I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



8. Spanish

The first lesson of that day was Spanish for Niall and Issy. Molly had had German with Cliff, though she was a lot better than him as he had only started to learn it at GCSE level. Fabe sat in a class room on the same Languages corridor, with a small group of Italian students. It was handy that they were all on the same corridor together, as it meant that they were all close by, so they could walk to their first lesson together, and it was also on the same corridor as their form room so they didn't have far to walk. It was great too, as their form room was the food tech room, so whenever anyone had a cooking practical there, the air was filled with a brilliant smell of arromatic food, sweet or savory and it made Niall's stomach rumble loudly at the most inconvenient moments, like in the middle of tests.

Issy and Niall said goodbye to Molly, Fabe and Cliff at the Spanish classroom entrance. Their Spanish teacher, Mr.Vance was stood there, welcoming students into the classroom as they arrived. "Hola Issy" He greeted "Hey Sir!... erm I mean Hola señor". Mr Vance but on a faked angry face, Issy walked past him with a broad grin and dumped her bag on the desk for two where she sat with Niall.

"Hola Niall" Mr. Vance said to the Irish lad. "Hola señor ¿Qué tal?" Niall asked in a faultless Spanish accent. "Hmm, estoy muy bien ¿y tu Niall?" he said. "Estoy excellente gracias pero estoy un pocito cansado" Niall awnsered. "Muy bien señor Horan" Mr Vance smiled. "Gracias" Niall grinned in reply.

Niall walked into the sparsely decorated, languages classroom, put his bag down and sat down next to Issy. "Show off!" Issy smiled, "sorry Issy I was just trying to impress the teacher" Niall said with a bit of a laugh. Issy hit his arm playfully. "Hey!" He exclaimed with a wide grin. Issy got told of a little for that, not strictly, but in a don't do that in my classroom sort of way.

They spent most of the lesson chatting about things, most people were still talking about the prom anyway, but Mr.Vance didn't mind. Mr. Vance decided to go and get a coffee from the languages office, so he gave them a fairly easy excersize to be getting on with and he left the room to go and put the kettle on. Issy and Niall decided that this was their oppertunaty to have a proper chat without interuptions.

"Issy" "yes Niall" "I was thinking about the prom and the plan about Molly and I was thinking about asking her to the prom, what do you think?" he asked. "But what about Cliff... I'm certain that he's gonna ask her to the prom, since they are together and you know what cliff's like, he'll get angry and jelaous, Niall he'll completely flip!" "I know all of that, but if I never try then I'll never know" "Well... okay if you're sure then go for it, but I've warned you. Oh and Niall, I'm here for you, you know that, even if Molly says no and Cliff hates you, I'm here for you". "Thanks Is" he smiled warmly.

Author's Note-

hey ppl! So i'm writing again, yay! I miss Spain, but it's good to be writing. So I know that not everyone speaks spanish and there's some spanish spoken in this scene, so I'm gonna put in a dictionary here... It's really easy spanish though and i think it's cute cuz Niall knows spanish in real life too! There are probs some faults with the spanish though so soz if i missed out accents or anything...

Hola-hello  senor-mr.  Qué tal-how are you  estoy-I am  Muy-very  Bien-good  gracias-thank you   cansado-tired  pero-but  excellente-excellent  y tu-and you   un pocito-a little bit

if anyone wants to talk to me in spanish, or if you want me to teach you a bit of spanish, then I'm more than happy to do so!

thanx ppl :-D

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