*My First Love*

Blurb: who knew first love would be so interesting? , Charlotte was a normal 19yrs old girl who lived in paris with her family but only until she meet zayn the most famous,handsome and cute boy at her high school he changed her life completely he made her nuts and wild , free and party person she started to spend most of the time chatting or meeting him and eventually the became boyfriend and girlfriend but suddenly she comes to know a big shocking secret...... what was the secret?? will it affect their relationship?? read on to know....



 Charlotte P.O.V : (to see charlloyyes H.S. dress visit : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=98458148)

So, finally it was my first day of school actually my new HIGH SCHOOL(H.S.) st.george it is the most famous H.S. here in pairs. All those famous teen singers and celebrities are in the same H.S. which obliviously made me more nervous than i was already very nervously i took  my first step and the first thing or person my eyes went on was hopefully the most cutest person at the H.S.!!! with a group of three girls i must admit that they were cute!!!.They all were talking to each other when suddenly the bell rang they all moved to their classes i went to my locker to keep my stuff then i went to the princi's office where he made me read a long long list of rules and regulations and then he took me to my class where mr.james our professor(sorry i din't mention this character)introduced me to the class and to my surprise that cute boy was in the same class i was happy cause i guess i kind of started liking him!! <3 <3 and thus i was staring at him the whole time but suddenly he turned around and caught me and i think he knows that i like him 'cause of my looks as i was literally drooling at him and as soon as the bell rang he came to me i got very nervous then he asked me my name and i asked his, his name was Zayn Malik !! then we exchange a lot of information about each other and talked so so soo long then the bell rang it was lunch time and we went to the cafe together we eat pizza and again talked so so sooo long we also exchanged our number i already liked him by his looks and now by his nature i think i think now i kinda love him!! <3 <3 and then i told you at the starting that there was a group of 3 cute teens(girls) with him they came to our table and we five people went along well  the names of those three girls was : alina , ariana & lily the the bell rang my first  at the H.S. was finally over very tired i went home took a refreshing bath and eat some food let me tell u my mom and dad are great chef i eat a lot of yummy food skyped with zayn , ariana , alina and lily at a group conversation!!! the it was pretty late around 1:00am(midnight) the i brushed my teeth tied my hair up and slept and thats how my first awesome and tiring day ended...... <3 <3!!!!!! (the chapter is not over yet will update it later sorry and thankx!! <3)

Zayn's P.O.V : 

Today a totally hot and cute chick enrolled in our H.S. at the very first sight i fell in love with her!!!

when Mr. james introduced her to our class i was so happy to see she was in our class when i was getting bored in the class i was chatting with alina then she suddenly told me the the new chick was starring me i got so excited and turned around quickly then i saw her drooling at me i was so happy i can't express it i think i hve started to love her so as soon as the bell rang i walked straight up to her asked her name and then we talked so long at the lunch time too the my three friends alina ariana and lily came at our our table we five went along good then when i got home i was thinking 'bout her over and over again and at the night around 12:00pm we skyped along with ariana alina and lily then when i went to sleep i was still thinking 'bout her in a bit of bad way but don't get me wrong i truly love her its just that her body is so attractive then i finally decided i will tell her i love her we we meet next time and i guss that's tommrow at the H.S. that was all for the day the i went to sleep thinking 'bout her!!!!


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