I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



14. Passed Out

The six of them rushed out onto the stage, which at the time was their nearest exit. "I knew this would happen" Issy murmered as they stood there. Liam gave her a confused look-she knew what would happen?  The five boys jumped down off the stage, and then helped Issy down. They strolled over to where a group of people were huddled, and Issy made her way through the crowd, leaving the boys, apart from Niall, at the outskirts of the large group. Niall went through the crowd with Issy, and seizing the moment, he went over to Molly, to try and comfort her.

Issy knelt on the floor, next to where Cliff lay, dazed and confused, not speaking and only just concious. Mr. Llywellyn was knelt by Cliff and being a biology teacher, he probably had the best idea as to what was going on. "Does anyone know why he fainted?" He yelled, making sure everyone could hear him. Issy was the only one who replied. "Yeah, he had loads and loads to drink, I was back stage and I watched him down like four or five pints straight in one go and about seven vodka shots... erm I saw him taking something as well... I'm not sure what exactly, I was too far away...". Mr. Llywellyn nodded carefully, trying to think. "It could have been anything if I'm honest" He said carefully.

"Molly, are you okay?" Niall asked in his soft accent, a voice so soft, that Molly was certian that it could calm any angers. "Yes thanks Niall... just... erm... I'm just a bit shocked, that's all" she told him weakly, leaning aginst him a little. In truth, she was completely petrified, was Cliff okay? If Issy had been telling the truth, then why had Cliff drank so much? Why had he taken those drugs? Would her evening be over? Did Cliff have alcohol poisoning? She racked her brains, trying her hardest to think back to year 8 PSHE, but it had all gone right past her... All she could remember was messing around with Issy, failing at some presentation they'd had to do. They'd laughed so much that day!

"Someone's gonna have to take him to hospital, I don't think an ambulance is necessary, but he's gotta get to hospital. It's essential that his parents find out, and we need to act as soon as we possibley can." He announced. "I'll take him sir!" Issy voulenteered. "I'd happily go, I know his family, so I can contact his parents, and erm... I can't drive really, but... TOMMO, HAZZA, LEE-YUM, BRADFORD BAD BOY!!!" she yelled, with a grin. "What?" a few people murmered, confused at what she'd just yelled. Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn emerged from the crowd.

"Vas Happenin?" Zayn asked in his thick northern accent with a cheeky grin. Issy smiled at his grin. "We've got to take Cliffy boy here to the hospital, and I can't do that on my own" she hinted. "We'll help" The boys chorused. Issy, Harry, Liam and Zayn carried Cliff's weight, whilst Louis opened the doors, and he promised to drive them to the hospital. "You're pretty strong for a girl" Harry comented. "Firstly, that's a little bit sexist, and secondly, that's from the karate." She said in high spirits, with a wide smile that showed her dimples of perfectly.

They climbed into the sleek, black limo which One Direction had gone to the prom in. They lay Cliff across some seats and mainly ignored him. Louis drove, and they cranked the music up loud, much to Cliff's disapointment. They all sang along, apart from Cliff, who lay there groaning, with his killer of a head ache. Every so often, Issy would yell directions at Louis, over the music, as Louis had no idea where he was supposed to be going. Issy'd had a phone conversation with Cliff's mother before they'd set off and had agreed that they would meet outside A&E at the hospital, so they could take Cliff in together.

Author's Note-

Enjoy halloween guys? I had loads of fun last night!

UGHHH!!! I've never hated a fictional character of my own creation more! I HATE YOUR GUTS CLIFF!!!  sorry, just had to get that one out there...

I really hope you're enjoying the story so far, and if you are, please tell all your friends, real life or virtual... sounds wierd but you get me...

I'm thinking about doing a sequal or something... what do you guys reckon? I've got some ideas, but IDK...? plz comment on what you think...


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