I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



9. Prom Invites

The lesson after Spanish was Music for Molly and Niall, whilst Issy had a tough hour of Sociology, writing essays and responses to news articles from a sociologist's perspective, it was so tedious! Cliff and Fabe had Design for second lesson that morning, so they always turned up to break, coated in sawdust or red faced and slightly sweaty from the heat of metal work.

It was a slow and boring lesson for Issy, Fabe and Cliff, but Niall and Molly seemed to enjoy it. At the end of lesson two they met up at the corner on the end of languages corridor, which happened to be floor two of the main building. Niall had his guitar on his back and Molly carried her ukelele case in one hand, with her school bag in the other. They jogged up the stairs together, onto the third floor, and they walked along the corridor, past the first, smaller and more modern first music room and into the larger music room, which was more the size of the hall.

The class was trying to master the art of duets and they had all had to pair up and them perform their duets to the class. Molly and Niall had immediately paired up together, when the task had been set a few weeks ago, and they were singing, with Niall on guitar and Molly on ukelele. They'd become quite independent with it, so their music teacher Mrs. Amery gave them a nod, telling them that they could go and get on with it in a practise room on the corridor. They picked a practise room and between the two of them, the some how managed to crank the ancient and very stiff window open, and let some fresh air in to the slightly musty room. They sat down on two old, miss match piano stools and carefully warmed their voices up, before practising the song, which at that point they knew off by heart, as they'd practised that song to death until it had become the perfect duet. They'd even fixed some harmonies suitable for duets. They were doing the song 'Counting Stars' by One Republic, their voices complemented each other flawlessly and it sounded excellent.

Once they'd gone through the whole song twice, they decided to stop practicing and rest their voices and their hands that had been constantly strumming chords out. They sat there together in the practise room and then Niall decided to ask Molly to the prom, it was the perfect oppurtunity for him, as it was just the two of them.

He took a breath, it was deep, yet short. "Molly, I need to ask you something" He said, with a bit of a shake to his voice. "Yeah, sure, ask away" Molly smiled confidently. "Ok, do you want to go to the prom with me?" He asked slowly and unsurely.

That hit Molly hard, because she didn't know quite how to awnser that question without offending or upsetting him. "Erm... Niall listen, I really like you as a person, and you're really cute, but I already have a date for the prom, and you know I'm dating Cliff... Look I'm sorry Niall, please don't cry" she begged, but it was too late, tears began to spill over his bottom eyelids. He wiped them away with his thumb, and wiped his thumb on his blazer. "You know what, forget I ever said anything to you, let's just forget this and move on with our lives." Niall said decidedly with his lips curling down slightly into a frown.

The awkwardly long lesson ended, and they all met up in the common room, except from Niall who excused himself, saying that he felt ill and going off to the toilets. Issy warmed herself two crumpets up and spread them thick with chocolate spread, which soon melted and turned runny and she drank a storng, moccachino. Fabe settled for a cup of earl grey, finest quality tea and freshly baked, that morning croissants which he spread with an organic raspberry jam, being as posh as he was. Molly and Cliff shared some toast between them and some Cadbury's cocoa.

"So why do you think Niall's ill?" Fabe asked. "Oh, in music he asked me to the prom, it was a bit awkward though, since I'm already going with you Cliff..." Molly replied. "He asked you to the prom? and he thought he stood a chance against me? Oh that's funny" Cliff grinned. "Guys, don't be so mean, you wouldn't like it if it was the other way round would you?" Issy reasoned. "Yeah but it's not is it? If it was between me and him, I would always win, no matter who the girl was, and let's face it, we all know it's true!" Cliff said arrogantly. "He is a famous, worldwide super star and you are just a regular guy Cliff" Issy argued. "Yeah precisely! No one wants a guy who's so famous that he can't go to buy you presents without being mobbed and attacked by crazy ten year old girls, it's just a bit wierd, where as me, a normal guy who does everything right... If I were a girl, I know who I'd go for" Cliff smirked.

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