Ivy has always had uncontrollable anger and she has no idea why until she is sent to a boarding school that is out in the middle of nowhere. Right away she makes friends with bad people or so she thinks. When she befriends a girl after being hospitalized she realizes that there is something bigger that is going on than just her. What will happen when she doesn't choose a side and her friends suddenly turn on each other?


11. Chapter 11

“So, what exactly happened in the library this morning?” Kathryn asks. She had snuck up on Ivy and scared her.

“It was too quiet. The silence scared me but what angered me was that I felt somebody watching me. Then, everything started falling apart. What happened to the other people that were there? Oh nevermind. I don’t think I want to know. Anyway, these shadow people showed up and started saying something about destroying you and Armageddon? Then this guy showed up. I didn’t think he was an angel but he definitely couldn’t have been a demon. The shadow people were dragging me down and then I ended up in the courtyard. I just fell in line and pretended that nothing happened.” Ivy says trying to remember all of the facts.

“A guy? Couldn’t be an angel? Couldn’t be a demon? Gabe.” Kathryn says. She looks at the front of the room where Mr. Cross was writing something on the board.He was talking to himself. Ivy looked between him and Kathryn and saw that when Mr. Cross stopped Kathryn would start and it would go back and forth. She catches one little snippet of the conversation.

“You stepped in? Why?” Kathryn says.

“Because you were still stuck under the bookshelf and wouldn’t have been able to get there in time.” Mr. Cross answers. Whoa how did she hear that. She wasn’t even a part of their conversation. WHat did Mr. Cross mean by that anyway? Crushed under the bookshelf? He wasn’t even in the library unless...no that’s impossible. She tunes back in to the conversation but she is totally lost because they are speaking a different language. There was also a third voice that was trying to calm them down. Finally, they stop and apologize and class goes on as normal except for the fact that Mr. Cross had written something on the board in a different language.

“Um, Mr. Cross? I don’t think any of us can read that.” Petra says from across the room. He looks at the board and realizes that he had written in a different language. He looks at Kathryn and says, “Thanks a lot.”

“I’ll translate. I personally love learning in a different language.” Kathryn says. then she starts reading it. “The revolution that changed the fate of Three Worlds. How one war has left the worlds upside down.” She finishes and Mr. Cross erases the board.

“Does anyone have any idea what event I am talking about?” Mr. Cross asks. Petra raises her hand and starts jumping up and down like she was excited about something. “Yes, Petra. Are you really sure you know what even I’m talking about?” Mr. Cross says raising an eyebrow at her. She put her hand down. He wants to give other students a chance to answer.

“Was it the American Revolution?” One kid asks.

“No, but that was a good guess.” Mr. Cross says. He looks directly at Ivy. Should she know what this revolution was? Suddenly, a book appears in front of her and it opens up to page 666 and it reads ‘The Demon’s Revolution. How the courage of three kids changed the fate of three worlds forever.’ Ivy raises her hand.

“Ivy. I see you’ve figured it out.” Mr. Cross says.

“Yes. It was ‘The Demon’s Revolution’.” Ivy says. She goes to ask Kathryn what it is but realizes that she had disappeared. Where did she go?

“Don’t worry about her. She just doesn’t like this section of the class. She’ll be back at some point.” Mr. Cross says. He turns and writes a name on the board. “Does anyone know who this person was and why he was important during the revolution?” He asks. The name written on the board was Sebastien. What kind of name is that? “Petra, please don’t answer.” He adds. He looks at her and glares. Nobody raises their hand so he’s kind of forced to let either Petra or Damon answer. Damon raises his hand. “Fine. Damon what do you know about him?”

“He’s an angel. He lived in Hell though which is kind of weird because you would think that he would have black wings if he lived in Hell but he protected the humans in the last tiny little district of Hell.” Damon says.

“You have to remember that I didn’t fall. I willingly went before the angels fell. I got to keep my wings because I was different not special but different fro the rest of them. I was sent to rescue people and once my mission was done I was supposed to go back but of course things happened and Hell was permanently locked nobody could get out but anyone could come in.” A voice says.

“Wow. Sebastien. I never thought you guys would actually do this in front of one of my classes. Where are Katherine and Kathryn? They are going to show themselves too, right?” Mr. Cross asks.

“Yeah. Kathryn is just a little bit shy as you know. Katherine is bringing her in right now.” Sebastien says just as the door opens and two girls appear.

“Sorry. She was fighting me but I finally convinced her to come in.” One of the girls says. She pulls the other smaller girl behind her to the front of the classroom to stand next to Sebastien.

“You’re fine. Now. Who can tell me who this lovely girl is?” Mr. Cross asks. Petra raises her hand. “Yes. Petra.”

