I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



17. The Morning After

Molly & Niall-

Molly woke up in the morning, wrapped in Niall's arms, under a silky duvet on the comfy kingsized bed. It was one of the best feelings ever, to be lay there in his muscular arms. They were still dressed in their prom clothes, as they didn't have any spare clothes. Molly rolled over, to where she'd left her gold and purple handbag. She rummaged inside and grabbed a packet of mentos and her phone. She shoved two mentos in her mouth, to keep her breathe clean, and grabbed her phone.

She texted Issy, telling her what had happened last night, and asking her how her evening with the rest of One Direction had gone. Niall slept there next to her very peacefully, his hair lay flat and his shirt was untucked, with his sleeves rolled up, his top button undone and his tie thrown on the floor. Molly decided that she had time to send one last text. She texted Cliff, telling him that it was over, because she'd found a better guy who she knew would always be there for her. She put her phone down, and snuggled into Niall's chest, to go back to sleep again. Niall snored softly and Molly fell back to sleep again, lulled by the gentle rythm of his little snoring noises.


Issy woke up to her phone vibrating in her hand. Her back was stiff, as she'd fallen asleep on a bouncy castle the night before. Her and the lads had found one in a random field, which they suspected had been rented out for a kid's birthday party the day before or something. The previous night was all a bit of a blurr, but they'd all messed around on the bouncy castle for a while, taking videos and selfies for twitter or facebook, and dancing to music, played off their phones, but it had been so much fun!

Issy had recieved a text from Molly, telling her all about how she'd gone to a hotel with Niall and they'd danced together, and then Issy replied, with a brief outline of the evening that she'd had. She couldn't wait for them to have a chat about it. Then Issy remembered that technically they were tresspassing and it would not be taken well by the press if they found out that the boys weren't meant to be on that land, so she woke the boys up, and they all made their way back to where they'd left the Limo, so they could all make their way home.


Cliff sat in his hospital bed. He hadn't exactly had the best night as he'd been so ill, but he saw the phone screen light up, along with the 'one new message' symbol. He opened the message to see it was from Molly and seeing her name as the sender, was enough to give him negative feelings, he knew it couldn't be good. 'Couldn't be good' was a huge understatement however, and as he read the text his heart tore apart and it wasn't a clean break, as it spilled thick liquid jealousy and hatrid into his vains and pumped it around his body. She would regret that, and he would make her life into a living hell, and not just her but her new boy, and he was smart enough to work out who that would be; NIALL HORAN...


Lonely, alone, bored, without friends and it had been the worst possible prom ever, how could it have happened to him? he was Mr. Popular, and now he had nothing, no friends, other than Cliff who was ill in hospital and no girl now. It hit him hard and he didn't like it, it churned his stomach and flipped his smile, as well as sending his mood spinning. He needed something good, just a small plan, very simple, but big enough to get it all back for him.

Author's Note-

Hey guys, that was the end, but they'll be one more chapter, telling you about what you can expect from me next. To all of you reading, yes there will be a sequal, and I want to thank you all so much for being loyal to me and reading and enjoying! Thanks so much guys, I love you all! xxx Nouis Toran

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