I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



16. Moonlight dancing

Molly felt bad, but she allowed Niall to comfort her, and she suddenly felt awful. The feeling had been there all along, how could she have been so blind about it? Niall was actually perfect, and Cliff... Cliff just got a buzz out of making everyone feel awful, apart from a select group of people, which Molly happened to be a part of. It was so selfish of him, that he could only accept a small amount of people in life, yet had the ability to manipulate everyone into thinking that he was best friends with them. That was a horrid trait for a person to have, and Molly couldn't believe that she'd been so blind to Cliff being that way.

Molly took a look at Niall's face. Deep inside, she'd loved him all along, ever since she'd first seen him, all those years ago, back in 2010 on the XFactor, and it was true love, not just a childish celebrity crush, she truly loved him. His blonde hair was currently quiffed, displaying a gorgeous array of blonde and brown shades, and each hair was perfectly positioned. Those eyes too, the eyes which she could get lost in, and had found herself getting lost in, so many times before, all the shades of blues, greys and greens, from rainy day sky grey, to river reed green and the shade of blue that was artificially recreated for blue raspberry candies. She smiled at the mental comparrisons she made for the shades of colour in his eyes, but they were perfect. His gorgeous, teeth, whiter than the purest of white coulds, and straight, thanks to the help of a brace (although she still loved them before the brace too!). He wasn't obssesed with his body either, and wasn't willing to change it, by working out loads, just because someone told him to, she liked that, the way he was independent and not swayed by the idea of how 'perfect' should look.

She wrapped her arms around him, and they began to dance there, at the prom, Niall grabbed Molly, pulling her closer and it just felt so natural for the two of them, stood there dancing, not forced and not pretending anything about their feelings or anything. They ignored anyone who was watching, or any comments about them, or how Molly had been with two guys that night, but they just focused on each other, and dancing together.

Words couldn't describe how amazing Niall felt at that moment in time. He had the girl of his dreams, who he loved with all his heart, and she had him too. It just felt right, like nothing ever had before. Cliff was in hospital, and Niall imagined that he was probably being killed by his mum at that time. Then Niall had an amazing idea, which would be so perfect, just so magic, all he ever wanted and it would be one of the best things ever if Molly agreed.

"Mol, I've had an idea I think you might like... Do you want to go to this hotel I know off, it's really posh, and it's really nice there, you'd love it." He smiled, hopefully. It didn't take much thinking about for Molly. Her night had already been ruined by Cliff, but Niall had come along and rescued her from it. In truth it was the least she could do. She really wanted to go anyway, and she loved him so much. "Sure I do Niall, it sounds lovely" She said, with a smile that greatly reassured him.

Niall contacted a Bently driving chauffer, and the two of them left the large manor, at about the same time that Issy and the rest of One Direction had left the hospital. Their journey was smooth, and it made a great build up to the hotel, getting them more and more excited as they traveled down the leafy, secluded, twisting country lanes, lit only by the moon and billions of stars. It was so magical, that it seemed just like something out of a fairy tale, where the handsom prince rescued the princess from whatever beast she had been burdened with.

They pulled up at a stunning limestone castle, which had been converted into a hotel. It was small for a castle, and it was more of a stately home castle than one used for defensive motives. It was stunning, but not as big as the ones that are open to the public and owned by the national herratige. There were four turretts, and Ivy swirled up the base of some of them. Moonlight reflected off a lake which was surrounded by a forrest, for strolling in and exploring, but as it was near midnight, they decided that going and exploring was a romantic activity that would have to be saved for tomorrow morning.

Niall led Molly into the reception area. He was very well known at that hotel, and it was one of his favourites to go to. As he stepped inside with Molly, it immediately felt warmer, and even though it wasn't a particullarly cold time of the year, it felt better to be inside than out, especially that late at night. Niall imediately recognised the lady behind the counter. "Hello Vi, how are you this fine evening?" Niall asked, remebering to use his best manners, and this was much to Molly's aproval! "I'm very good thank you young man! Will you and your lady friend be sharing a room tonight?" She asked, so she could make arrangements for their stay. Niall looked to Molly, unsure, as the two of them hadn't discussed whether they'd be sharing a room, and Molly nodded at him with a little comforting smile. Niall returned this smile, and then turned to Vi "yes please" He said, a little nervously, though he wasn't exactly sure why.

Vi then immediately started to frantically type away at her key board, as if her life depended on it. Molly smirked a little to herself, she was sure that it wasn't necessary for this Vi lady to type so much, all they'd done was told her they needed a double room. Molly held back the laughs, as the thought crossed her mind, that Vi had probably awoked half the hotel with her ludicrously noisy typing. It had to be deliberately loud, Molly was almost certain of it...

