The Hockey Player and the Pop-Star

Lyndsay Sassman lives in the small town of Sioux Center, IA. Probably the most uneventful state in the U.S. But that all changes when she runs into a famous boy-band at her local hockey rink, things go from uneventful to downright weird.


1. Run In at the Ice Rink

I step onto the ice, my skates as tight as they could be, and my jacket zipped up to keep the cold out.

It's an early Saturday morning in late September, and my practice got cancelled due to snow. But, that doesn't mean that the ten o'clock open skate got snowed out. So here I am, wide awake, and ready to skate.

I take off on a few slow laps, just loosening my skates at the ankles. I sigh, content with the feel of the ice beneath me and the cold air in my lungs.

Open skate is always the same, but at the same time always different. The people that show up are always the same. You have that group of girls that, bless their little hearts, cannot skate to save their lives. You also have that group of guys that try to show up that you just end up having to constantly skate around. They annoy me. And last but not least, you have those very few attractive, but rude, boys that actually know how to skate.

I look around, identifying each little group. There are way too many girls for my liking. Squealing and screaming as if they're surprised that they can't skate.

I decide to pick up the pace, flying around the ice rink, happy as the cool air brushes across my face. I make another loop, not really focusing on where I am going. And, boy, let me tell you, was THAT  a mistake. I run into a hard chest, getting knocked onto my butt.

I groan, sitting still in defeat as I contemplate dying. Ever fallen on your tail bone on solid ice with no pads? Well, it sucks.

I roll onto my knees  and stand, looking for the person I collided with. I look down at the ice to see a boy with brown curls tucked into a beanie, bright green eyes, and a look of pain on his face.

"Landed on the tail bone?" I ask, holding out a hand to help him up. He gives a nod before taking hold of my outstretched hand, allowing me to pull him up onto his feet.

"Ugh," his low, British-accented voice whines, "That hurt!"

"You're telling me," I joke, "I think I took most of the momentum from that fall."

"Most likely," he chuckles. Just then, four boys smoothly skate up to us, all looking concerned. I look at all of them, something gnawing at the back of my brain. I recognize them from somewhere. Ugh, this will bother me forever.

"Harry," whines a blue-eyed, brown-haired boy, "Did you run this poor girl over."

"No," Harry defends himself, "if anything, she ran into me."

"Sure," the same boy teases.

I stand there, probably looking like my awkward self, as the tease each other.

"Oh my gosh, where are my manners," says Harry, "I ran you over and didn't even introduce myself."

"It's fine," I laugh, "I'm Lyndsay."

"Well, I'm Harry," he chuckles, holding out a hand. I gladly accept it and we shake. "Oh, and this is Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall."

"Nice to meet you all," I say, giving a friendly grin and wave.

I stand for a minute, thinking.

"One Direction!" I exclaim, suddenly recognizing them. "How did I not get that? I literally have posters of you guys in my bedroom!"

"What?" Niall asks.

"I KNEW I recognized you from somewhere, but I couldn't think of it."

"Really?" Louis asks teasingly, "You just casually run into a world-famous boy band, and you just couldn't remember us?"

"I know right!" I exclaim, "Every fan fiction I read, this happens to the girl, and I'm just like, 'That will never be me'. And yet, here I am.

How did I just not recognize that I ran into Harry Styles at the ice rink,I think as we all start to skate slowly, still talking.

"Wait?" I ask, "Why are you at an ice rink in the middle of Iowa?"

"Well, we were headed from the twin cities in Minnesota over to Pennsylvania," Liam explains.

"And then our tour bus exploded and stopped working just outside of your sad little town," Niall finishes the story dramatically, making me snort in amusement.

"Well that sucks for you," I mock shamelessly, making them all scoff.

"Well," Zayn says, "it was great meeting you, but I think Paul just showed up. We need to go."

"See you, nice meeting you, too," I say, waving as they skate off of the ice.

I skate by myself for a while, before deciding to hop off of the ice. I head over to the benches, and I quickly swap my skates out for my boots.

"Well that was interesting," I say to myself, leaving the ice rink. 


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