Chasing Tokyo

Falling deeper in love, while chasing each other.


2. Chapter 1.

"No... Stop following me!" I yelled, as I was running faster.

"I cant. I'm sorry but, I want you" He said, running after me. He finally reached me, took my hand, and pushed me up against a buliding.
"Please don't..." I looked down.

"Why? Why are you always running away from me?" He ran his fingers through his hair.

"Because I hate you" I said, with no emotion and hesitation. Lie. This whole thing was a lie. He didn't want me. He wanted my body, I know, because he was that type of guy.

"So why... do you hate me?" He looked sad. He was beautiful though. He had perfect defined cheekbones, perfect pale skin, perfect hair and the sadness made him look even more perfect but, he was ugly inside.

He waited for an answer.

"Your ugly" I told a lie again.

There was a silence for a minute.

"I'm sorry... I.. I don't know what to say" His eyes told me sadness again, he wasn't too happy about what I said. Basically about me being too cocky, when he questioned me.

"It hurts" I was trying to lose myself from his grab.

"Oh... I'm sorry" He stopped holding me, which gave me a stream of emptiness... again.
I slowly walked away from him. 

Because standing there, 

looking at each other,

in the middle of Tokyo,

made me fall in love.

He followed me again.

"What do you want from me?!" I turned around. He was making me crazy. The past month, he had been doing nothing, but following me after school.

"You" He said and kindly trying to smile, a fake smile. This must be a joke.

"Why me?" I mimed, thought that he wouldn't hear me.

"Because I like you..." It didn't surprise me.

"Can you please give me a reason why? I don't even know who you are" We went to the same school, I didn't know him personally but, he did get alot of attention from girls.

"That is a tough question" He slowly walked in my direction.

"Stop! Stop right there!" I commanded.

"I tell you why, if you go on a date with me" He giggled quietly.

"No... I don't want to. Stop following me, seriously, you're making me insane. I hate it, so stop it please... stop it" It almost sounded like I cried.

"You're not making it fair for me. I really like you but, why wouldn't you accept it? Please give me one chance because, I wouldn't stop chasing you untill you say yes" I guess I could, because this was a burden for me. And I might be hurting his feelings right now, if he wasn't lying

"In one condition" I said. His eyes lighted up. "If you like me, please don't hurt me"

He nodded, with the biggest smile on his lips.


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