"And would you prefer your usual room Mr. Horan?" Vi asked in her fading Scottish accent. "Erm, yeah... " Niall said with a more casual tone, clearly getting bored of the whole well mannered young man act. He recieved a disaproving look, which whipped his manners back  into him. "I mean yes please Vi, that would be absoloutley lovely." He beamed with a fake smile to disguise his fed up expression at how tedious this was getting. She smiled, content and heald out a wrinkly hand, offering Niall the key to the room and Niall accepted it, taking it from her hand and slipping it into his blazer pocket.

Vi began frantically typing again, and it looked stupidly over dramatised! Molly held her laughs in, but knew that it wouldn't be long before they escaped, she rushed over to the lift, and recieved a strange, confused look from Vi, who just asumed that Molly was really drunk. Niall strolled over to the lift, somewhat more casually, and called goodnight to Vi.   The two stepped into the lift and the female lift voice announced that the doors were closing, after Niall had pushed the button for the top floor. Just as the lift began to rise, Molly burst out laughing, and it was completely uncontrollable.

Niall stared at her with a disbelieving grin. Surely no one could laugh so much! "What's so funny?" he asked her with a smirk playing on his face. "It's just Vi, with her outbursts of typing! I couldn't help but imagine her loud typing waking up everyone who's staying in the hotel! She's so funny!" Molly sighed with a smile. Niall replied with a knowing smile "Yeah, that's Vi for you! She's so traditional, but once you get to know her, she really is a sweet old dear! She makes sure your manners are in check too! You wait till tomorrow at breakfast, she's especially picky where table manners are concerned and if she thinks they aren't perfect, then you'll know about it!" this made Molly smile, even though she secretly dreaded it a little inside.

The lift dropped them off at a top floor corridor. It was all in a medieval style, but with a modern twist and all the modern amenaties that people required. Niall knew the place really well, as he went there often, so he led Molly to his favourite room, which was the one that he stayed in the most. There was a large wooden door that he unlocked with the key from his blazer pocket. "Believe me Molly, you're going to love it here!" He said, knowing that she would. It was so beautiful  and historical, so he knew she'd love it.

He opened the door, to a large turret room, spacious and warming, with two large old style windows, and a stone spiral staircaseat one side of the room, and a small wooden door at the other side. There was a large master bed and two chest of drawers, with a huge, thick pilled claret colour rug covering the most of the stone floor, which gave the room a very regal apperence and portraits and tappestries hung from the walls. Niall led her to the little door, where there was a suprisingly modern en-suite with a power shower, posh bath with functions like bubble making or heating, designer candles and a huge basin.

"Y'know the most magical bit is up the spiral staircase, follow me!" Niall encouraged. Molly followed him, and he helped her up the staircase, like a true gentle man! What Molly saw when she reached the top of the staircase was breathtaking. It was the top of the turret, and there was a wall, complete with battlements. It had been done up as a rooftop garden, with a few potted plants and flowers, and a little wooden bench, but that wasn't the best part. was the moonlight illuminated view, it was spectacular, and it made them both feel very romantic all of a sudden.

"Hey Niall, I have an idea!" Molly said, pretty excited. She got out her phone and started playing some slow songs. They weren't like classical music songs, but just slow songs, by people like The Script, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Joe Brooks, Daniel Merriweather, The Fray, James Morrison, Keane, James Blunt, Gabrielle Aplin, Emile Sandé, Daniel Powter, etc. They started dancing together slowly and carfeully and it was perfect, they hadn't danced like that together before, not like that anyway, just the two of them, but it was perfect regardless, and they danced there for hours and when they got tired, they just sat down on the little bench and chatted for a while.

They slept well that night, in complete tranquility, just the two of them and it couldn't have been more perfect. They couldn't have been more perfect together.

Author's Note-

hey guys!!! So I've decided one more chapter left on this story and then I think I'll be moving on to a sequal! Hopefully the sequal should be a bit better, but we'll have to see! I'm gonna write another story too... I've got a few ideas, but I think my favourite one has to be a dark one I've been considering for a while... I'm happy to take requests though, and I would love to write for you if you have any reasonable requests! I just wanna thank everyone who's been reading for getting me to 400 views, I'm so proud of my story and I'm really greatful for everyone's support! I'm also considering uploading my stories to other fanfic sites, what do you guys think about that? Any recommendations for good sites? cheers guys! I love you all! xxx 

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