I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



13. Performance

For the whole of that hour after they'd arrived, Molly and Cliff danced together, and they did look amazing together. Everyone was absoloutley certain that they would get Prom Queen and Prom King,as they were the center of attention, and all eyes were glued to them. They were by far the cutest couple of the school , and the majority of gossip was about them. They looked so sweet together and many people were even a little bit jelous of their relationship.

One Direction got on stage after that first hour, to provide some proper entertainment for the crowd of prom goers! They performed a wide variety of songs, mainly their hits so that everyone would know them, as well as a lot of covers, so they could mix it up a bit. Their best covers were Wonderwall by Oasis, I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus, Forever young by Alphaville, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Viva la Vida by Coldplay, Torn by Natalie Imbruglia and Your Song by The Beatles. It was quite mesmorising, watching them perform and they looked spectacular in their prom suits.

Niall couldn't stand watching Cliff and Molly slow dancing together, all in love. It made him wretch inside, and every so often, when Molly wasn't watching, Cliff would look up at Niall, make eye contact and smirk at him in an evil and twisted manor. It was just rubbing his face in it and showing off, and it was subtle, yet constant and digging deeper, stinging Niall inside. Niall tried his hardest to just ignore it though and enjoy his prom for the sake of Issy and the boys. He didn't want them to fuss over him, because he could see how much they were all enjoying themselves and he didn't want to put a dampner on it all.

Then, whilst the boys were singing Diana, and Issy was back stage watching the crowd, she noticed something odd. Molly and Cliff were no longer dancing, and Cliff was over at the drinks stand. He was drinking quite a lot, and she witnessed as he downed several pints of beer, one after another, followed by a few too many shots of vodka. She knew that he would be drunk and probably out cold before long. Then, she watched even more carefully, as he took something out of his blazer pocket, put something into his mouth, and then downed whatever he'd put in his mouth with another shot of vodka. Issy's brows were furrowed. She was a little confused, but she came to the conclusion that Cliff had probably taken some form of tablet. She knew that he wasn't on any form of medication, and he wouldn't be taking paracetamol or ibuprophen for any reason, so it must be drugs... it had to be drugs, that had to be it! Poor Molly, she thought. Issy decided that she had to tell Molly as soon as she could, which would be when the boys got off stage.

The boys rushed off stage after they'd finished providing their entertainment, and did the usual post performing rituals, such as drinking around a litre of water each, and wiping the sweat off their faces with plain white towels, and eating enery packed cereal bars. Issy helped them out with all of this. After they were done, the six of them just flopped on some comfy chairs, and they shared a few packets of crisps and a few fizzy drinks, along with the occasional glass of beer, wine or even champain!

Issy then remembered what she had seen Cliff doing earlier, during Diana and remembered that she needed to tell the guys what she'd witnessed. "Oh my gosh guys, you'll never guess what I saw Cliff doing earlier!" She exclaimed. "What was it?" Louis asked. He was excited, and interested to know what she'd seen, but he knew that Niall felt tender where Cliff was concerned, so he toned down the excited vibe. Issy opened her mouth, about to tell them everything, but she was stopped, by the sound of a terrified scream that cut through all the music and chatter, and all other sound.

The place went silent. "Guys, it's Molly." Issy said, worried.

Author's Note-

Happy Halloween!!! Oh my gosh, cliff hanger much (no pun intended!)

Ok so this was a bit of a shortish chapter... sorry for that, but omg even I'm getting excited about this story and I know what's gonna happen...

what's everyone doing then this Halloween? I hope you're having fun whatever you're doing... I'm having a party and I can't wait! apple bobbing here I come

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