“Can I talk about both of them?” She asks. He nods and sighs. “Yay. Well, the one in the middle is Kathryn. She’s been blind, deaf and mute her whole life. She uses the two people on either side of her to be able to hear and see. She is also very sick and if she didn’t have these two people she would probably be dead. She is one of the most rare hybrids and this type is technically not supposed to survive past birth but obviously she did. She is an angel/demon hybrid. She’s been hunted from the day she was born because she’s not technically supposed to exist but she fights on and stays strong through it.” She pauses and takes a breath. “The other one is Katherine. She’s a demon. She’s not like any normal demon with all of the lies and deceptions. She doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff. She likes to be very truthful and hates it when people lie to her.” Petra stops. “I can’t think of anything else.”

“Wow. That was pretty spot on. I usually expect angels to bash me and call me names because of me being a demon. thank you for not doing that.” Katherine says.

“So, what exactly is the point of these three people standing in front of the class? I think we are wasting time. I thought we were going to learn about an awesome revolution.” One of the students says.

“You want to learn about an awesome revolution? Kid, we started the best revolution ever. We ended up losing because her father can’t just accept his defeat. We totally kicked their butts!” Katherine says.

“Yes, but you didn’t win without losing lots of important people along the way. There is always some kind of collateral damage before and after a war isn’t there.” Damon says. His tone is sarcastic.

“Yes. I can’t forget about it. Thank you for reminding me Damon. I really wanted to think about that right now.” She says.

“Who did you lose in the war?” One of the kids asks.

“I lost my best friend. I ended up killing her with my own hands but not on purpose. Kathryn here, way before there were even thoughts of starting the war lost her mother. Her mother was murdered right before her eyes. Yes, she saw it. Her mother had given her the ability to see hear and speak for her fifth birthday but then her father murdered her mother and the powers disappeared and she was framed for the murder. During the war she lost her twin brother. He got blown up.” She stops because Kathryn pulls on her arm. “Sorry. I won’t say anything else.”

“Wow, that’s a lot to go through for a child. Does she have any kind of trauma after all of that? I know I would.” ANother kid says.

“Kathryn wishes for me to not say anything more about this subject. I’m sorry but it is very hard for her. Is there anything other than this that you would like to know about?” Katherine answers.

“We want to see Sebastien’s wings.” One of the students says. Katherine looks at him and cocks her head to the side. He nods and sighs. He turns around so that the students could see his back and suddenly his wings appear a beautiful white with little brown tips. There are a lot of ooh’s and aah's. Then, they disappear and he turns back around.

“Do you guys have any kind of wings?” A student asks Katherine.

“I thought you’d never ask.” She looks down at Kathryn for a moment until she nods. Kathryn turns around and shows the students her one black wing and one white wing. Katherine turns and shows her pure black wings. Lots more oohing and aahing.

“You guys are really cool.” Petra says. Katherine and Sebastien blush. Apparently they didn’t like being called cool.

“Yeah, but don’t you guys have some kind of special powers or something? I mean the wings are awesome and all but you’ve got to have some kind of powers.” Damon says.

“Yeah. I don’t think we have enough time to show you guys. We have wasted enough of Mr. Cross’s time. You can read about the war in the book, can’t you? It might say something about our amazing powers in there.” Katherine says. The students all groan at this.

“It’s time for them to be going anyway. They might be back later on in the week though.” Mr. Cross says as he opens the door for the three of them. He takes his spot back at the front of the classroom. “Well, that was interesting wasn’t it? Let me tell you that only interesting stuff like that happens in my class. Now let’s read.” He says. The door opens and Kathryn walks back in and sits next to Ivy with her textbook.

“Where were you? Something really cool just happened.” Ivy says.

“Really? What was it?” Kathryn asks.

“Nothing it’s so confusing that you wouldn’t get it even if I tried to explain. Just so many details about the demon revolution at the same time and getting to meet the people in person. Wow. It’s not everyday you get to see something like that.” Ivy says. Kathryn hmm’s and starts reading.  “I have a question.” Ivy says. Kathryn looks up. “I’m remembering that fight that you got in the other day with all of those people. How do you use the fear so easily?”

“Well, I obviously don’t face my fears. I use my fear to an advantage to heighten what little senses I have and then by that I am able to feel other people’s fear. I can understand how the part of the brain works that causes fear and I can manipulate it so easily that it’s not even funny.” Kathryn replies.

“Wow. Is that how you won the revolution?” Ivy asks.

“Oh. I thought you really didn’t know but then again I guess it really doesn’t help that I keep the same name.” Kathryn replies. Ivy nods and smiles and the bell rings.

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