Ivy has always had uncontrollable anger and she has no idea why until she is sent to a boarding school that is out in the middle of nowhere. Right away she makes friends with bad people or so she thinks. When she befriends a girl after being hospitalized she realizes that there is something bigger that is going on than just her. What will happen when she doesn't choose a side and her friends suddenly turn on each other?


15. Chapter 15

“What’s become of Kathryn?” Ivy asks. They are all sitting in Gabriel’s office.

“The fight is not over yet. They are both very strong. The first and second strongest demons actually. They hunted demons together as I already told you but now they get to feel each others wrath. The wrath that they only got to see used on other demons.” Gabriel says. He is sitting at his desk writing something.

“Why not explain how long it could take this fight to end. She doesn’t understand the way demons fight. Honestly I don’t either but it’s quite interesting to watch.” Petra says. Gabriel looks up from his writing. He looks at Petra then, he turns to Ivy.

“Fights between two demons can last for as long as a month. They take breaks every once in a while but they don’t stop until one of the has won. There is a difference between this kind of fight and when she fights with her dad. The reason it only takes her a few minutes to get rid of her dad is because he is scared of her and she can very easily control that part of a persons brain. Nobody understands her way of fighting and nobody ever will. Most people just think she goes in blindly. Which is exactly what she wants so that when she actually starts using her tactic the opponent never sees it coming. The only problem is that Luka knows how she likes to fight so I don’t know how this is going to end but I know that it won’t be ending anytime soon.” She’ll have to figure out his biggest weakness. That shouldn’t be too hard for her but it will take a long time.” Gabriel says. He looks out the window as if he is deep in thought. “Her only problem is that everybody knows her weakness. She just has to try and use that weakness to her advantage which is kind of hard. I admire her greatly for finding the courage to fight to the death with her best friend and then carry on like nothing happened.” Gabriel says. He’s starting to look upset again.

“Is there something bothering you?” Ivy asks.

“I’m just concerned about how Kathryn’s mind and body will react to this battle. Battles that last longer than a couple of days can make you go insane and it can have a bad toll on your body. You’ve seen that from humans who have been to war. It’s even worse with demons and angels. It’s almost impossible to bring an angel or a demon back after a battle. Kathryn is lucky that she’s not fully demon or she would have gone off the deep end ages ago.” Gabriel says. “I also think I should mention something. So that you know why I’m so worried about her and everything. It’s probably the only reason I’m on earth. Kathryn is actually my wife believe it or not. I’ve been following her to every life and trying to help her keep you safe.  I know this probably not too surprising or maybe you’re just a little slow.” He says. She knew it was coming but it still really surprised her. Because to her Kathryn was a high school student and Gabriel was Mr. Cross the grumpy old teacher.

“Actually that does kind of surprise me because you would think that you would become a fallen angel or something. Or is that only with angels and humans? Or maybe it’s because she was an exception to all of the rules that were ever written?” Damon says. He really does love to use sarcasm.

“Well, obviously she has already broken all of the laws that govern heaven and Hell. she broke the biggest one the day she was born and allowed to live. It’s not so much that she’s an exception that they just don’t really know what to do with her. She is on good terms with our Father though.” Jasper says.

“This is true.” Gabriel says. He looks out the window. “I guess we better get ready for our fight. Luka brought his army with him.” He turns and looks at Ivy, Petra and Jasper. Damon had left a couple of minutes before. “Ivy you need to hide and don’t come out until one of us comes to get you. Jasper, Petra, shall we?” They walk out and leave Ivy to sit and wait.

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