I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



11. Prom Time

Issy and Molly sat in Molly's room, getting ready for their prom. They were nearly done, and had been in deep conversation about how excited they were for their prom, but at the same time, how sad it would be that they would be leaving school forever and wouldn't see each other for a while. They finished their make up and they both looked amazing. Molly wore a purple, strapless floor length dress, which flowed to the ground and hung perfectly. Issy wore a dress in an aqua blue satin material, with silver beaded straps.

Molly put on mascarra and curled her lashes, and used black maybelline eyeliner. After much deliberation, she'd went for an eyeshadow in a shade of lilac which went with her dress perfectly. She went for a pale pink lipgloss, as she'd realised that lipstick of any shade or colour would be too strong or too harsh for the look that she was going for. She used the usual conceeler and foundation with a bit of blusher, but not much at all as she was trying to keep her make up fairly subtle. For her nails, Molly had gone for french tips, with a small, thin line of silver glitter at the top of the white tip. Issy hadn't worn much make up, and she rarely ever did, somethings never changed! She had some pastel pink lipstick on and a bit of nail polish on, which was the exact same shade of aqua blue as her dress. In truth, she'd been searching for the perfect, exact matching colour for weeks and visited so many different make up places, until she'd got the ideal colour, but she didn't want to make it look like she'd tried that hard and put that much effort in. She'd then painted a layer over the top, which was clear, with silver glitter in it.

"I can't believe that you get to hang out with one direction for the whole of this prom, that's like having five dates Issy!" Molly exclaimed. "I know, I can't wait, it's gonna be amazing! I can't believe that you're still going with Cliff though! I mean after what he did to me and Niall, I'm suprised you still want to know him." Issy complained. "Yeah, but he apoligised to me Issy, and he truly meant it. We still love each other too." Molly reasoned. "Yeah, but as the spice girls would say, if you wanna be my lover, you've got to get with my friends! And... well he didn't exactly get with your friends now did he?" Issy sighed, with a tiny, pride filled smile at her little pun.

"So what's Fabe doing tonight?" Molly asked, genuinely intrested. "I have no clue but I really don't give a damn. He could be moving to the moon and never come back for all I care..."

They climbed into Molly's mini and they drove to the manor where the prom would be. It was so grand and honorable and it looked so posh, but it had a warming and not too formal feel to it. It was perfect for their prom, and both girls were overwhelmed and they couldn't wait! The car park was limestone gravel and there was ivy climbing up the walls of the manor. It was so impressive and it made them feel almost royal! "This prom's gonna be spectacular isn't it Molly?" Issy asked in awe. "It's going to be the best night of our lives so far" Molly smiled with a sparkle in her eyes.

Niall had got ready alone at home. It had been quite sad for him, but he knew that it wouldn't be long before he saw the boys again, and it would be great for them to all meet Issy. In truth, Niall couldn't wait to get back on stage, performing again. He wore a slim fitted suit by some Italian designer that Harry had advised him on, via a skype call. Niall wasn't really the type to suit up, and would rather have gone in supra high tops, chinos, a polo and a cardi, but he'd really wanted to make the effort for this prom, as he'd never been to one before, so he got the boys to help him pick a suit out. His suit was in a shade of charcoal grey, and it had a black, satin collar with one button and rounded lapels. He wore a skinny tie in emerald green in a satin material, and he had a matching pocket square folded carefully in his breast pocket and his shirt had been very  carefully tailored, and it was plain white, in a skinny fit with a small point collar. He couldn't wait to show his suit off, he was proud of the way he looked, he'd ditched the Supras as well, for a pair of black brogues, as recommended by Louis.

He wondered to himself, what the other boys would be wearing. He knew that Louis would be wearing braces no matter what and probaby something stripy to keep it traditional, with a pair of brogues, which was a fairly new obsession for Louis. Liam would most likely wear a waistcoat as a substitute for, or as well as a blazer. He was convinced, also that Zayn would probably find some way to tie a pair of desert boots into the outfit nicely, and that Harry would have spent thousands on something designer and made to messure and it would probably be from Italy, and picked out with the help of Grimmy.

Niall arrived at the mansion where the prom was to be held and he was impressed. It reminded him very much of the place where his older brother Greg had held his wedding reception, back in Ireland. He was there before Issy and Molly were, and he'd prommised to wait outside for Issy, so they could go in to meet the boys together. He climbed down, out of his car, and he leant against the range rover. He didn't know what to do exactly, but wait there until the girls came. It eventually got a little awkward for him, as Cliff arrived in his second hand citroen C1 which wasn't in very good condition at all, and Cliff followed suit, and leant against his car too, as he was waiting for his girlfriend Molly. Cliff was wearing a plain black suit, with what Niall recognised to be his usual, relatively scruffy, plain, black, unpolished school shoes, and a plain, light blue shirt with a check tie which Niall remembered having seen a few weeks before in superdry, when he went out shopping with Issy, Molly and Paul.

Then, after a while, Niall saw Molly's car pull up. He breathed a sigh of relief, but Cliff went over straight away, before Niall had a chance, so Niall decided that it would probably be best if he gave everyone a bit of space, so he just waited by his car still, and waited until someone decided to call him over. That way he wouldn't be interrupting anything or getting in the way of whatever. Luckily for him, Issy called him over just a few seconds after she got out, and Molly and Cliff went away from the car. Molly looked amazing, he thought to himself, she looked absoloutely stunning and he so badly wished that he could tell her how he felt.

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