Kathryn had already been fighting for almost three weeks. She reaches for the door.

“Ivy don’t.” Kathryn’s voice is now right behind the door. “You need to stay in this room until we come to get you. Don’t let anyone in.” She says she sounds like she’s fighting someone back. “Ivy back away from  the door.” She says right as a huge sword comes through it. Ivy hears Kathryn gasp from pain. Someone was actually trying to kill her and Ivy.

“What’s going on?” Ivy asks. She’s getting scared because she’s hearing silence from the other side of the door. Then, Kathryn falls back through the door and stumbles off of the sword. She lays on the ground for a second and holds the new wound that had cut her whole left side.

“You needn’t look so concerned. It takes a lot more than that to kill me.” Kathryn says. She stands up and Ivy can see that the wound is already mostly healed. She can see new scars all over Kathryn’s body from her battle with her friend. Her face is covered in blood. “Oh believe me. It can be a lot worse. Actually it was worse just a couple of minutes ago. I finally finished my battle with Luka.” She looks sad for two seconds then her face turns back into a mask.

“Is the war almost over?” Ivy asks.

“No. It will probably end in another truce between Damon and I. Seeing as how we are the leaders of the armies.” Kathryn says. Her eyes are so dark and expressionless. “I have to go. You stay here. Don’t let anyone in.” She says. Then, she walks through the wall. Ivy realizes that Kathryn had to have jumped if she just walked out of that wall because there was a window. So, she climbs up on the desk to get a better look at what’s going on outside. Everything is covered with a thick sheet of fog and there are only little flashes of color whenever two people's weapons meet. She wonders where all of the other students and teachers are. Surely they can’t all be demons and angels. a huge crash outside the building causes everything inside to shake. Ivy loses her balance and falls off the desk and hits her head on the way down and passes out.


“Ivy?” Someone’s calling her name. She opens her eyes and sees three concerned and bloody faces. “Are you okay?” Jasper asks. He is sitting beside her holding her hand. Petra is standing over her. Gabriel is sitting on her other side. Where is Kathryn?

“I’m good. I just bumped my head. Where’s Kathryn?” Ivy says sitting up. Her head hurts so bad.

“We don’t know. Did she come and talk to you?” Gabriel asks.

“Well, she didn’t really want to come in here but it was the only way for her to get away form the giant sword that sliced up her whole left side. I guess it’s kind of my fault that it happened though because I thought that Kathryn was at the door. I didn’t open it but the real Kathryn was running down the hall and she fought with the person until he brought out a giant sword and just finished her. She walked through the door sat for a second said something about a truce between her and Damon and then walked out through that wall.” Ivy says.

“Okay. we’ll find her but for right now we need to get you out of here.” Gabriel says. helping Ivy up. “Jasper and Petra can you take care of her? I’m going to go help Kathryn.” Then he disappears too.

“Let’s get going we don’t have much time.” Jasper says. He grabs Ivy’s hand and the three of them run out of the building. They lead Ivy into the woods and once they get to the opening over the cliff they stop.

“where are you taking me?” Ivy asks.

“We need you to get away from this school.” Petra says. She snaps her fingers and suddenly a door appears in front of Ivy. “This will lead to your new destination. Don’t look back once you go through the door.” She says. She sounds rather sad. Ivy opens the door and sees only darkness but, she had to trust that Jasper and Petra knew what they were doing. She steps through the door and disappears.

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